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Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton Crew List

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There are 31 crew members registered for the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton.

Davis, RichardHM3Jul 14, 1955 – Feb 19587th Marine Division
Mauney, Donald/ DonHM31970 – 1971Base DispenceryI served at the base dispensary near staging battalion area 13. I remember two fellow Corpsman Art And Daryl, but not their last names . I would like to hear from them and anyone else that may have served at that time.
Guidry, JimmyHM3Mar 19, 1970 – Oct 31, 1971Ward 30ASenior Corpsman Orthopedic Ward 30A. Anyone who served with me or was hospitalized drop me a line. Especially looking for A.F.A. "Ski", Lenny Ball (where are you?) , Chris Chick. And the one and only "Nurse Nancy Neth"
Saalfeld, Lee profile iconHM3May 1970 – Oct 23, 197013 Area DispensaryWas discharged from active duty here. Remained in the Reserves for 24 years; retired as a Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman. I now live in Ecuador, S. America pastoring a church and ministering in the Amazon Basin jungle.
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Ortiz, CharlesHM2Jun 1, 1970 – 1972naval hospital
Rouff, MikeHMCSJun 10, 1970 – Jun 30, 1972Several Wards, OB/GYNI left Naval Hospital Campen and went to Basic Lab School in Oakland. Then spent three years in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Then on to PMT School in Oakland, CA. More duty stations and retired in 1991...
Williams, CharlesHMAug 1971 – Nov 1971RECRUIT
Laplante, PeterHM31972 – 1973Surgical ICU and Chaplain's AssistantRemember Regineli? Barb Shupeltz? Freddy Jackson? Dan Babin? Rick Stoltz? Terry Butler? Jim Banks. Looking for any contemporaries from that period. Left USN; became RN/ educator; Canadian, international practice
Ditto, Lynn profile iconHM31973 – 1975Family Practice ClinicSenior Corpsman Family Practice Clinic. Also assisted Dr. Howard Jones.
Oropeza, RichardHNAug 3, 1973 – Dec 28, 1974Ortho/UrologyI worked on a combined ward Urology/Ortho shorlty after I left Hospital Corps School. I remember a young ensign who came on board and was very influencial Jill Joann Jenson or as she signed her nursing notes J3.
Adams, BillHM31974 – Jun 11, 1976Naval HospitalSenior Corpsman 4 North
Ford, LindseyHM3/HM21975 – 1977Patient AffairsVery fond memories of the cast of characters that were there then: Tony Jones, Papa Frassier, Chief Taylor and Chief Russell, Addy Valdez and a host of others that I can not remember the names of. Good times for sure.
Somers, BobE3Jun 1975 – Feb 1977EMSI worked on the emergency medical service/ ambulance crews.
Bardon, Wil HM2Sep 1977 – Jul 19791st Marine DivisionI was with 2/1 and 3/5 when I wasn't TAD to the hospital. Very interesting being a sailor on a Marine base at that time. I was only HM2 and HM1 at the time. I came straight out of Independent Duty School. Interesting
Parino, RaymondSgt.Oct 3, 1977 – 1981First Marine Division 1977-1981My uncle, Frank Parino, (now deceased ) served on this ship during this battle. Would just like to know anyone who knew him. Thank you.
Doyle, DavidLTJun 11, 1979 – Jun 9, 1982Outpatient Adminna
(Singletary) McCoy, Sharon profile iconHA, HNFeb 1983 – 198421 Area Branch Medical ClinicAnyone know where's HM1 Robert Elliot, Rick Timmerman, Vickie Snow, Ed Swanson, Scott Brewer, Amelia Jones, Mary Kermsey (New Yorker), CWO Pablo Sta Maria (Santa Maria), Mary Yuhas, "Rosie" Villareal? Drop me a line.
Peiffer, HerbHNAug 1983 – Feb 198421 Area Branch Medical Clinic
Bardon, Wil CWO2Jan 1984 – Jun 1986Medical2nd tour at MCBCP. Much more pleasant as a CWO2 than as E-5/E-6. I was usually at the FP clinic or at the 22 ABC near the airfield. Left for USS Midway in Yokosuka, Japan.
Carroll, WilliamHNAug 30, 1985 – Aug 1, 1986ICUMy first command after A school and FMSS
Bray (Green), LenaPN3Jun 7, 1988 – Aug 6, 1990Personnel Support DetachmentPSD handled paperwork for Navy personnel and their families. ID cards, transfer orders and payroll.
Van Deusen, Robert(Dutch)hm3Jun 13, 1988 – Sep 26, 1988surgical team seven
Jervay (Chappell), BethHM3Feb 1991 – Mar 1994Radiology
Mooney, MichaelE4Jun 1994 – May 1995NUCLEAR MEDICINE
Vanhardenberg, Roger profile iconHM1Jan 1998 – Feb 1998Field Medical School
Solis, Dulce profile icone5Jun 1, 1998 – Jan 26, 2001camp pendleton naval hospitalI am looking for Dustin Taylor. Blue eyed, blond and handsome male, We met during Hospital Corpsman School in Great Lakes in 1994 contact me at dulcemariasolis at hotmail dot com
Robertson, BobbySH1 (SW)Jun 15, 1998 – Mar 11, 2001OperationsLPO of 30 Military and 100 civilians. I enjoyed working with them. Made many friends while there...Great experience.
Vanhardenberg, Roger profile iconHM1Feb 1999 – Mar 2000Bio-Med
Fatur, CharlesSH2Sep 1999 – Oct 2002DEPMEDS/ OPMAN - NAVAMBCARECEN Port Hueneme, CA
Garza, SantosHM3Dec 2009 – 20104 North
Ackerman, Vincent (Ack)LCDRSep 19, 2013 – Jan 21, 2015Family MedicineFM Resident. Came to NHCP after a tour as a GMO in Okinawa with the Marines.

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