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Naval Support Activity Danang Crew List

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There are 169 crew members registered for the Naval Support Activity Danang.

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Brockwell, Scott (Tux)cmacnOct 1965 – 1966nsa transhauled out of Deep Water pier hauled bombs (bridge ramp) Lived on apa 147 old ww2 perrsonell carrier for month till camp was build.
Wandl;ing, JohnMR/FNOct 1965 – Sep 1966Harbor Security PatrolJust one of the first to take over Harbor Patrol from MIUWS-12 The boats MK 5 and MK 4 just a bunch of junk then the 4 Boston whalers with 100 HP Johnston and 19 year old kid running them it was hell
Long, Ray profile iconSK3Oct 1965 – Oct 1966SupplyAPL living in the harbor? Night shift unloading supplies and C Rations driving Pettibone RT Forktruck. Had a crazy 2nd Class in charge who was always nursing a case of VD. Night shift was better, no officers!
Mince, DonaldSK3Oct 6, 1965 – Aug 1966material and reffer bargeMaterial division first and then reffer barge docked in front of the white elephant. Made a few trips to Chu Lai on the barge
Van Devender, Jack And/or VanSK3Oct 15, 1965 – Sep 30, 1966Material Division, Camp Tien ShaOn arrival in country I lived for about 2 wks aboard an APA in DaNang Bay. The 1st wk I was assigned to a supply warehouse on the same side of the river as the White Elephant assigned to Camp Tien Sha for 11 months.
Whitmore, MikeEN3Oct 24, 1965 – Oct 17, 1966LiterageI spent a year on various LCM's hauling stuff up the river.
Vines, TomBM3Nov 1965 – Nov 1966Literage
Roxberry, MichaelEN3Nov 1965 – Dec 1966LiterageServed on (3) LCM 8s, . One was 826, another 927, and don't remember the 3rd. Lived on the boat for at least 6 months , before they brought in the APL, at Camp Ten-Sha, below Monkey Mountain.
Musarra, TonySNRMDec 15, 1965 – Jan 12, 1966Naval Support ActivitySpent 3 months initially in DaNang. Transferred to Chu Lai (next to the Sea Bees and Marines) for 6 months, 1 month in Dong Ha, back to DaNang 3 months. Worked at the White Elephant at the landing.
Dantes, RichardSN1966 – 1967LARC divisionLooking for shipmates, Drove a LARC in Danang off loaded cargo ,ammo , etc. Spent a lot of time in Dong Ha -Cau Viet river, mine sweeping and acting as lead craft piloting LCM up the river.
Poisal, MikeSN/BM1966 – 1968Harbor Security
Bryan, LouisE-21966 – 1967NAVSUPPACT (I Tactical Zone, Da Nang)Stationed at Camp Tien-Sha, I was a cargo handler and member of a Hatch Team that offloaded ships in Da Nang Harbor, during last part of my tour of duty in Vietnam.
Freebern, JesseE-31966 – 1967NSAI drove a Truck for deliver of ammunition and cargo
Heine, David profile iconBM3Jan 1966 – May 1968Mike BoatsWorked Cua Viet and Dong Ha as a sweep boat and ran cargo and transport before in Da Nang and other locations. Was on LST 1032 the year before up and down the coast.
Bowes, Jim3rd Class POJan 6, 1966 – Dec 29, 1966Danang East SecurityLooking for A.J. Hardy from Delaware or Louie Andrews from Alabama or anybody else who remembers me. Stood duty in the covered storage area. Was based at Camp Tien Sha.
Mattie, JoeE4Jan 8, 1966 – Jan 15, 1967DaNang East SecurityWhen I first arrived at Camp Tien Sha along with Kolley, Ann Margrett and Johnny Rivers were putting on a show. I worked at the Covered Storage, then up on Monkey MT. Petty Officer Gomez was our section leader.
