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USS Jonas Ingram (DD 938) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jonas Ingram (DD 938). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 220 crew members registered for the USS Jonas Ingram (DD 938).

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Carroll, JimYN3Jan 1975 – Dec 1977AdminSpent an intriguing and exciting two years aboard the JI. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Some ups and downs but saw the world, and worked with a great bunch of men and officers. Made it to JI reunion in Norfolk in 2000. Had a great time.
Hopper, StefanRM3Jan 1, 1975 – Aug 16, 1976RadioI have been touch with George Shumaker as well as Steve Johnson. Anyone interested drop an email.
Testagrossa, JosephBT3Apr 10, 1975 – Apr 10, 1980B Divison Aft FireroomLooking forward to hearing from old shipmates
Mahan, Richard MuskieBT2Apr 24, 1975 – May 29, 1980foreward fireroom oil shackLooking for John Halter from foreward fire room too. My email
Boos, MichaelHM3Jun 1975 – Jan 1977
Hurt, ThomasFTG1Sep 1975 – Sep 1980G-DivisionOverhaul to Overhaul, picked her up in Charleston and left her in Charleston. Made a career of the Navy, retired as CWO3 in 1991.
Murrell, ThomasEN3Oct 19, 1975 – Sep 8, 1979A-GangGreat experience.....Would not trade it for the world!
Goodman, JayTM3Nov 6, 1975 – Aug 12, 1977WeaponsTh best and worst of times.....finally grew up. No regrets, miss the sea and all the salt.
Berkenstock, TerryMMEE31976 – 1979M
Mauge, Velasquez1976 – 1978was one of the best in the fleet
Schoonmaker, John (Jay)EM21976 – Jan 1980RNorth atlantic,Mediterranean, red sea cruises . Hello Bill Fagan and Mark Roegner! Big Bird and Snake!
Carroll, JimYN3Jan 4, 1976 – Dec 15, 1977AdminCame onboard early 1976, worked as a YN in Ship's Office. Discharged late 1977. Did a north Atlantic and mid-East cruises. Lots of runs up the coast between Mayport and Newport as well.
Odom, SteveGMG2Feb 1976 – Aug 1979G-DivisionReally enjoyed the several cruises we had, Middle East, and Mediterranean.
White, RobertOS2Mar 1976 – Nov 1978OPS
Olivier, Philip profile iconGMG3 GMMar 1976 – Sep 20, 19782nd divI have great memories of being on the Jonas Ingram. Got restricted to ship too many times. Played drums in the ship's band in front of King, queen and all the citizens of the Seychelles.
Stroud, WillieSTG2Apr 1976 – Jun 1979ASI enjoyed the cruises and all of the friends I made.
Sullivan, ThomasGMG3Apr 2, 1976 – Aug 15, 19792nd/FoxGreat life learning experience
Openshaw, Bill (Opie)MM3Jun 1976 – Jul 13, 1979MHow's everybody doing?
Habib, PhilOSCSJun 1976 – May 1979OI
Romano, FrankPN2Jun 12, 1976 – Aug 1, 1979AdministrationLeft the Jolly Joney as a reenlistment and transfer to Great Lakes RTC. While there I got an assignment to "C" school and became a 2612 classifier. Discharge 7/83. Been working in technology for more than 20 years now.
Testagrossa, JosephBTFNJun 15, 1976 – Apr 15, 1980I've been waiting for a reunion of my old shipmates for years,and I'm glad to be attending the one coming this OCT 12-15 2006 in Charleston SC.I HOPE TO SEE MANY OLD SHIPMATES AND SOME NEW ONES.
Nowicki, ChuckHull Technician Second ClassJul 1976 – Nov 1978RepairThoroughly enjoyed all of the time I spent on-board the Ingram and all of the people I served with and the good and the bad times we shared together. Devastated to hear She was sunk as a target.
Mendenhall, EddieRM3Aug 1, 1976 – Jun 1, 1978OperationsAhoy!!!!
Stockbridge, Stevene-4Sep 1976 – Feb 1978B division. It was the best time of my life serving on the uss jonas ingram dd938. Working in b division as a boiler tech. In the after fire room. I got to go on a north atlantic cruise and a mid east cruise. I am a shellback.
Anderson, Mark "Andy"MM3Oct 1976 – Apr 1980EngineeringHow is everybody doing. Will be at the reunion in October.
Howard, DennisMSSNOct 6, 1976 – Feb 6, 1979Supply/First Division A wonderful crew of men aboard the Jolly JI; Had a great time. Many of life's lessons presented themselves aboard the Ingram. I learned quite a bit about everything. I got in trouble alot. I played the drums.
Carpenter, BillSTG1Nov 1, 1976 – Dec 12, 1979A
Barnett, JamieLTJG (retired as RDML)Nov 1, 1976 – Aug 1, 1979CommunicationsI loved being part of the team aboard JONAS INGRAM, especially under CDR Bruce Young.
Baxley, StephenSNDec 1, 1976 – Sep 1, 1980SupplyRed Sea Cruise '77 Senegal,Gambia,Ghana,Kenya,Seychelles,Iran// Med Cruise '78 Rota,Naples,Palma de Mallorca,Corsica,Athens and Zakynthos-Greece//Some of the most exciting and memorable times of my life on that Tin Can.
Pacheco, Thomas ( Chico )SMSN1977 – 1980Had lots of fun with the crew. Especially with the signalman crew.
Thoma, Robert (Combat)OS31977 – 1979OI
Rusak, KevinMmfnMar 20, 1977 – Jan 24, 1980EngibeeringJust remembering says of ild
Castellano, Eddieem3May 1977 – May 1981engineering
Fadgen, BillMM3 PMC(SW)USN RETJun 20, 1977 – Aug 29, 1979 Aft engine roomSome of the best times.....
Sites, MichaelRM3Jul 15, 1977 – Apr 1, 1979OCI picked up the "Jolly JI" on her way back from the Middle east. We had our good times. I was really amazed how many times we got underway with only one boiler. Favorite time was the MED Cruise in 1978.
Ogg, Bradley profile iconENS/LTjgSep 1977 – Jan 1981E Div/Gunnery Officer/Nav -Admin DeptMed deployment, Charleston Shipyard & Gitmo. CO's Dodson, Young & St Laurent.
Haschker, MikeBM3Oct 13, 1977 – Jun 1, 1979!stGood time, Great Crew, Aggresive Capt. (Commander Young)
Long, ChuckSTG31978 – 1979ASmy first cruise me
Brown, StanRM2Feb 1978 – Sep 6, 1981OCA lot of great memories onboard Jolly J I. Of good friends and port visits.
Burcham, TerenceEMFAOct 1978 – Nov 1978I never got a chance to get to know anycrew members before I got reasigned to another naval base as an electrician. Just wanted to say "AHOY" and wish you smooth sailing.
Hatfield, BillMM2Oct 1978 – Jul 1982EngineeringStill talk often about the good and bad times during my tour. Wouldn't trade the experience for the world. Can't believe Paul Swanson became a lifer! Blown away by this! Talk to Russ Holtslaw a couple times a year.
Jimmerson, GlennE-4/EN3Nov 1978 – Jul 1980A_Gang

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