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USS Barry (DD 933) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Barry (DD 933). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 323 crew members registered for the USS Barry (DD 933).

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Doane, BrianSTG21979 – 1982WepsI got out in 84, and moved back to Fla. I saw it snow a few times in Boston and RI, that was enough for me
Anderson, WaymonRM1979 – 1982
Nieves, JosePN21979 – Apr 1980PersonnelPNC Young left as I arrived. I served on board for about a year prior to discharge in April 1980.
Mason, WilbertSN/DK3Jan 1979 –1ST/S4DECK SEAMAN THEN MADE DK3
Hawkins, StevenHM3Jan 31, 1979 – Jun 30, 1980Navigation
Crupper, VincentBT3Feb 1979 – Mar 1980Boilers-Forward FireroomCame on board in Villa, France during MED cruise with Steve Hinks Reuped and transfered to USS Barney DDG-6
Buck, BillBTFNFeb 4, 1979 – Jan 15, 1982B DIVISON FORWARD FIRE ROOM I remember the cars on board and the corvair hanging half way off when we pulled into Boston ship yard. we also lost fires in the forward fire room that day and hit the pier.LO.L. I remember the storm to. Man what a rid
Penton, DonnieEM4Mar 15, 1979 – May 16, 1982EngineeringSeen a lot of places and met many friends.
Walker, MichaelFN /EN3Jun 14, 1979 – Sep 8, 1981engine room / A gangdoes anyone have pictures of the bulkhead that caved in on richard roth in the officer's mess. on the way to bosten
Suckow, WayneET2Jun 16, 1979 – Jul 19, 1982OE01Had a great time should have stayed
Gaskill, RobertMM3Jul 1979 – Oct 1980MRepoted to Mayport in June and had to wait for the Navy to find the Barry. Reported onboard in Baharian, left while in the Yard in East Boston. Best crew I served with. Charlie Raetz, Chuck Pfaff and Billy Royal. The USO in Boston was fun.
Dane, Bobmm3Jul 1979 – Jul 1981engine roomDoes anyone have a picture of the cars on the asroc deck while we were on our way to Boston? I had my camero on their when the captains peice of crap corvair broke loose.
Jones, Robert (Bobby)CWO3Jul 15, 1979 – Jul 15, 1982EngineeringWas Maintenance Officer over M, B and A divisions
Ainley, DaveET2Jul 16, 1979 – Nov 12, 1981OE
Ainley, DaveET2Jul 20, 1979 – Nov 10, 1981OE
Brown, Waynems3Jul 27, 1979 – Jul 30, 1981supplywas cook and sometimes baker aboard har the first 3 months.then was in charge of receiving,and distrobution of the food the 2 years visited many foriegn countries,but always love to see the USofA.
Hunter, Johnic 3Aug 1, 1979 – Aug 1, 1990E Division IC shopI was unrated when I arrived onboard so I started in the Boiler room then was transfered to the engine room then finally got the IC shop
Horgan, John HorganSTG1Aug 8, 1979 – Jul 16, 1985weps
Flewell, RobertHMCMOct 1979 – Jun 1982Nav/MedicalWas HMC aboard Barry, was the last serving HM when she was decommissioned . Served on many ships, she was my favorite, the crew was the best !!
White, James (Jim)OS2Dec 1979 – Oct 1980OISwapped to Barry from O’Callahan to ensure I was home for the birth of my first child. I only had to serve a minimum tour obligation of one year. Barry’s OSC wasn’t “aware” of that policy; and hated me for it.
Aleshire, Garland (Al)BT2Dec 27, 1979 – Sep 1, 1982aft fireroom lpo, made lots of friends, still skinny as ever, still boney ass al! still the little badass as always
Knoll, DavidBMSN1980 – Nov 5, 1982first
McConnell, ChuckBT 31980 – 1982B Div.Still alive after Boston Ship yard. Like to hear from my old hole snipes. Hope all is well. Chuck
Knoll, DavidBMSNJan 1980 – Nov 1982deckcame aboard at the yards in boston.plankowner.stepped off her stern onto tug as she was being towed out of narragansett bay.hung out with scott smith,frank hopkins,ken mcneil,andy anderson time in mombasa!
Hopkins, FrankQM3Jan 4, 1980 – Nov 2, 1982NavigationGreat Ship and Great Crew. Meet some friends I'll never forget. Scott, Dave, Andy, Ken, Mel, Bill and the Slouch.
Gleeson, AnthonyMS3Jan 20, 1980 – Jun 29, 1982I am looking for an old friend..Todd "Red" Lendermen..look me up sometime, i live in CA now. email me on my daughters account:
Batty, TomET2Jan 30, 1980 – Oct 10, 1982OEFirst ship after "A" school. Picked her up in Boston and went across pier 2 in Newport top the Exploit. Many, MANY memories. First IO cruise, Mombasa, the three storms coming back, going under the rainbow, and on and on.