Desantis, JimSK3Mar 1966 – Feb 1967Covered StorageWas assigned to covered storage. Based at Camp Tien Sha
Marin, Manuel /peanuts profile iconSK3Apr 1966 – Apr 196730th Naval Construction RegimentI am looking to contact anyone who was in Delta Company between Aug 66 & April 67. I am also looking for Jess Vera.
Kunihiro, TerrysnApr 6, 1966 – Apr 10, 1967danang east securityI was first assigned to barracks cleaning, with the fire department at camp tien sha. Looking for the fireman that played groovin on a little record player
Huerta, Arthur (Art)FNMay 1966 – Jun 19671st. larc div.shipmates that drove larcs in danang and dong ha in 1966-1967
Monroe, DennisCM 1May 1966 – Aug 1967Crane Maintence
Reynolds, Earl Nickname JuniorGMG3May 21, 1966 – Feb 29, 1968NSA Danang I CORPSwas stationed at Camp Tien Sha. Worked at Tien Sha ramp as a fork lift driver. I also used to ride shotgun with my truck driver buddy named. We drove thru an ambush and also a cross fire. trying to find Roger. 1966
Mohn, JamesEM3Jun 1966 – Jun 1967Lighterage, LARC'sLARC operator. Hauled all types of cargo from DaNang Harbor, and later from Deep Water Piers, to points inland. Went TAD to Dong Ha in Nov. 66 for 10 days and again in March 67 for 4 days.
McCoy, Walt (Mac)MR2Jun 10, 1966 – Jun 10, 1967Repair YR-70I worked with a great bunch of guys aboard the YR-70, repairing and making everything that was needed.
Addeo, PeteE5Jul 1, 1966 – May 9, 1967SeabeesThe first crew of Seabees to go into TienSha. All that was there was the little shack where the carpenter shop was. We started building the new 2 story barracks buildings. The EM club was there and Chief Greek.
Johnson, DuaneBM2Jul 1, 1966 – May 5, 1967cargo handling teams
Langley, HaroldRM2Jul 13, 1966 – Apr 4, 1967communicationsfun at the white elephant!!!!!!! and camp tien sha
Mills, Cliffordcs-2Aug 1966 – Apr 1968lighterage (yfu-59 ) and other lcu's yfu's as relief cookmany trips to hue, dongha, chulai .mined at hue ramp 66 or 67 with major damage port side .looking for m. holland bm1,paulsen. lund and anyone aboard 59 from 66-68
Ragan, JoePO2 EnginemanSep 20, 1966 – Sep 20, 1967Port Services Div.We ran all of the shuttle boats from the White Elephant to the hospital ships ,to III MAF ,Tiensha ramp, Deep Water piers and any where else they could think of.
Clift, RichardEM3Oct 1966 – Mar 1967ELarge Floating Crane in Danang, Vietnam. Worked many many hours. Out in the open sea it was really rough. The hook busted the paint all the time.
Blanchard, Floyd (Joe)e3Oct 1966 – Oct 1967sea bee constructiondrove truck hauling supplies from deep water pier at camp tien sha. and china beach. barracka were at tien sha at the base of monkey mountain. also hauled out of bridge ramp and deep water piers.
Morgan, Royal T.EOH-3Nov 11, 1966 – Jun 15, 1968motor pooldrove wrecker for 18 mo.
Johnson, BillEO3Dec 8, 1966 – Dec 8, 1967Seabees NAVSUPPACTDrove old gray International flatbeds for Deepwater out to Marine staging areas night crew the whole year. Worked in the dispatch trailer for a while. Detached to Khe Sanh 67. Looking to say hi to anyone friends.
Rodgers, JimDMSN (E-3)1967 – 19681st Naval LARC V Division1st Naval LARC Division at Tien Sha Ramp 19671968. Temp assignment at Chu Lai.
