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USS Blandy (DD 943) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Blandy (DD 943). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 184 crew members registered for the USS Blandy (DD 943).

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Reyes, Angelmm2Jan 3, 1977 – 1978m divhappily retired, just finished a dehree in International Business Management and after a break will continue in my to keep busy as usual..
Rustemier, Chris/ RustySNJan 4, 1977 – Jun 10, 1979 1stHi, Fred, Collins ,Neuter, Jeff, Bear, Smitty, Chandler,Ted ,Taco. Talk about party time.
Lamb, BillQM2Feb 1977 – Nov 1979Remembering the giggles that greeted warning about new un-named diseases awaiting at 1979 Djibouti port call. Also remember source of warning~:( Needed to down muchos brewskis on Djibouti pier before hightailing back to 5 Fathom Buoy. Burp.
Barker, MikeMM3-1stFeb 1977 – Feb 1981MDiv aft engStarted out as po3 ended up po1 qualified eoow Many good friends. Retired in 1994 MMCS (sw)
Engle, MarkGMG2Feb 1, 1977 – May 30, 1980weaponsI worked with a great bunch of guys..great memories
Adkins, TeddyE-2Mar 1977 – Dec 5, 19791sthey the 1st division rocked. lotta concerts,lots of good times.learn some of my first songs on guitar on that ship.just a bunch of great guys to hang out with .
Moore, BillyBM3Mar 1977 – Mar 19791st
Chastain, Michael (Mike)OS 2Jul 1977 – Sep 1979OI
Mocheski, Chester W.FTGCJul 1977 – Oct 19782nd
Rennewanz, MichaelMM2Aug 1977 – Apr 1980R Agang LPO
Rennewanz, MichaelMM 2Aug 26, 1977 – 1981A Gang
Crist, KurtBT2Sep 1, 1977 – Feb 28, 1981BAft fireroom
Marsh, AndySTGSNSep 1, 1977 – Jan 31, 1980ASBest ship I served on in my 20 years.
Frasure, RobertGMG2Dec 15, 1977 – Sep 15, 19792NDVery exciting and productive part of my life. Proud to have served on such a fine ship.
Ernest, JanssonEM31978 – 1981EngineeringA lot of good times and hard work. Remember all the EMs, Madison Quidem Baer Jacob's Champion Creevey Borrego Huber
MacGowan, GregHT 2Mar 1978 – Nov 1978RTruely a great experience. She may have been an older ship but the crew made her one of the best out there. I have many fond memories and alot of pride having served on such a great ship.
Baer, SteveEM-3Mar 1978 – Aug 30, 1981RepairMy memories of the Blandy are of some definately unique individuals in a whole different navy than today. Lots of great people and a few bad ones too. Definately one of the most colorful periods of my life.
Gurwell, ChuckBM3Apr 1978 – Mar 19801ST
Lipp, MatthewMM2 E-4Apr 25, 1978 – Apr 25, 1982M DivisionI was assigned to the aft engine room.Most of our deployment was in the middle east.We went thru both canal zones twice.Red sea,Black sea,UAE.Spain,Bermuda,Italy.I think our longest deployment was for approx 9 1/2 months
Jacobs, JerryEM2May 1978 – Oct 1982RFeel like I lived in the Persion Gulf for 4 years. I wonder if that plaque is still on the "Five Phantom Buoy?EMC Madison,Champ,Creevey,Baer and Jahnson contact me.
Wilson, DennisOS2Sep 1978 – Sep 1982
Dewar, JimMM1Sep 1978 – Dec 1979"A" GangI enjoyed my time on the Blandy. I remember well the cruise to the Middle East and Five Fathom Buoy! I retired from the Navy Reserves as MM1 on 01/01/99! I serve as a Pastor of an Independet Baptist Church in Connersville, IN.
Given, DonaldBT2Sep 19, 1978 – Sep 18, 1981engineeringwhat a good team from master chief bowman too the bottom.
