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USS O'Callahan (FF 1051) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS O'Callahan (FF 1051). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 193 crew members registered for the USS O'Callahan (FF 1051).

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Bitner, Jay BitnerOS2Mar 10, 1983 – Feb 2, 1987OIMet and had alot of friends not only in OI division but throughout the ship. Had some of the best years of my YOUNGER life aboard the "O".
Bitner, JayOSMar 15, 1983 – Feb 4, 1987OICame onboard about 6 months prior to a Westpac and loved it alot. Met alot of good people, and had many a good time in the P.I. Just retired, (FINALLY) and don't regret any of it.
Wennersten, KitEns/JG/LTMay 1983 – Oct 1985M/Deck
Whitlock, DavidSHJul 19, 1983 – Oct 4, 1985Supply
McDonald, DukeSTG1Dec 13, 1983 – Apr 15, 1987SonarWe had a great cruise in 1984. I was glad to be a part of the crew.
Salisbury, BrianEW2Dec 13, 1983 – Nov 18, 1985CE
Thomas, RichardET31984 – 1986ET
Newberry, BradBT3Jan 1984 – Jul 1987West-Pac March 1984 to Oct.1984. Joint Coast Guard deployment. Jan.1986. Dry dock Seattle Sept. 1986. Also spent some time at Spyro's in West Seattle.
O'Hanrahan, NealHM3Mar 1984 – Apr 1986XGreat ship, great memories esp when going up in drydock in subic during WESTPAC 84
Duppstadt, GreggOS3Apr 4, 1984 – Apr 4, 1987oi
Martinez, Kenny "Marty"BM3/BMCSJun 10, 1984 – Oct 20, 19861st/Deck To BM3Hickman & BM3Bigley: I still cherish taking the MWB for the July 4th boat parade (oops), our three days in Acapulco, causing havoc and our Canada visits. How about the party at Spyro's in Seattle? Those were the true "Navy Adventure
Woodson, JwMR STRIKERJul 1984 – Nov 1985RI was an MR striker in the HT shop. Served with Eli, Nate and Chief Long, Lt Betton. Always enjoyed visiting the BTs in the valve shop. I remember some good sleep in between the watches underway.
Baxter, Eric ' Bags"EN-2Jul 1984 – Jun 1988A-GANGOne of the best periods of my life... The O'Callahan and her crew helped shape the life I have now.
Duggan, RobertQMOct 25, 1984 – Apr 1987NavigationHey fellow dudes... I'm still kickin...spent 10 years in tahoe managing bars, then turned 33 and decided I'd better get serious...I'm in prison now (correctional officer) and life is good in northern california.....out
Hill, EdwardOS2Jan 1985 – Nov 1988Operations
Veeder, ParrisIC 3Feb 1985 – Apr 10, 1988E
Freiberg, LarryYN2Feb 1985 – Aug 1986Executiveenjoyed the closeness of our crew and the memories going out with the boys of the Executive Division. Great visits to Vancouver and Victoria B.C.
Boykin, DennisEW1Apr 1985 – Dec 1988OperationsMany Great memories onboard.
Boykin, DennisEW1May 1985 – Dec 1988Operations
Cole, PatFC 3Jun 14, 1985 – May 13, 1989WeaponsHailing from NY State. served mostly @ 32nd street. Wearing my civi's in Connecticut -GO UCONN- AAS,BS,MS
Cruz, Oscar (Cruzer)E3 MMFNAug 1985 – Oct 1988Engineeringhad some good time while on the O'Callahan, great crew, great ship. vagely remember the places visited. but I do remember a few of the snipes. shout out to Rush, Bidoul, Booter Brown, Andy, Baxter, Mazaros, BT's, HT's.
Lightle, PaulQM3Nov 29, 1985 – 1988OperationsUSS O'Callahan is the first ship I reported to.
Potosky, JerryBM3Dec 1985 – Dec 19881stI Served on the "Mighty O" for three years, leaving only after Decom and transferring her to the Pakis... I remember all the good times we had on Closelook (Early '86) and our Mid-88 NorthPac cruise to Alaska. Miss all of you !!!
Van Vleet, MarkFC2Dec 1, 1985 – Apr 20, 1987GunsHad a great time on the O'Callahan. Most memorable time were Panama and Seattle Dry Dock.