Loran, JamesEn31967 – 1967Pusher Boat GroupWas assigned to a group of modified LCM's used to push barges, ships and transport personnel and supplies etc. We lived on a barge in the DaNang harbor until two boats were sent to the LST ramp six miles from the DMZ
Walker, Francis Or Frank profile iconENC1967 – Aug 21, 1968LCU-1614/YFU72Looking for anyone who served on the LCU-1614 and YFU-72 during this period. I never received the awards for my Vietnam service on them. Retired 1984 as E-9.
Rieker, MikeSN1967 – Sep 1969Harbor SecurityI was on Skimmer Crews, Picket Boat Crews, Duty Driver and even did a stint on the Admirals Barge as a Bow Hook under Admiral Osborn. We manned boats patroling Danang Harbor and river an other various detachments.
Marchant, Barry profile iconE4/EM1967 – 1970SCRF/Literage(LCU's)Worked electric shop - YR-70 and electric shop building, 67-68. On LCU's 69-70.
Layne, KennethGMG3Jan 1967 – Jan 1968LiterageGunners Mate on YFU 68 Operated o0n the Cau Viet and Perfume River at Dong Ha, Hue and Tam My
Taylor, MelE3Jan 3, 1967 – Jul 1968deckWould like to connect with crew especially Bob Walters and Jose Martinez
Roman, Stephen Aka SteveEN3Jan 30, 1967 – Jan 14, 1968Harbor PatrolSpent most of the time in Danang Harbor and the the river up to the LST ramp. Did river security at Cau Viet from the LST ramp to the Dung Ha bridge.
Bellisano, Joebm2Feb 2, 1967 – Apr 3, 1968boat5I served on pusher boat 5 cua viet was 1st bm to pilot a amibarg up river im looking for anyone who was on #5
Blanco, Terry profile iconE-3May 1967 – May 1968Lighterage LCM-8Sent on coastal Ops to Tan MY
Parisian, ThomasSN at the timeMay 1967 – May 1968Civic ActionWorked at Danang civilian Medical and Surgical hospital s as well as ARVN amputee hospital. Worked my last 6 months at Civic Action warehouse outside Danang Air Base. First three months on APL 30 then Turn Sha. l
Hernandez, JulioBM2May 1967 –I Corp Tan my
Michel, Carl RayBM3May 1, 1967 – May 1, 1968MAAI registered my uncle, Carl R. Michel. He does not use a computer. I am trying to find witnesses to his wounding in early 1967, and any old friends. Wayne Dillon SgtMaj USMC (ret.)
Standfield, Allan profile iconSNMay 5, 1967 – Dec 22, 1968Ferry Landing
Farmer, RichardCS2Jun 1967 – Jul 1969SupplyActually served NSA Saigon DET Sa Dec. Served 2 years as a cook at Sa Dec. Occasionally rode the PBR's.
Estes, RoyBM3Jun 20, 1967 – Jun 17, 1968Sand RampLooking for anyone that served NSAD Chu Lai Sand ramp--LST Dock . My Nickname was "Baby Boats"
Flynn, JimSFM 3Jul 13, 1967 –Small Craft Repair FacilityAssigned to SCRF DaNang July 1967 to March 1968 then went north to NSAD Cua Viet from March 1968 to July 1968.
Gammell, RonSK3Jul 25, 1967 – Jul 25, 1968NSA/bridgerampWorked@bridge cargo ramp from July 1967 to July 1968. Most of the time on the ammunition side of the pier. Worked with a great group of guys. This included Vietnamese & Koreans. Thanks for the good times!
Grove, RichardCS3Aug 1967 – Jun 1969Security...* I was Security for the "White Elephant USN HQ **
Kalebaugh, TrostleDC-2Aug 3, 1967 – Aug 5, 1968SecurityWas in charge of the Gate Guards at Camp Tien Sha and Deep Water Piers.
