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USS Forrest Sherman (DD 931) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Forrest Sherman (DD 931). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 139 crew members registered for the USS Forrest Sherman (DD 931).

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Van Bibber, CharlesFT11977 – 1979Fox DivisionI was the leading FT, in charge of the MK 68 and MK 56 Gun Fire Control Systems. I remember Geovannini "Geo" and Reeves the most. I remember all the guys and the gunners mates. We had a Killer division.
Morris, MercLTJan 1977 – Dec 1980CICOBest of the Great Gunships in comradiere and seamanship. A Boston shipyard and GTMO survivor. Great 1980 Middle East deployment with "Batman" and "Away the Snoopy Detail." Great "Wierdroom" and crew tails abound.
Bruegging, HenryBT2Mar 3, 1977 – Apr 10, 1981BMy first and most memorable command of them all. Enjoyed having good crew mates such as BT2 Brownlee, BTC Thompkins and many others.
Cox, DarrylLTMay 27, 1977 – May 5, 1981COMMO/1ST LT/ADMINIt was the people not the ship that I want to remember most.
Burns, RobertBT2Jun 1977 – Jul 1980B DivisionGreat ship and alot of good friends and alot of memories.. It was great seeing a few of the guys that got together at the ship reunion and the time that of few of us got together in Tennessee a few years back
Burns, RobertBT2Jun 15, 1977 – Jul 6, 1980BCaught the ship in the yards in Boston, We had a great crew, I just went to the Ship's Reunion in Charleston in 2016 and had a good time seeing old friends.
Romeiser, DougEM1Sep 1977 – Oct 1979ElectricalE-Shop Super. Had a great EM/IC gang. Good ships crew. Great tour visiting, Burmuda, Nova Scotia, Caribbean, Panama, the Med - Palma, Corsica, Venice, Rome , Naples, Spain. Ltjg. Sterling was a big JERK of a div. officer
Foster, FozEMFNSep 15, 1977 – Jul 14, 1978EJust found this site a few days ago. I was on the Forrest Sherman for about a year. I was an Electrician (e-2 I think) I remember EM3 Carpenter, EMC Dresher and more I just can't remember all their names. Did Gitmo twice
Armstrong, DannyBT1(RETIRED BTCM IN APR 2000)Nov 22, 1977 – Feb 28, 1980B I have some fond memories of my time on the Forrest Sherman. Then BT1 Thomas and BTC Ham and I had some pretty good times.
Cornwall, RussellSH31978 – 1981Deck/supply
Tanguay, David profile iconRM1/E-61978 – 1982OC1the best ship I served on and the best personnel to work with.I am looking for BIG O owens and Yn1 Ronald Mosher
Manchego, ThomasFTG21978 – 1981FoxHad a really good time with mostly good people on the ship. The FT's and Gunners Mates were fun people. Enjoyed my time onboard the Sherman.
Parker, BlaneRM11978 – 1981OC
Mueller, Pat MuellerRM2, NOW A COMMANDERJan 5, 1978 – Jun 15, 1982OCThe ship/shipmates and lessons I learned on that ship set me course. I think about those times everyday and am glad they finally have another coming into service.
Duncan, Allen (Big Al)RM3Jan 5, 1978 – Aug 31, 1981OPSThe radio shack gang was the best, Cheif Barrett, Dave Tanguay, Blane Parker, Mario Thomas, Melvin Tolbert, Pat Mueller, Ken Terry, Ron Taylor, Terry King, Bob Schneider, Bill Meyer... It wan an honor guys. Great Days!
Comley, MartyBT31979 – 1982BLooking forward to hearing from anyone I served with. Had some good times in some interesting places.
Sears, CalvinIC31979 – 1980E
Johannsen, LowellSK2Jan 1, 1979 – Sep 1, 1981Supplies
Cornwall, RussellSh3Feb 1979 – Oct 1981SupplyServed my first year and half in the deck division, then transferred to supply. I went to the USS Mobile in Long Beach CA in 1982 - 1987 and did a few westpacks. My best times were on the Sherman and the east coast.
Brownlee, DenverBT2 THEN NOW CWO3Mar 1979 – Apr 30, 1981No question, The best ship I have served on and I have served on seven. I do miss my crew mbrs, especially BTC/LCDR Doc Thompkins and CWO3 Bobby Hyman. I followed in your footstep. I would love to hear from anyone. I have the cover Patch on my desk!
West, MikeCDRJul 9, 1979 – Jan 5, 1981XOBest tour with most interesting deployments I had in the Navy was as XO of USS Forrest Sherman; even better than command tours later!!
Claunch, ChuckQM2Aug 1, 1979 – May 1, 1980quartermasterserved under Captain Booth. Persian Gulf assignment in April 1980.