Stahl, StephenLTOct 1978 – 1982B MPA; DeckFive Fathom Buoy and the Green Flash well remembered; beer in the Captain's gig.
Tillman, RandyEM3Nov 1, 1978 – Oct 10, 1982great ship and crew. I have been looking for my old buddy whitty. He was a OS and he came from Co. Whitty(Roy) I owe you my life so if you see this please call me.My momma will tell ya how.Lets talkand laugh about our crazy times onboard.
Chiacchietta, LuigiSNDec 1978 – 19791STOne of my best life's experiance's would'nt trade it for nothing. saw the world, made good friend's. RIP Scott Lyons.
Lintimedenmuth, William HankE31979 – 19811STgiOOD TIMES GITMO WAS WILD,cliff drivingn. fun
Rickert, JackFTG21979 – Jul 8, 1980Weapons
Miller, WhittyOS2Mar 5, 1979 – Aug 15, 1981some of my best navy memories were while serving onboard the Blandy.
Ely, RodneyRM2Jun 1979 – Jun 1982OCWould love to hear from anyone the rembers me from the ship :o)
Thrower, EmersonCDR (Retired)Sep 4, 1979 – Aug 10, 1982M DivisionMy first and most favorite ship. She was a great ship and I was part of a great crew even though I was surely wet behind the ears as junior officer onboard her. At soon to be age 61, I miss her and the days at sea.
Weber, JohnYN1Dec 1979 – Aug 1982NavGood experience.
Schroetter, Don (Scoooter)MM31980 – 1982A Gang
Moon, HowardOSSN1980 – 1981OI
Taylor, EricOSSN1980 – Nov 1982oi
Tabano, TonySM31980 – 1982comm, Bruce profile iconEM31980 – 1982E
Kelley, PatSM2 (SW)1980 – 1983comm
Opelka, WilliamFTG3Feb 7, 1980 – May 27, 19822nd
Rothe, StevenIC1Sep 1980 – Nov 1982EThe Blandy was my first ship out of Boot Camp. I was really sad to see it decomissioned but it had served it's duty. It was great to see Scotland , Spain and Italy and the Persian Gulf was interesting. Nimitz 2 Libya 0.
Neve, DonSTG3Oct 1980 – Oct 1982STBlandy was the start of my career and a good start at that. Many fond memories.
Borrego, Carlos M.EM3Nov 17, 1980 – Oct 1982RWhat an experience, for a while, I was the youngest sailor onboard, at 17. I remember cutting a cake with the oldest sailor (the Master Chief). I remember Chief Swinson, Jahnsen, Jacobs, Christlieb,Quidem,Baer, etc.
Gore, WilliamBT3Jul 22, 1981 – 1982Decommisioning crew. Forward fireroom "the brotherhood"
Rodrigues, HenrySMCAug 1981 – 1982Comm/NavMy first ship, and what a great one. The MED/Persian Gulf cruise was a lot of good times and good memories. I went on to retirement after 24 years in 2005.
Scherber, TerryMM2Oct 23, 1981 – Nov 5, 1982MAlso served on the AD 42 & LSD 40. Joined Minneapolis Pipefitters Local 539 in 1988.Currently employed at General Mills Riverside, also teach 3rd year apprentice intro to steam and hot water.
Wilms, DanENSIGNNov 21, 1981 – 1982A&EOnly on Blandy a short time before she was decomissioned. Good experience.
Houk, SteveGMG3Dec 1981 – Nov 5, 1982Mount 51I arrived by helo from Bahrain and dropped by line. I just left gunnery "C" school. I had the BIG KEY RING to all the small arms on the ship. I took the 50 Cals with me when ship Decommisioned. See me
Bernat, CraigFTG3Jan 1982 – Oct 19822ndGetting highlined from the Command ship in the Persian Gulf to the Blandy. Decommissioning on that cold October day in 1982. Looking for fellow gun plot crew from that time.

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