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USS Davis (DD 937) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Davis (DD 937). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 220 crew members registered for the USS Davis (DD 937).

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Kelly, JoelBT3Oct 26, 1956 – Nov 21, 1958"M"VP USS Davis Assoc.
Pelletier, RichardQuartermaster Third Class QM3Dec 13, 1956 – Nov 1958BridgeGreat memories while aboard and being a plank member. Proud to have been approached by my chief and Division officer to apply for Officer Candidate School (OCS). But I had a wedding date set. Great Ship!
Smith, KEITH A.GM31957 – Aug 19601STwe had capt Ball, Capt Lefteris Lavrakis (lefty) and comdesron 12 Commander Buckley. Did Washington D.C Carribean, Northern Europe and the Med. Had a Gunners mate chief named Castle. 1st Class named Roberts. Gm3 Tabanela( spellings ?)
Marciano, Carmine1957 –
Boak, CharlesET1Jan 1957 – 1959OESure have a lot of found memories of life aboard the Davis. The Cruises in Northern Europe and the Med after our commissioning in 1957 were fantastic!
Tucker, HarrisSFP3Feb 1957 – Sep 1959We had a lot of good times on the Davis, a great crew and fine officers. Capt. Ball was one of the best. I didn't want to leave the Davis, but was transferred to the Yellowstone AD 27, discharged Sept 1960. Looking for Benjamin Rich GM3,
Kilgast, KennethQM2Mar 1957 – 1959OperationsThe First Quartermaster of the ship for all special operations incl;uding fueling @ sea, special sa and anchor helmsman etc from Commissioning to the end of of the first Med Cruise under the mentoring of Tony Zuccaro QM1
Marcusky, JohnSN/FTMar 6, 1957 – Nov 21, 1958FoxPLANKOWNER
Morris, EdEM1Mar 1958 – 1961E I served under Ball & Levrakis (lefty). Lefty's claim to fame was he hit the pier head on in St. Thomas. That put us in dry dock for a month in Boston Navy yard.
Houchins, Kenneth (Ken)IC3Aug 1958 – Sep 1959ENGThis ship was almost new when I was aboard. Very much enjoyed serving on this one. Are there ever any reunions? If so, how would I locate?
Walikis, Dan "wally"BT3/CAug 25, 1958 – Aug 4, 1960 MMemories & sea stories... Oct '58. All non-rated BT's wiping up fuel after the USS Tarawa fuel hose broke July '59..Gitmo ... emergency "tour"of Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti June '60.. USS Macon &
Whitehouse, Larry YN3Sep 1958 – Aug 1960OC-OINot quite the world, Philadelphi, Boston, Newport, Portsmouth, Wasington, Norfolk, Mayport, Charleston, San Juan, Port Au Prince, Cuidad,and Gtmo Carribean twice, in only two years. 1st Div. then Oc-Ol div. Sa to YN3 Lots of memories.
Scanlon, TomBT2Oct 17, 1958 – Jan 20, 1961BWould like to hear from old shipmates with whom I served in #1 Fireroom.
Arnold, Louis1959 – 1960
Cook, LarryMMFNMar 1959 – Oct 1961Engineering - #2 engine roomFond memories of Chief Gangi and Israel Hunter, MM2 who were the main reasons I did not re-enlist. I remember a MM1 who had 16 years of service who left the service rather than stay and serve under Gangi. His name was White. Fine man.
Brown, KennyMMFN1960 – 1962Engineering-Main ControlDid a lot traveling,Med Cruise,Great Lakes Cruise, Swim call off the Canaries.Ran alot of plane guard for Intrepid.
Horvath, James profile iconseamanJul 1, 1960 – Dec 29, 19612I loved my time in the Navy, I wish I had stayed for 20.
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Rapone, Edmundcs3Sep 12, 1960 – Jun 5, 1963supplyl started in 2nd div, than went to 1st div. then went to supply made 3rd class.lm looking for an old friend glenn f. haugh. we did two med cruises,blockcadeof cubaan seen a lot of this world. great memories many friends.
