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USS Mullinnix (DD 944) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mullinnix (DD 944). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 121 crew members registered for the USS Mullinnix (DD 944).

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Salzfass, Arthur profile iconLTjgJan 1, 1958 – Jun 1, 1959CommunicationsPre-commissioning crew -- Plank Owner
Young, JamesETR PO 3rd ClassMar 14, 1958 – Jan 26, 1959OI DivisionAssigned to DD 944 on Dec 26 1957. Transferred from USS Price DER 332. Plank Owner, listed in Commissioning Program. I have photos and video from 1958,1959.
Kust, RonaldbmsnApr 10, 1958 – Aug 6, 19601st divisionloved playing tonk during off hours in 1st division
Pritchard, StanleySeaman RecuiteNov 16, 1958 – Apr 24, 1959engine roomHad a great time on her as if she was a lady and that she was for the trip to South America and crossing into the South Atlantic becoming an honorable Shell Back and having my twentyfirst brithday on her was wonderful
Kerr, DavidQM/SM 3/CDec 1958 – Aug 1961CommunicationsShellback/BlueNoser/Plank Holder. First US Warship to enter Black Sea 1960 since WW2. Escorted JFK While in Mediterranean. Escaped Castro invasion of Havana, Cuba 1958. Many great memories and travel adventures.
Schryer, GeorgeSeamanJan 21, 1959 – Sep 1961GunneryThoroughly enjoyed my tour aboard the Mux, working with Grady Starnes and the rest of the guys I served with. After leaving her for a few months I joined the Air Force, became a Tailgunner and retired in 1980 as an E-8
Yoho, Lloyd YohoBT 2Feb 14, 1959 – Jul 14, 1962BI had some good times aboard the Mux . I am looking forward to going to my first reunion. I was oil king,and trained Gary Bickley as my replacement. Pumped oil over the side a couple of times. Mr. Gaverick wasen't happy. Capt's Mast.
Dowling, RobertLtJgFeb 1, 1960 – Jul 1, 1961Supply
Harvey, WayneBT 3Nov 5, 1960 – Dec 4, 1963B
Neal, Wallace C (Bud Or Neal)I was BT1 (E6)Jan 1961 – Aug 1967B DivisionI went on to Retire from the Navy with@20Years, enjoyed my time on the Canisteo AO99, and the the USS Vulcan AR5 for my last year. I met many wonderful guys. Have any of you ever heard of a Fred Frederickson?
Cendrosky, Neil ( Ski )MM2Oct 25, 1961 – Apr 4, 1965EngineeringHad a great time for 31/2 years In the cuban missle crisis Gemini 3 recovery force Operation steelpike Unitas 3 cruise New York worlds fair Montreal Can Med once Sorry I didn't stay in the Navy Like to hear from shipmates I served with Aho
Serafini, CharlesSO21962 – 1964Sonar/FireControlTransferred from the USS Stormes to DD944 in 1962 as a Seaman Sonarman. Discharged in1964 as an E-5. Crossed the equator on the Unitas Cruise to So. American. Was on the Blockade of Cuba. Great experiences and memories.
Schrage, RickSN1963 – 19642nd and FoxAssigned to 2nd division, but went TAD to Fox when the Mux was underway. My first assignment - between boot camp and Fleet Sonar School in Key West
McDade, Thomas M.SNDec 26, 1963 – Jul 29, 1964SecondReported to the Mux after boot camp, made a Midshipman Cruise: Bermuda, Montreal & New York City where Mux was a review ship for the first Opsail Parade of Tall Ships. My next duty station was SK "A" School in Newport, RI.
McDade, ThomasSN (E-3)Dec 27, 1963 – Jul 29, 1964Second Division
Slack, LarryE3Feb 1964 – Feb 1966DeckforceLike to hear from anyone around then.
Allbright, JamesRDSNFeb 11, 1964 – Feb 10, 1966Operations
Monsanto, Valdemarbm3Apr 1964 – Sep 29, 19671stwas sea details helmsman made westpac cruise from 11 June 1966 to 19 December 1966 had alot of fun and hard work. we were there. Was coxin for whale boat and the gig. what a ship. we are all shell backs.
Barr, HR(Harry)MM2Jul 15, 1964 – Apr 13, 1967MMade 2 Med Cruises, sailed around the world with a tour in VietNam 1966, and many booz runs to the Carribian. Wouldn't take a million for the experience, and wouldn't give a dime to do it again. Definately a once in a lifetime experience.