Risher, JimmyGMG2Aug 8, 1979 – Oct 30, 1980wepswas the omc on mt 52 JURY with mudd, rosell, and others, was in gulf way back when all on board on that cruise remembers hours in the mounts, ship was my friend as well as all who sailed on her,became shelback on her
Raike, WilliamMM2Oct 1979 – Mar 1982MFirst command. By far the best command I served with. Lots of great leaders on board, MMC burgess, CWO Hyman Capt. Booth
Spellman, MikeBTFN1980 – 1983B
Etherton, NickHT31980 – 1982Damage ControlI was there at the end for decomisioning. I saw her once in Philly ship yards..very sad..hated it! She still looks good.
Frank, BillFN1980 – 1982B Aft Fire RoomBeing on this ship and with the final crew up to the point The sea tug took her away was a solemn moment. Made it to BT2 2 more ships and a stent of shore duty as a Brig staff corrections officer. 37 years still steaming
Warden, Jeff "fuzzy"MM3Feb 1980 – Aug 1982MI worked in aft engineroom and will always remember my first Med cruise.Would love to hear from any of my Hole Snipe buddies.
Easterling, JohnTM3Mar 1980 – Nov 1981WEAPONS DepartmentGreat ship.anyone know where Oscar MS1 at..
Fowler, Edmund  NEWET2Apr 1980 – Nov 1982OE
Price, ScottGMG2Apr 3, 1980 – Apr 3, 1980GunnerSpent time on this ship between 1980 and 1982 then went to the USS Haleakala in San Francisco for the Pacific.
Gathercole, MichaeletsnJun 1980 – Nov 1982Electronics/radarI was sent from boot camp to the ship when it was in Mombasa, Kenya. I stayed on through the ship yards in Mississippi and until it was decommissioned. It is one of my favorite memories--to be on that ship.
Woodall, RobertQM2Aug 1980 – Oct 1982Navigation The men I met on this ship will be in my mind for ever I am trying desperatly to find them. I am looking for Chris Cavanaugh and Mike Mocelinko and Pat Mueller and Jerry Herman.
Mitchell, Gregory (Mad MitchTM3 (CE1(SCW) RETIRED)Aug 15, 1980 – Nov 5, 1982AS DIVISIONServed on the Sherman from 1980 to 1982. A member of the decommissioning crew. Made a lateral conversion to Const. Electrician retired CE1 (SCW) in 2002. Currently Married, Minister, Bachelors degree, state worker.
Burns, BobbyE-4Sep 14, 1980 – Oct 23, 1981Mess HallI was the former ship's basketball coach aboard ship. Under Captain Booth's command
Degener, DegGMGSNNov 1, 1980 – Sep 1, 1982FOX
Zeinert, JimBMSNDec 28, 1980 – Nov 20, 1982Deck
Gutierrez, Sergio/docHM31981 – 1982
Edwards, LaneSN1981 – 1982!stThe stay was short, but the memories will last a life time!
Benoit, LeeMM31981 – 1981aft engine rm
Sprague, Adam WSN1981 – 1982Deck DivisionFirst ship in my Naval career. Knew as soon as I walked on board I was going to make the Navy a career.
Ewing, RogerBT2Mar 1981 – Oct 1982B Aft Fireroom
Diggs, Charles (Aka) DiggerE-3Apr 1981 – Dec 19822nd Division
Richardson, JackSNSep 20, 1981 – Nov 1, 1982DeckI served aboard the Sherman for over a year and had alot of good times. I really miss the guys from deck. Zeb, Jimmy, Smitty and of course Graves.
Stephens, TommySKSNDec 11, 1981 – Nov 5, 1982SupplyI was a brand new Sailor when I reported aboard my first command. I made my first deployment aboard this ship and during that cruise found out that it wuld be her last one. The day we departed her the last time will be in my mind forever.
Ancell, DavidEW31982 – 1982OEI served aboard the sherman am an interested in hearing from any of my school buds from Cory Station from 80/82
Like, Rogerossn1982 – 1982OIMy !st command untildecomission, then went to USS DEWY DDG45till 83 then rode my scoot to San Diego and finished my enlistment anboard the USS FIFE DD991 I now live on my 60acre ranch in KETTLE FALLS WA> rogerlike@ymail.
Gillette, RichardBTFR1982 – 1982B-DivI came aboard the beer barge in Bahrain,I was the Boot that several other BTs coming back from leave told me to get in my dress whites and announce as we got real close to the Ship,"LOOK WHAT I BROUGHT"and everyone cheer
Williams, David Chillie profile iconBT3Mar 1982 – 1983Aft FireroomThis was a real steaming plant. The manual operation plant was always a challenge and kept us on our toes. The last cruise this ole girl made was to the Persian Gulf, man was it hot!!! Decom crew was cool. Lots of fun.
Walden, Chester "doc"HM3May 15, 1982 – Oct 30, 1982MEDICALI was on her last Med Cruise, met the ship and crew in Bahran on her first stop to the Indian Ocean with the Kennedy Carrier group. We had some great times, I miss the good ole days.

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