Zidonis, Z10511986 – 1989EngineeringBoiler Tech, I served from 1986-1989
Fugate, JohnOS21986 –OPERATIONS
Vining, AndySA31986 – 1987singalmanWas only on board for a little more than a year before they decom me for astham but had agreat time Ican still remember Gonzo (SA2 Gonzales)telling me how thing "REALLY" work when I first got on
Deffendall, Roger / DaffyDECK1986 – 1987FIRSTNice to see a few crew on the the book... Lifes been good since leaving the NAVY living in Dutch Harbor Alaska. Would enjoy hearing how all are doing.
Reedy, CarlE-41986 –DeckHello fellow crew members. Been here in Alaska for over 20 years now and loving it. I have searched for alot of you and hopefully we can connect on here. My email is or
Cross, JonJan 1986 – Jan 1988Deck
Johnson, Derrick/ DjE-4Jan 1986 – Apr 1988DeckI would like to thank all of my crew mates for all of our safe journies even on the frustrating ones in the San Diego harbor to run drills. I had a blast in Seattle, I loved it there but not more than San Diego.
Ferguson, LesLTFeb 1986 – Dec 1988ASASWO for initial assignment. On the DECOM crew for turnover to Pakistan. Currently on Active Duty as an CDR.
Stout, StevenGMCS(SW)Feb 1986 – Dec 1988Second
Moule, ErikGMM3Jun 1, 1986 – Dec 20, 1988ASHad fun in Seattle! What is everybody is up to? I would love to reconnect with my former crew members.
Bender, CharlesFC3Jul 6, 1986 – Dec 1, 1987wEAPONS
Fergusson, JeffQM2Aug 21, 1986 – 1988NavGood times!
Eckert, DavidLTJGSep 1986 – Dec 1988Gunnery, CICCame aboard as ship entered overhaul Todd Shipyard, Seattle. NORPAC 88 to Alaska. Decommissioning and lease to Pakistani Navy in December '88. Now a music minister in a Bridge City, Texas church.
Hann, JebMM2(SW)Sep 1986 – Dec 1989A
Horne, BrianSEAMANNov 1986 – Sep 2, 1988had a great time went up north to alaska and returned there after discharge got married and had 7 kids still there till today.
Helms, William ScottSTG31987 – 1989AS
Zavala, MichaelE31987 – 19881stwent to alaska had a good time sad to see the ship decommissined !
Spencer, JamesE21987 – 1988Operations
Ude, MarkENSIGNJan 12, 1987 – Oct 21, 1988E
Sudano, PhilipHTFNFeb 10, 1987 – Jul 16, 1988
Beckley, GuyBM2/BMCSMay 20, 1987 – Oct 22, 1988Deck
Parker, Donald (Doc)ENSAug 1987 – Dec 1988AS and ADMINEmbarked during overhaul at Todd Shipyard in Washington, attended SWOS (basic) midtour, returned and served during period leading up to Decom and sale to Pakistan before being LIMDU following knee surgery.
Sellers, LoydE-3Sep 1987 – 1988CIC
Viscovich, PaulCDR/USN (RET)Sep 4, 1987 – Oct 1, 1988I was the ship's last regularly assigned XO. I still have that "dust bunny farm" from the GMs and a brass turnbuckle plaque the Chiefs gave me when I detached.
Hammers, AaronSTG3Sep 20, 1987 – Sep 1988AS
Harris, Christopher profile iconLt.Nov 1987 – Nov 1988Engineering OfficerA fine ship with a superior crew. Many great memories on O'Cal. Hell yes I'd do it all over again. I was the last Engineer Officer, served under Cdr. Viscovich, the last XO serving O'Callihan at the end of a distinguished service life.
Harmer, ShawnIC3Dec 1, 1987 – Jan 2, 1989ENorPac'd to Alaska and helped decomm O'Callahan - the first of many I helped to the boneyard.
Ramirez, RichardE3 OPERATIONAL SPECIALIST, OS3Jan 8, 1988 – Oct 2, 1989
Burroughs, SteveET3Jan 10, 1988 – Dec 20, 1988oe
Barela, HenryHM2Jan 20, 1988 – Nov 14, 1988DeckThanks to all my Shipmates that took a scared SR under their wing and kept me safe. Alaska was great, and the rest of my career was made possible by an objective Chain of Command.

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