Gembler, LarrySFM2Aug 6, 1967 –TienSha navy fire deptLooking for any one who served @ camp TienSha Navy Fire Dept. Between 1967-1968
Brant, James profile iconBM1Aug 21, 1967 – Aug 30, 1968Armored Troop Carrier Boat CaptainBoat Capt ATC-91-11 til Feb 68 and then M-91-2 Monitor til transfer to Mayport, FL. Usual ops 3-5 days in the Delta on Search and Destroy missions then 1-2 days rest and replenish at Mobile Riverine Force Ships. ITS HELL
Ostrander, MikeHM1Sep 1967 – Sep 1968Hospital
Barkow, JimE4Sep 6, 1967 – Aug 6, 1969Bridge RampLooking for men who were at Bridge Ramp 02/27/1969 during rocket attack. I did two tours there.
Rattenborg, DennisE-3 snSep 29, 1967 – Sep 29, 1968DANANG EAST SECURITYI was at Camp Carter, Duty section 2 at Covered storage. I will never forget Adams Sn and Dickerson Bm3 both kia on August 16 1968. Also Doug Holland and Kevin Burke of Anita Iowa. They are more than a name on the wall
Fail, EarleCM2Oct 1967 – Mar 1969China Beach TransportationWorked in the truck repair shops in the production comtrol office, on China Beach Oct 67 to Mar 69. Lived at Camp Tien Sha.
Stewart, Guy (Stu) profile iconTM1 (SS)Oct 1967 – Oct 1968Lighterage YFU-52Had a fun filled year running the rivers on a slow target out of Danang. Craft master on the YFU-52 from Nov 67 - Oct 68. Not sure, but I think I was the only Torpedoman running a boat in Nam.
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Lowe, Robert (Bob)BU2Oct 1967 – Oct 1968Public Works- Building Inspectionlooking for Rudy Proctor or others there at time. I worked in Civic Action teaching English at a Hoi Viet My School
Abraira, Dan3rd class Petty OfficerOct 8, 1967 – Oct 6, 1968SecurityI was security patrolling Monkey Mountain and a sniper for part of my time there. There for TET and fire fights near Tein Sha Ramp. I was 19 and still remember everything. Will never forget those that gave all.
Bard, Al profile iconYN3Oct 13, 1967 – Nov 30, 1969Supply AdministrationI worked for the Chief of Staff of Supply at the White Elephant. Also volunteered for the Civic Action program and taught english at three local schools.
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Haney, GarySK3Oct 20, 1967 – Jul 20, 1970Sand Ramp Chu Lai VietnamI did 4 tours in Vietnam from 1967 to 1970. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who served at the Sand Ramp during that time period. Who is still alive and what they are doing with their lives now.
Siegel, Ron (Ziggy)sksnNov 1967 – Nov 1968NSA Detachment Tan My Ramp/Hue RampSpent most of tour at TanMy, then was sent to Hue Ramp end of Sept 68 Until Nov 68.
Betsworth, RickHM2Nov 1967 – Nov 1968Hospital
Wise, BobHMNov 1967 – Dec 1968Naval Hospital Operating RoomLook for anyone who was at the Naval Hospital in DaNang during TET 1968. Especially Operating Room and Triage.
Scott, RichardBM3Dec 12, 1967 –TSPI worked main gate and deep water pier security.Went on Monkey Mountain patrols.Was at Camp Tien Sha during Tet Offensive.I also knew Sylvester Lewis Brown.He on tower duty when a berserk sailor's bullet killed him.
Skidmore, Jack LGMG3Dec 17, 1967 – Dec 21, 1968LighterageAnyone aboard the YFU 59, YFU 56 or LCU 1498 during 1968? Also served on the Chicago 8/66-12/67 and the Hancock 1/69-9/69. Have found a couple guys already! Thank you Navy Buddies
Cordray, Michael "Mike"SK2Dec 23, 1967 – Jun 1, 1969SupplyWorked Medical Supply warehouse and technical office.
Kornmann, JimBU2Dec 30, 1967 – Jul 28, 1969navsuppact danang china beachassigned dispatcer at first, moved into plumbing shop onto refridgeration shop, China Beach. Lt. Rensetti officer in charge. Wonder of fellow mates who were there 1968-1969. Had a Viet helper kid I wish to find also.

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