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NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt, Exmouth, Australia Crew List

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There are 132 crew members registered for the NAVCOMMSTA Harold E. Holt, Exmouth, Australia.

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Russo, LouieENGINMAN 2ND CLASS1981 – 1982Special service, General dutyI was manager of the bowling alley and multipurpose hobby shop on base then senior engineer on the base boat shop
Decker, JudySK11981 –SupplyMy husband was stationed at Harold E Holt when we met and married in 1981. After we were married we went back to the States and I joined the US Navy.
O'Brien, ShelleySK2Jan 1981 – Jul 1983Supply
Sadler, JohnRM1Jun 1, 1982 – Jul 25, 1985CommunicationsLooking for anyone stationed at NCS Harold E Holt Exmouth, WA.
Floyd, KenRM2Jun 26, 1982 – Jun 25, 1983Comm CenterGreat station had a lot of fun.
Chanez, RobYNSR - YN3Dec 10, 1982 – Mar 5, 1985AdminGreat place to be...hoping to head back for a visit soon.
Squires, JeffE-6Dec 22, 1982 – Dec 20, 1984securityLoved my stay at Harold e holt. Met a lot of good people. Will head back to Austrailia one day with my daughter who was born there.
Vinson, DanielRM1Jan 1983 – 1984Comm CenterMy all time favorite duty station, spent most of my time off fishing!
Buddenberg, JohnET1Feb 1983 – Feb 1985HF Transmitter Site LPOLoved It .. GREAT Fishing .. Good Times ..
Wright, ScottET2Mar 1983 – Aug 1985CRF
Wait, GregET3Jun 1, 1983 – Sep 15, 1984VLFGreat command. Good times. Wish I were still in contact with a lot of folks from The Cape.
Castleberry, DavidSK21984 – 1987Supply Department / SecurityStarted out in supply LCDR Vasquez was SUPPLY OFFICER. Tad to Security for remainder of tour. Best tour of my 22 years in the navy.
Koch, CliffordGMG1(SW)Feb 1, 1984 – Oct 30, 1988SecurityACMAA, Armory custodian, Command Investigator.
Ferguson, JeffSH3Apr 3, 1984 – Jul 15, 1986Navy ExchangeI served almost 8 years on active duty, and the 27 months I served in Exmouth were my favorite. The people in Australia were great and treated us like gold.
Nadeau, RobertRMCSSep 1984 – Aug 1987Tech Control75-78/84-88/88-92 made many good friends and still keep in touch - thanks to Facebook
Heterick, JimLSETCNov 1984 – 1986VLF, HFTRAN. Hi To all my USN, RAN and civvy mates
Eltringham, Robert profile iconSM3- Sm21985 – 1986Security
Goggin, WendySMSNMar 4, 1985 – Jun 4, 1986SecurityWorked in security as master at arms...loved it...wish I could go back...
White, IanEMC (SW/AW)Oct 1, 1985 – Oct 1, 1989MWRBest tour I ever had.
Rockmann, Udo profile iconLieutenant (RAN)Dec 1985 – Mar 1989Royal Australian NavyServed as the Australian VLF and HFT Site Officer from 1986 to 1989. Hello to all the good USN friends I made (officer and enlisted) during my time at the cape. G'day Mate!
Panych, Wally profile iconJOJan 1, 1986 – Oct 1, 1989AdminHey All, I posted a In memorium post on the reunion page. The shipmates we lost over the years should not be forgetten. Please lemme know Wally
Mitchell, NatalieSK2Jan 2, 1986 – May 12, 1989Security/Supply
Fiala, TimothyASE2Aug 1986 – Oct 1987Security
Stebe, Dave ( Scott )ET31987 – 1991COM CENTER /VLF
Villalva, RamonE4/SK31987 – Nov 1989SupplyWas a great Command. Can't think of anyone's name except for G13. All I remember is good time, great people and super fun parties...., MyricksET31987 –ElectronicsHello everyone from 87-89
Rizer, RondaE4 RM31987 – 1990HFTI miss it. Beautiful place, enjoyed my time there.
Muldrow, Wanda profile iconRm2Jul 5, 1987 – Sep 7, 1990Submarine brocastBest time of my life.. I was there for three years love it.
Dolan, KevinSK3Dec 31, 1987 – Dec 2, 1990SupplyNothing but a party for me. Got in a little trouble but had fun. Loved the sports programs we had there. 2 daughters born while we were there in Perth. After all the troubles, just retired in 16. SKCS, not bad.
Smith, Ronald J.RM21988 – 1990HF / TTY Repair
Jones, John HE6/SK1Aug 1, 1988 – Aug 1, 1990SupplyThis place was way in the outback of Australia. 1000 miles to the nearest city. Command was pretty good with great people. 140 degrees in the summer was pretty rough. Every insect was poisonous. Place was desert beach.
Ball-noonan, TammyRM3Sep 10, 1988 – Sep 10, 1991com/msg centerThe best command I could have been stationed at. I met wonderful people and saw some of the most beautiful sunrises in my life at HEH. Australia is a beautiful country and the people there were so nice. I loved it there
Clark, Phillip NobbyPOMTHOct 30, 1988 – Nov 1990RAN Housing OfficerWould love to catch up with Ray Feister
Kunkel, ChrisET3Jul 3, 1989 – Jul 6, 1991SitesBest job I ever had and I miss the place and People I served with.
Janus, WandaLTAug 1989 – Oct 1991Electronics MaintenanceWould like to find the Chief(s) Badgley, JA Lt Dawn Heffner, Marty Seisa and "FUDD"
Nelson, JoeRM3 and RM2Sep 1989 – Jun 1993VLF and message centerLoved Australia. RM2 Doddrill, jeff and peanut foster, Neil and Jenny hantsbarger and Nate. Remember playing baseball and traveling to Perth for almost 2 weeks and played 5 games. Indoor cricket was fun too.
Colvin, MichaelET3Dec 1989 – May 1992Verdin/ISABPS
Fay, Scott profile iconE-5/AS21990 – 1991SecuritySome of the best memories of my life!!!! Best beaches, Best people, Best duty!!!!!!! Loved everything about the place except those darn flies! LOL I even liked the Emus. I almost even moved to Australia.
Harris, JerryMACS (SW)/ E-8Feb 10, 1990 – 1992SecurityHi to all my ol shipmates Best tour duty I never had
Gist, JeffIC2(SS)Jun 1990 – Jul 1992ETInitially i wanted to get back to Hawaii, didnt care for the isolation. After i got some wheels and was able to get off base easier it was much better. made several friends and glad for the people i worked with and for. Thanks everyone.
Smith, JoniRm3Jun 1990 – Mar 1992COMMI loved Australia and made a lot of friends there...I miss Australia and would love to return for a visit one day...I miss all of the wonderful people who made my stay there pleasant..thanks to my friends..God Bless
Shaw, RonaldRMSNNov 1990 – Mar 1992CommI remember my time at Harrys place being so fuch fun. The partys and and all of the great times there
Murrell, Mick profile iconDC2(sw)Jan 10, 1991 – Nov 30, 1991SecurityThe Best Duty Station..... Ever
Kuehn, LoriE2/SMMay 1991 – 1992SecurityI loved Australia
Peterson, Alex 'Pete'E-4/ET3Aug 1991 – Jul 1993VLFI would love to hear from any sisters and brothers I served with. I'M on Linked in too

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1972 | 1973 – 1980 | 1981 – now

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