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Nuclear Power School Crew List

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There are 85 crew members registered for the Nuclear Power School.

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Moore, J. P.HTCFeb 1980 – Mar 1983MTGRetired in Idaho Falls 1993. Work at the INL now.
Samano III, AlbertET1Jul 1980 – Jan 1984RC Division
Boone, TonyMM3Jul 1980 – Nov 19808006 Section 6MM3 class 8006 Section 6, S8G Prototype Ballston Spa USS Enterprise 1981-1985
Ewing, CarlMM2Apr 1981 – Mar 1984TrainingActually I was at Nuc Prototype in Idaho but it was not a command option. Staff Pickup instructor after a year of limited duty with knee injury. Senior Chief Blair, Chief Brons, Roger Morales some of the former training people.
Penner, Henry (Hank)MMCJun 1981 – Aug 1985S5GNPTU Idaho S5G Prototype Crew B Training Coordinator Staff Training Group Crew C LCC STG after initial de-fueling
Cramer, KurtMM3Dec 1981 – Aug 19828203I loved the weather in Orlando.
Conlan, JeffLI31982 – 1984AdminWorked in print shop at Nucpwrsch with LI1 Brault
Jenkins, TerryMM31982 – 19828202 -10Long time ago... If you remember me. drop a line...
Langdon, EricMM3Jan 1982 – Mar 1982student
Keene, MarkMM2/SS1983 – 1985Machinist
Horton, MikeET2Apr 22, 1983 – Nov 4, 1983Class 8305
McNeillie, JeffreyET3Jun 1, 1983 – Aug 1983NNPS Section 10
Gauper, Robert/rob profile iconEM3Jul 1983 – Dec 1983EWas Sorry to see the old school in Orlando get torn down.
Costanzo, ChristopherMM2Jul 1983 – 1988M2
McInerney, JamesET3Jul 11, 1983 – Dec 23, 1983Class 8306Nuke school was a long time ago, but still remember the experience well. Made some good friends many of whom I have lost touch with over the years. I still work for the Navy as a CIVPERs for NECC at JEB Little Creek.
Gauper, Robert/rob profile iconEM2Jan 1984 – Sep 1987TrainingNuclear Power Training Unit - Idaho - S5G Prototype Picked up as an instructor after training and worked through the entire reactor refueling.
Salisbury, JeffEMCMay 1984 – Jan 1988S5G Crew BTopside Training for S5G Crew B, Secondary Test Group during overhaul
Dowd, JohnET3Sep 1984 – Jul 1985Class 8502Nuke puppy
McNellis, MichaelETCS(SS)Nov 1984 – Nov 1987Section AdvisorHalf the tour as section advisor, half as CMR instructor
Gilman, ChuckEM1 (now EMCS)Feb 9, 1985 – Sep 29, 1985Math/Physics/Electrical
Bennett, WalterEMC(SS)1986 – 1990Electronics and Man Power OfficeGreat Softball/Volleyball Teams
Callahan, DanielET1(SS)May 26, 1986 – Feb 2, 1990NFAS
Croghan, MikeHTC(SW)Aug 1987 – May 1993Quality Assurance / Nondestructive Test LabNPTU, Ballston Spa, NY. NAVSEA 250-1500-1 Test Examiner. VT, PT, MT (wet & dry), RT (operator & inspector)
Garcia, Bill profile iconMM3Feb 15, 1989 – Dec 15, 1989'A' School Class 8921B, Power School Class 8906Nuclear Power School, feels like yesterday. I swear, the enlisted submarine guys were some real characters. To be a nuke, you can't be a normal person.
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Salyer, Danny / Sally profile iconHTC(SW)Apr 1989 – Aug 1993Quality AssuranceNuclear Power Training Unit, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Quality Assurance Supervisor for US Navy and Prime contractor (Westinghouse) Inspectors.
Grimes, KennethMM#Nov 1, 1990 – Aug 20, 1991D1g plant balston spa,nymyself and PO Bulluck were the only two black guys in the class. Had a really hard time adjusting, but by the grace of God i graduated
Wilson, DanEM2Apr 1991 – Dec 1993S5GNuclear Power Training Unit, INEL/NRF, Idaho Falls, Idaho, S5G prototype. Student 1991, Instructor 1992-1993.
Hall, JimMM3Sep 1991 – Mar 1992Class 9108
Finley, DavidMM2Jun 1992 – Jun 1995Vault CustodianI remember running "The Shredder" and playing stick-ball in the dark side vault with
Goodman, DougE61993 – 1996M DivSeawolf Acceptance at NPTU Ballston SPA
Likens, BrianET3Jun 1, 1993 – Jan 27, 19959403 ETGreetings
Blair, MelMMCS(SS)Apr 15, 1994 – Apr 15, 1997CMR
Tobin, JamieET31995 – 1996RC
Bradshaw, JohnET3Nov 1995 – Apr 1996StudentNuke school in Orlando, FL.
Salisbury, JeffO4Dec 1997 – May 2000Director of StudentsNuclear Field "A' School - Director of Mechanical Department, Director of Students, Director of Computerized Instruction Development. Moved the school from Orlando to Charleston
Amos, Famous/ Vicsk2/ssJun 1, 1998 – Feb 2, 2001069
Mayberry, Shandralynn profile iconFNMar 2001 – May 2001StudentFastest coming and going of recruits that I have ever seen! Took alot to stay here... I really missed it once I left :-(
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Green, James (Jim) profile iconEM1Jun 2004 – Apr 2007SI - ETEO/ETRO/MERO
Boline, BrettMM2Dec 18, 2007 – Sep 15, 2008RL
Metz, JonETCAug 2010 – May 2013E-RP / ADV-A

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