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USS Albert David (FF 1050) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Albert David (FF 1050). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 194 crew members registered for the USS Albert David (FF 1050).

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Kreson, WayneSKSN1983 –Deck Dept
Jenkins, Victor profile iconSTG31983 – 1985WeaponsUsing Bug Juice to clean the urinals! Morning Musters! Pier Sweepers! "Torpedoman Nubine, Petty Officer Duplesis is lookkin 4 U!" Lol! And did anyone ever find out who was tanking Craps on XO Wiesel's State Room Desk!
Formosa, BillHT2Jan 1983 – Nov 2, 1985Repair
Fishell, AlanMMFNFeb 1983 – Jan 25, 1985Engine RoomGood Times/Bad Times. Made many good friends and pissed off the same. If I did , I'm sorry. Karma. Who remembers the Russian sub incident off Korea?
Brezinsky, Robert Bob SkimmfnFeb 1, 1983 – Feb 1, 1985A gangMade lots of good friends. Really good WESPAC, last one for me, you keep the navy.
Desrosiers, MichaelBM3 (SW)Apr 1983 – Feb 1984DECKMy boss BM1 Becnel The ragin cajen great guy ! BT1 Spaniel blasted me in the face one night in Japan ( i deserved it ) left the ship in japan for facial surgery Never saw her again but have many fond memories of the old DEVO !!!
Moses, DennisHMCMay 1983 – May 1985Great tour of duty. I never treated so many cases of the CLAP!!!! To many trips to the PI>
Nelson, JimLTJun 1, 1983 – Jan 31, 1986SUPPLYGreat skipper, great crew. Best of times in our young lives. Proceed with wreckless abandon.
Coger, Thom profile iconGMGSN-GMG2Jun 1, 1983 – Jan 1, 1986GI had a great time up in MT51 maintaining the gun port seal. When it work the mount stayed dry. But when it failed, it leaked like a collander. 17 rounds a minute with a manually loaded gun mount was the best we did!
Brown, Lee profile iconMM2Jun 12, 1983 – Dec 2, 1984M DivisionI have fond memories of my Navy experience. The Albert David was my second of three ships.
Jordan, Gustavo (Gus)GMG2Jul 28, 1983 – Jul 28, 1984GUNNERYGOOD SHIP
Lawton, Zackthemaniac GarySep 1983 – 1986supplyi was the fighting drinking fucking madman of the ship
Crimmins, BobLTSep 2, 1983 – Jun 30, 19861st LT & DCADidn't realize at the time just how much fun I was having, funny how with age comes wisdom. Anybody know the whereabouts of BM1 (later BMC) Becnel or HT1 (HTC) Maitland?
Stringfellow, RonaldoMM2Dec 5, 1983 – Oct 2, 1986M
Green, AndreE -4Apr 14, 1984 – Apr 4, 1988engineering
McLaughlin, JimRM3Sep 1984 – Mar 1987ocanybody remember LT.HUBER
Wiltshire, Charles / ChuckQMSN1985 – 1988NAVIGATION
Carter, DuncanYN31985 – 1989Engineering
Lunde, LukeMSSNJan 5, 1985 – Mar 10, 1987
Overman, Marc (Batman- Captains Mast Again)BM 3Jun 1, 1985 – May 20, 19881st division Started out getting in a lot of trouble, but ended up getting a few commendations and quite a few Sailor of the months. I was the youngest crew member on board for quite awhile. learned to make the best of bad slushing, Russel1050os3Aug 15, 1985 – Sep 5, 1988oIpaul scott ,ray urbina,steve mccarthy, mike vasques, "o", rich self ,cordoba,bm2 watson,vinny treza,cooksie,hubbard,ray morris,jeff harris,mark overman,hunter,johnson&richardson,dave durbin
Trudeau, Mark TrudeauFC2Sep 1985 – Sep 1987GEnjoyed the smaller crew over the larger of the USS Ranger that I had previously served. Not to say didn't enjoy that as well. Sailed with her up and down the coast and within spitting distance of Hawaii but didn't go in. Great People!!!!
Weghorn, MartyOTM2Sep 1985 – Jun 1986TASSthe Devo was my first sea command. the galley was excellent and the crew was cool. can't say i miss getting tossed out of my rack or skipping showers because the boilers went tits up. ASW ops were fun, too.
Corbett, James WesTM31986 – 1988AS
McCarthy, StevanSM31986 – 1988OS
O'Dowd, TomCDRJan 3, 1986 – Dec 4, 1989SupplyServed 4 years almost to the day with the best of the best. Fleeted up to SUPPO and decomm'd her. I still have my coffee mug!
Self, RichardHT3Jan 7, 1986 – Sep 11, 1989RepairLooking for Adam Cooper & Mike Moore (spider). I got out the very day she was decomm'd.
New, JackSTGSNMar 1986 – Sep 1988AS
Danner, RichHM3Mar 31, 1986 – Aug 21, 1988NavGreat party boat hello Duncan Carter and Rich Self. Doc Danner.
Jackson, JohnLT (JG)Jun 1986 – Sep 1989R
Moore, MichaelMM2/FRJul 12, 1986 – Feb 22, 1989Mbeen a long time been looking for rich self
Morris, KeithBT3/e4Dec 27, 1986 – Sep 18, 1989engineringbest ship i ever served on
Trombley, William/butchE4/BT1987 – 1989B Div.
Cooks, Jamesms31987 – 1989e4We were blessed to make it home
Pecoraro, DavidEN11987 – 1988A-division
Russell, MarkBT31987 – 1990Engineering
Menefee, DavidBM3Jan 1, 1987 – Mar 1989DeckBest Ship I Served on
Luna, JohnnieGMM2Jan 1, 1987 – Apr 1, 1989WEAPONSI WRESTLED FOR THE NAVY
Kluge, JohnSR-SBM3Jan 2, 1987 – 1989DeckFirst ship that I was on and helped decomission her. Just some FYI, her commisioning plaque is in the Nautical Junk store next to the 5 north by the airport near sassafrass street.
Moran, JohnGMG1Feb 1987 – Mar 1989G Division
McFall, Robert, RobET2Apr 12, 1987 – Oct 15, 1989OEHave some great memories and met a lot of good people on that ship.
Jordan, KirkEM-3Apr 18, 1987 – Sep 19, 1989EE01It's been a long time, but also at the same time not that long ago. I still remember the day when she was decommissioned.
Legaspi, MiguelOS!May 1987 – Mar 1989OITwo words, Commander Liuzzi Need I say More?
Lieberherr, BartMS3Jun 1987 – Sep 1989SupplyThis was my first ship. I miss the tight knit family we had onboard.
Hunt, DuaneEW 3Nov 1, 1987 – Jun 30, 1989electronicslong time ago, just found this site 2008 still remember the smell of fuel in the water, loved it!!! served with isias gonzales and dan jordan in CIC legaspi too
Hutchens, DevonPN31988 – 1989Admin
Adams, Tony (Gomez)OSSN/OS3Jan 1, 1988 – Sep 19, 1999OIDecommissioning crew
Baker Sr, Joseph Bake HtHTFNFeb 4, 1988 – Sep 11, 1989DC/FirecrewCould not stay out of trouble. Stayed till we decomissioned this fine ship. We trained the Brazilians or tried.
Allen, JohnnyE-3 / SMSNMar 1, 1988 – Nov 1, 1989Communications
Flores, J.c.FRJun 15, 1988 – Sep 9, 1999AMy first ship and will never forget the tour. She broke me in really with the sea sickness really quick, ha ha. I am still in the Navy and a salty-dog, if anyone remembers me e-mail.

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