Kidder, BruceFNMar 1961 – Feb 1963
Sandmann, DaveSK2Mar 1961 – Aug 1963supply
Garn, James David (Dave)RD3Oct 1961 – Aug 26, 1963OIWould not trade those experiences for anything. Met people, went places and did things I would not have done otherwise. Remember the Med cruise and the Cuban missle crises and all the guys I served with. Have enjoyed all the reunions.
Odoms, BillDK31962 – 1965SupplyGreat time of my life, enjoyed handing out the money
Dingler, JonFN/MMApr 1962 – May 9, 1963Forward EngineroomGreat time aboard ship. Cuban blockade was interesting, along with Dominion Republic. The Chief's were great!! Miss the sea!!!!!!!!!! Go to website for our ship. Great bunch of guys keeping the memories alive...reunions, plus.
Perry, Ben (Big Ben)MM1/MMCSep 7, 1962 – Aug 30, 1968"M"So many great memories. Some not so good but many good ones. I miss my old shipmates and correspond with some. It was a pleasure serving on the best tin can in the US Navy. If you served during my years '62 to'68, drop me a line. Big Ben Perry
Shaw, EldonEM 31963 – 1965RepairGreat Ship! Many good times,with a med. trip. Does anyone remember the blue after eng. room?
Pearson, StuartS/N AND GUNNERS MATE STRIKERFeb 1963 – Sep 1963While standing the Helm Watch on Midshipman cruise took a supposed 40 plus degree roll from a rogue wave while going through Cape Hatteras! Entire bridge crew laying on the deck + lots of Middies SICK from greasy food consumed previous eve.
Davignon, DennisFNFeb 1963 – Jan 1965BBroke my shoulder in a fall from the top of the ladder of Fireroom 1 Remember our visit up the mississippi to New Orleans.
Beinke, Timothy profile iconBT1Feb 6, 1963 – Jan 19, 1968Bemail: - Davis web site:
Beinke, TimothyBT1Feb 11, 1963 – Jan 17, 1968BHI
Mark, MattSNMar 1963 – Jan 1965SupplyLots of memories
McCormick, WilliamSNMar 12, 1963 – Feb 5, 1965mSpent first 6 months in second division. The other 18 months as the log room yoeman. It was a great ship and a greater crew. Many good memories.
Ball, Clyde "Herbie"SOG 3/CMar 15, 1963 – Sep 15, 1963FOXGreat ship. I was only on for a few months before I was discharged in Newport, RI 10/01/63. I got to go on one great New Orleans cruise before discharge.
Sencabaugh, RonMM31964 – 1968"M"Thinking about my past now and then. Drop me a line and say hello.
Finnerty, RonaldMachine Mate 31964 – 1969NavyPlease email me
Steward, Andybt31964 – 1967engineeringLots of good memories
Wallace, JerryFTG2Mar 1964 – Dec 16, 19662nd DivisionThe US Navy was a great time of my life and gave me the knowledge and experience to start a IS career with IBM. I continue to have a love of the sea and have fond memories of my time aboard the USS Davis
Freeland, MichaelLTJG SC USNRApr 1964 – Jul 1986SupplyGreat experience for a civilian sailor.
Robbins, BruceFTG 2Jun 18, 1964 – Apr 14, 1967Gunnery
Brown, Robert "Dc"SEAMANJul 21, 1964 – Apr 10, 1965FirstI was ordered to the Davis fresh out of bootcamp, just in time to leave for the MED. All of my fun/work from the first cruise was almost forgotten when I came thru the worst storm in North Atlantic history to get back home. I saw the Captain cry.
Frazier, GerryGMG3Sep 1964 – Aug 1966GunneryIf you were on board during the 1966 Vietnam tour please drop me a line.
Parzuchowski, Edward PFTG 2Nov 22, 1964 – Aug 20, 1969Weapons
Ingram, Kenneth (Mojack)RM2Dec 15, 1964 – Sep 4, 1967OC2 Med. cruises, 3 Carib. cruises, around the world cruise and circled off Dom. Rep for about 45? days. 937 was my home for almost 3 years. Loved it!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1964 | 1965 – 1968 | 1969 – 1973 | 1974 – 1977 | 1978 – now

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