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USS Somers (DDG 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Somers (DDG 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 250 crew members registered for the USS Somers (DDG 34).

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Lee, MichaelMS31979 – Jun 1980i was a cook aboard this ship did a westpack before bieing overhauled in pearl harbor in summer of 1980
Meidinger, Kelly "dinger"DDG 341979 – Nov 1982WD WeaponsGood times and good friends what more is there. anyone who wants to email is welcomed to do so.
Breid, StewartEN31979 – Jul 1982AWorked in A gang. When underway stood throttleman watches
Meidinger, Kelly (Dinger)BMSNMar 1979 – Nov 11, 1982WD Deckanyone wishing to E-mail is welcomed to do so.
Freeney, RichardBMSNApr 1979 – Oct 1981DeckI've been looking for some guys I served with on the Uss Somers DDG 34
Thompson, BuddSeamenApr 1, 1979 – Apr 1, 1981DeckLooking for anyone on the deck crew to talk about dry dock and the work we did. Will never forget the those times and friends I made. Is any in touch with, Shane Bush, Rick Freeney, Mike Davis and all you other nuts!
Kracht, KevinOS3Apr 3, 1979 – Oct 29, 1982OIWhat a long strange trip.
Freeney, Richard / RickBMSNApr 16, 1979 – Oct 18, 1981Deck DivisionLooking for some good friends, Budd Thompson, Shane Bush, Gary Coffee. Any other people that were on the Somers during that time frame. Joe Mallard. Get in touch with me anytime.
Operle, MarkHT2May 1979 – Sep 1982R
Smith, JeffFTM4 FIRE CONTROL TECHMay 15, 1979 – Jun 4, 1982WMI'll NEVER forget the day we turned into our wake when a HUGE WAVE crashed through the mess deck hatch, drenched four tables of snipes and sent their trays flying. The whole deck exploded into laughter! Does anyone else remember that day?
Spolar, Brad "Spo"BT2Aug 1979 – Nov 1983BAnybody need 20 for 30 on payday? Just call SPO!
Factor, MarcQM3Aug 11, 1979 – Feb 2, 1982OPS
Porter, Jr., Larry Aka Staple Den Pau profile iconSeaman 2nd ClassAug 13, 1979 – Aug 15, 1981MSHello my fellow Navy men hope all is well with you all, I pray your lives are full of blessings mad love for you all God Bless.
Harris, Bob, noneMM2Aug 26, 1979 – Aug 26, 1982M & A-Gangworked in #1 engineroom for 1 & 1/2 years, A-gang shop for the remainder of time would like to hear from old buds that i served with
Crisman, RaymondHT3Dec 1979 – Nov 1982AE&R
Bushie, StevePOSTAL CLERK 2ND CLASSDec 1, 1979 – Mar 1, 1983PersonelWhats Up Gentlemen, Let me announce this one more time. MAILCALL! Remember me giving out your mail. Hope all is well in your world. Email me sometime.
Ramsey, MikeMM2Dec 28, 1979 – Nov 1982MHow you all doin?!?! Feel free to email me, would love to hear from Somers Crew from 79-82! I am still in Hawaii, just hanging out and doing the deal...I hope you are all well! What ever happened to Chas Red and Chas Brown and the team from EMO1!
Blair, AllanMSSN1980 – 1984SupplyBest time in the Navy was on this Ship
Lindly, ThomasFTM21980 – 1982WMI got to clean the grease out of the bottom of the missile mag before the decommers would accept the ship.
Paul, RobertFTM2May 1, 1980 – Oct 1, 1982Weapons (WM)Worked on the Radar AN/SPS-48A, with FTM2 Shackelford, FTM3 Packard
Berry, Tom "Spiderman”OS1Jun 1, 1980 – Sep 1, 1980OIGreat ship & shipmates. Kept getting borrowed by other ships: USS DAVIDSON as an ASAC & USS WILLIAM H STANDLEY as an AIC. Retired USN 31January 2001. My email is:
Martin, BobFTM2(SW)Aug 1980 – 1982WMDecommed it and watched her sit in Mid-loch, with her bent mast for years, until the took her out a sunk her off Kauai during a Harpoon-Ex
McDonald, Tim/macPN3Oct 1980 – Nov 1982AdminI hope your Transfer or Seperation went well.
Green, MarkE4Nov 1, 1980 – Nov 1, 1983Deck, CommI don't know if you remember me or not.But you taught me how to skate and still looked like work.
Carman, MichaelE-3Dec 1980 – Jan 23, 1982SupplyI didn't get to stay as long as I wanted, but I consider myself lucky to have served with the crew that I did. I now serve as Docking Officer (civilian) for the USCG Yard in curtis Bay MD. J. Gardener, V. Ludwig. Look me up. Balto. MD
Danziger, MarkET31981 – Nov 1982
Edwards, Tony KidSM31981 – 1983communicationsThis was the greatest adventure a 17 yr old boy could have. Sylvester "Sly" Simmons was my leading PO. Him and Chip Hollis and I lived @ the disco's on days off. Sure think about you boys all the time. God Bless
De Jesus, Elias profile iconE-3Jan 1, 1981 – Nov 19, 1984below deckReaching out to EN3 Troy Davis from New Jersey. A great shipmate and dear friend. After the Sommers, we were assigned to the U.S.S. Reclaimer (ARS 42) Motto "42 Can Do" or "She is old, but she can swing" Smiley says "HI"
Holloway, JeffBTFNMar 5, 1981 – Jun 15, 1982Blike to talk to old friends who taught this boot how to be a bt and the joys and wonders to be found on that avenue of fun,shit street.
Tucker, MartyEM2Apr 1981 – Nov 1982E
Tucker, MartyE5/EM2Apr 1981 – Nov 1982E
Baker, Greg profile iconbmsnJun 24, 1981 – Jun 24, 1982boatswains mate-1st
Stewart, CliveE-2Aug 4, 1981 – Sep 1982Deck DivisionServing on the USS Somers DDG 34 was a great honor. I miss that old ship and all my shipmates.
Jennings, ScottSR SA SNSep 1981 – 1982deckWhere am I? Somers was great, last westpac, last crew what a time. write me mates.
Reisig, DonaldE3Sep 9, 1981 – Nov 19, 1982Repair
Milner, Michael "Mike"MM3Oct 1981 – Nov 19, 1982MNow muster the fire party!
Jennings, Scott Aka JuniorBMSNOct 1, 1981 – 1982Deck
Milstead, RandyET3Oct 7, 1981 – Oct 29, 1982OEHad a short but enjoyable tour aboard. Transfered just before decomm.
Lahmon, Lloyd / SmedleySTG 3Dec 19, 1981 – Oct 2, 1982Weapons- Sonarawesome west pack, met the ship off Diego Garcia. became a shell back. decommissioned her, spent 4 months playing in Hawaii
Vidia, DavidBMSN1982 – 19821st/DeckHad a great time on the last West Pac. Even becoming a shellback was fun. Ford Isle was a blast. Anyone remembering me please write.
McCarthy, DennisE31982 –b
Holloway, JeffBTFNMar 15, 1982 – Jul 15, 1983Blooking to catch up with old friends who taught this boot how to be a boiler tech and the joys and wonders of that beautiful place in hawaii,shit street.
Holloway, JeffBTFNMar 18, 1982 – Jun 26, 1983Bdeckplate wants to catch up with old friends who taught this boot how to be a bt and the joys and wonders of shit street.

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