Cloutier, Daniel L. (Canuck)EN3Mar 1980 – Nov 1982A-GangI came straight from A and C school she was my first ship I serve before I want into SEAL & UDT program. Remember lots of training in Beth shipyard (Boston) and more training in Guantanamo Bay and the cruise in Middle East. Especially on the way back
Roberts, AndyMM2May 1980 – 1982EngineeringGrand fun during my first ship serving FWD Engine Room and some in log room. Paid a visit once to her in DC.
Prazeres, JerryFTGMay 2, 1980 – Aug 15, 1981Fire Control Guns
Sevigny, WilliamMM2Jun 1980 – Nov 1982EngineeringI would like to have the email address of Robert C. Dane. He and I served aboard the ship from 1980-1981 and I would like to catch up with him or anyone else I served with.
Grimard, RayIC2Sep 1980 – Nov 1982EI was on board the Barry in Newport RI from the summer of 1981 until decom in Nov 82.
Cannizzaro, AnthonyRM2Sep 1, 1980 – Nov 1, 1982OCI really miss serving on the Barry with all my heart! It was an awesome ship. I miss my shipmates. I enjoyed serving under Capt. Chase. P.S. You should contact Larry Loss about the Barry reunion. Email: scarylarryloss@netscape.neti
Gillespie, TimothySNOct 1980 – Apr 1981Admin/Deck
Gillespie, TimothySN3Oct 1980 – Jul 1982FIRST - DECK
Millar, Johnm-MMCSNov 1980 – May 31, 1982M-DivEnjoying my retirement just hit 30 years
Marone, Jim profile iconSNNov 7, 1980 – Dec 6, 1981DeckI left to early and missed Mombassa, First division was so good, Dave Knoll ,Scotty, Rob , Andy . came on on Boston and was present to see Dale Page bounce off the captains gig
Clancy, RussellSM11981 – 1982
Jessop, Norman "jap"BTFN>FA>FR>FA1981 – 1982Hardest time in my carreer, but fun.
Havlin, RustyBMSN1981 – 1982Fisrt
Grimmett, ChrisYNSN1981 – 1982NavMy first ship out of A School. Great training from YN2 Luigi Ferraro that lasted my entire career. One of the best leaders I had in my 21 years of service. Dave DeBoalt, Cliff Clausen, a few of the great crew I remember.
Fess, DanSTG1Feb 1981 – Nov 1982WeaponsEnjoyed the Barry in Boston and Newport. Christmas in Mombassa Kenya was interesting. Miss the friends. Now in Florida no snow here.
Quicksell, Thomas / TomSM1Mar 1981 – Oct 1982OCShe was the best in all the 20 years of my career. Best friends and shipmates. Remember Mombasa, Kenya? and Mt. Kilimanjaro? I'll never forget her. Thanks for the memories Barry!!
Brett, SlackBt3Apr 1981 – 1982BBest crew of BT's I worked with. Hey Chuck McConnell hit me up on Facebook.
Brinza, MarkSEAMANMay 9, 1981 – May 1982FIRST
Payne, SteveBT3Jun 1981 – Nov 1982B divisionFresh from boot,Met the ship in GITMO, was told to sit in messsdecks and talk to no-one. Catching 5 gallon bucket fulls of fresh squid right off the pier in Newport. Homeboy Clint Springer. Mombasa and Tinika Linstra-yum. I have props.
Davis, WardHT2Jun 30, 1981 – Nov 2, 1982Repair DivisionAfter leaving Barry, I went on to finish a 20 year career, retiring in 1997 as a DCC. Today I teach high school.
Fiedler, BobMMFNJul 5, 1981 – Nov 1982MSailed on last Med cruise. Decommissioned ship. Miss all the guys from aft engine room
Headings, TedSK2Sep 1981 – Oct 1982Supply S-1Looking for other members of the last deployment. Had a great time, remember the split in the bulkhead on the aft passageway.
Piper, ScottGMTSNJan 1982 – Oct 1982Came aboard USS Barry during last cruise GMTSN Jan. 82. Left for USS Luce DDG-38 Oct. 82. Visited Barry Aug 04 at DC Navy Yard where she's tied up as a museum ship. She's in pretty good shape, although Sonar equip room is trashed. Visit her soo
Neiling, DavidMSSRJan 1982 – Nov 1982SupplyI goton her in Bahrain on her last major cruise went through the Suez Canal and across the Atlantic in some bad weather 40 ft swells sick as a dog trying to cook for the crew what an experience she was a neat ship had many freinds
Wizner, JohnOS2Feb 1982 – Oct 1982OI
Haskell, EmeryLTApr 1982 – Nov 1982Electrical
Decker, Daniel profile iconSTG2May 24, 1982 – Oct 31, 1982ASWasn't on the Barry long, met some great people.
Schwarzenberg, JanENSSep 1982 – Nov 1982Aboard short time, helped decom her. Best ship of 7, and best handling, before I went Spec Ops. Love visiting DC, seeing the old girl. She was my "first." LT Haskell and I, far as I know, only "O's" still in uniform.
Willis, JamesMMFASep 14, 1982 – Nov 1, 1982B&MI believe i was the last active duty sailor to check aboard her. A great ship in a great party town newport R.I. twofer tuesday at sabastians.
Newcomb, WayneSNNov 1983 – Jul 1986Tour Guide/Deck

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