Miller, Michael SFIREMAN APPRENTICE1966 – 1967m+b
Presta, JohnYN21966 – Dec 7, 1967OC DivisionI was a young 17 year old just out of boot camp when I was assigned to the USS Mullinnix DD944. Best experience in my life. Made me grow up quick. Thanks Mighty Mux.
Sprowls, JoeSNJan 1966 – May 1967OCThe experience of a lifetime
Hart, George 'Bud'FTG3Jan 1, 1966 – Jan 14, 1969Fox / Gun
Vannoy, JerryBT3Mar 1, 1966 – Mar 24, 1966BoilerI sailed around the world lots of lovely places got my first tattoo in Rota & spun around a few telephone poles. Does that mean I was a drunken sailor? Favorite place 2 drink was Subic Bay. I'd like to here from anyone.
Fawkes, RussellRM2Jun 1966 – Aug 1969CommunicationsTwo tours on the gunline in VietNam, an around the world cruise, a cruise around South America, Unitas VIII. Double shellback. During my stint on the Mux, we visited 39 different ports. An amazing experience.
Bortz, LesterRD2Dec 1, 1966 – Nov 1, 1970oi
Miller, MikeMM(E-3)1967 – 1967M+BI was aboard for only 10 months between MM A School and Nuc Power School.
Peck, BradleyMM21967 – Oct 1969M
Millstein, Kenneth profile iconSN QMOct 2, 1967 – Dec 7, 1968First Division - Quartermaster'sDuring Ref-Tra in Gitmo(Sept.68-Dec.68) I was one of the two men (the other was a signalman) responsible for heaving the ship's wheel over the side in port. It was both an embarrassing and funny moment for the two of us.
Finocchiaro, Charles ":finny"BT21968 – May 21, 1971B DivisionI remember when we left the gun line in 1969, that I said I will never see Vietnam again. Guess what? I have been teaching English in Vietnam for almost nine years. Visit Vietnam if you can. Very friendly people.
Silvestri, JohnBM 31968 – 1971deckGreat ship, served in Vietnam with a great crew many memory's
Hogue, JackGMG2Feb 1968 – Sep 1970GunMy gun mt53" Backporch Bommer "was the best on the ship,great crew.Lots of good times.69 vietnam,left Med cruise to muster out 70.Where`s keeter,stick,bockdoo and ducheck? Lots of SP. and good times at the Hong Kong Hilt
Carmen, ChipDD944Sep 6, 1968 – May 15, 1969rwe had our own jeep (cj5).brought it with us to the nam.a great captain and crew.chief ward and thompson could not be beat.great memories
Rice, ThomasBTFMSep 16, 1968 – Aug 31, 1970BI'm retired from the Pa Department of Welfare. I live in union co Pa. I got married in September 1972. I have three grown sons.
Hanyok, StephenSTG3Oct 28, 1968 – 1970AS
Farinella, MichaelSTG-2Dec 1968 – 1970SONARServed aboard the Mullinnix from December 1968 through middle of 1970. Made a WestPac cruise and half of a 6th Fleet Med cruise before being transferred to the USS Laffey. I have over 600 photos from those cruises.
Wilson, GaryMMApr 1, 1969 – Jun 30, 1971engine roomOK, I know the engine room isn't a division, but I have a memory loss of parts of that time period due to a motorcycle accident. I really must have information from back then. Please!
Lentini, PaulRD3Oct 1969 – Jan 20, 1972OI
Merrill, DavidOS31970 – 1972radarTrying to contact Frank Wood.
Nummerdor, BillGMG3Jan 1970 – Jul 1970
Kay, ChuckRD2Jan 3, 1970 – Oct 10, 1971OI1970 Med Cruise
Haight, SteveRM3Oct 1970 – Feb 1974OCI was the least ambitious Radioman onboard.
Wood, Frank Aka "Woody"FTG3Oct 1970 – Feb 1974Fox/Gun1. Pulled the trigger for 12 hours a day for 6 months during the 72 Vietnam tour. 2. Never made a Med cruise in 3 1/2 years on Mux in Norfolk. 3. My last cruise to Haiti in late 1973 - made it through all flavors of rum at the factory on the hill.
Grergory, GarrettEMFN EM-3Oct 1970 – Jun 1973E
Havens, PeterTMSNOct 1970 – Oct 1972ASIt was a real adventure!
Edwards, LarryMM3Oct 1970 – Mar 1971Engineering

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