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USS Edson (DD 946) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Edson (DD 946). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 225 crew members registered for the USS Edson (DD 946).

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Tolentino, MarcusBT31983 – 1985EB01First ship I was on. That was a wake up call! Good bunch of guys...Shes still out there.
Frank, ScottMS11983 – 1985S2Was an MS3 on the Big Ed. Would like to hear from shipmates . I'm on Facebook Scott Frank MeredIth NH
Orourke, DavidYN1(SW)Feb 22, 1983 – Apr 24, 1986Nav/OpsServed as Ship's Secretary. Great Lakes Golden Laker. Completed ESWS on board and Attained the Rank of YNC(SW). Served with great shipmates and exciting experiences with the crew. Good Luck to all. Now Retired.
Wynn, Fred/ Ba-ba LaboatsBMSNJun 1983 – May 1986WEAPONS/DECKMade both Great Lakes Cruises-" Golden Laker".Had a few rough times but,many more great times! I'm still looking for Dirty Joe Karvetski- Dirty Jim Daniels-and Dirty John Randel.Want to get together and have a few rounds...Rochester N.Y.
Harden, PatET2Sep 17, 1983 – Jun 9, 1987OE1st ship, but what a beauty. Of the 5 I served on this was the best! How I managed to leave Newport alive is a miracle! America's cup race myself and another ET got chewed out by the XO when the Aussies won the cup.
Budihas, AndyBT3Oct 1983 – Oct 1985BI went from the Ellison to the Edson, both fine destroyers. Miss going out with the guys in Newport, RI. Best of luck to all.
Sheehan, ThomasMS 2Oct 7, 1983 – Aug 15, 1985supplyCame in as a MSSN and left the ship as an MS3. Had a lot of great times on the Great Lakes cruise and had a lot of great shipmates. Miss the shipmates I served with. Look me up on Facebook. Thomas J. Sheehan
McKnight, GregBM21984 – 1986Weps/DeckBoston ReHab. Hurricane Gloria tied to the pier (scary). Guantanamo REFTRA. Good times?
Ortiz, CandelarioSA1984 – 1985Boatswain mateMy time on the Edson were the most fun I had met a lot of good friends that forever they are my shipmate and brothers
Ashmore, RichardLCDRFeb 1984 – Dec 1986Chief Engineer
Ashmore, RichardLCDRFeb 15, 1984 – Dec 31, 1986Chief Engineer
Villafane, AngelEW1May 1984 – Dec 1987OPSMy third ship (Manley,Capodanno) Great Lakes 84 "The Love Boat" cruse, the wall at Chicago (bent shaft) Gitmo, remember standing (OOD) mid watch and the main feed pump blew (lost 42 lbs that summer) The yard period in Boston (the fire). GOOD SH
Kane, DavidLTJGJun 1984 – 1986Eng, then NavDid the second Great Lakes cruise ("This ship is a Lust Bucket") then GTMO and the exploding feed pump, then overhaul in Boston, and the fire. Awesome stuff.
Mitchell, Charles profile iconEN3Aug 1984 – May 1987A GangWould love to hear from old shipmates. Feel free to contact me.
Svaranowic, GeorgeLTSep 1984 – Dec 1986Disbursing OfficerMany good times on The Big Ed!
Stokes, SteveSM3Sep 15, 1984 – Mar 15, 1988OPERATIONS
Hubbard, MalcolmBT21985 – Dec 1988BServed almost 4 years on the EDSON and enjoyed most all of it. It was a very good ship and crew to be part of.
Fett, PeterSTGSN1985 – 1988ASW SELRES att'd. Loved the Ship. Loved getting under way. Sonar was a hoot to be in at sea. Meyers, Konig, Bergeron, ect... Great Bunch. Saw her at Intrepid. Had to correct tour guide on some things. Remember Senior giv'n Capt'n whats what on
Quinones, Mikeossa1985 – 1986opsyo
Fiedler, BobMM21985 – Feb 1986A-Gang
Feld, JohnBM21985 – 1987FirstI loved serving on the Ed. Great crew. tons of work. tons of laughs. Thanks guys.
Ostroff, Mark (Ozzie)BT31985 – 1987B-Div
Ritter, StuartET3/ET21985 – Oct 4, 1986RepairCame on board the Edson when she was in the Boston Shipyard, and then moved to Newport with her and completed my active reserve time on board. Great ship, loved when we were underway on our weekends.
Sparks, DanielOS2Mar 1985 – Aug 1988OIGood Ship and Great Crew to serve with...
Harrold, RichardMS2May 1985 – Dec 1989SupplyThis was my first and only duty station. Made some life long friends. Great ship
McInerney, JamesENS - LTJun 1985 – Oct 1988Boilers DIV/ GUNs/ NAVMy first ship after I got commissioned. Had a great time looking back on it now. Had the privilege of working with some great sailors. Made some good friends while onboard, many of whom I have regretfully lost track of
Bridgland, JimmyJun 22, 1985 – Dec 15, 1988OC
Konig, HansTM3Aug 1985 – Sep 1988ASWCurrently still active duty, I tell all the young pups about the great times we had on the ole girl. Lots od great memories, Almys antics, yard periods, haulin ass up the Deleware River. Gotta love them days!! "Three Guns-No waiting"
Weatherford, Daniel...beastBM3Aug 1985 – Oct 1988Deck Division
Young-bey, KevinE-4 BT-3Nov 1985 – Nov 1987engineer
Hineline, Roger J (Radar)YN21986 – 1988AdminI really enjoyed my time on the Edson. She was a GREAT ship, but didn't like to get underway all the time. I 'm glad I was assigned to her. Captin Almay was the Best. Thanks guys, it was good while it lasted
Dill, RobSK31986 – 1989SupplyGreat time, Great Crew
Smith, Warren HM-21986 – 1988MedicalMy first operational Reserve Ship. It kept me in the Reserves after "RESCEN" duty and led to my 30 year career. CDR Almy was a great Skipper. Hope to visit in Saginaw and see if my key still works on Sick Bay.
Hill.4102, Steven D profile iconNAV/OPJan 1, 1986 – Dec 1, 1986Nav/OpsI only spent maybe one year aboard Barracks 946. Barracks 946 was an alternative name for The Edson I reconned from USNA persons. Why they call it this, I don't know. I got off to a good career start aboard the Edson.
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Morales, MoRM3Feb 1986 – Dec 15, 1988OCWe were on a pirate ship and it was an adventure.
Stoos, KenEM2May 1986 – Dec 1988E DivGreat ship and a great crew.
Dalle, KenRM2Aug 1, 1986 – Aug 1, 1988OCGreat duty station and great crew. Had some wonderful time serving on board. Great training ship duty. Part of the decom crew. Departed as an RM2 and walk across to the next duty station USS Trippe.
Maier, JosephRM1(SW)Oct 1986 – Dec 1988OCGlad to see some of my old shipmates. We did quite a lot on the Edson, sometimes it seems to me we did the impossible on a regular basis. Even when extra needless impediments where put in our way, we pulled it through.
McCord, DarronSTGSNNov 1, 1986 – Mar 1, 1988ASI was a 1 termer. Currently I'm a 7th grade Geography teacher and HS football coach in Woodward Oklahoma. The time on the Edson is one of my favorite memories. Pink Bellies from Hans, Tyson and Myers. ah... the good old days.

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