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Recruit Training Command Orlando Crew List

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There are 257 crew members registered for the Recruit Training Command Orlando.

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Usic, RudyMU31962 – 1965FlagUS Naval School of Music, Wash DC Sept. 1962 thru Sept. 1963 US Navy Unit Band 147 based in NAS Norfolk, VA Oct. 63 thru Sept.65 Sea Duty May, June , July 64 aboard USS Intrepid CVS11.Nov.64-July 65 USS Saratoga CVA60
Phillips, RobertEM-2Oct 1, 1968 – Dec 12, 1968Company 001First company at Orlando CO 001. I remember we had at least one recruit from each state in the US. Company Commander was an SF1 by the name of Threlkeld. Served on the USS Ingraham DD694 and the USS Trippe DE 1075
Atkinson, John (Gunner)srOct 18, 1968 – Jan 15, 1969CO 012one of first companies thru RTC Orlando. Command was just getting started. Managed to get on All State Flag team Lot of friends made. Lot of memories. Long time ago. Company commander was MM1 Macallister
Rosario, RonaldRecruit1969 –Company 129
Foster, MichaelCE-IIJan 7, 1969 – Mar 7, 1969047Where are all the other guys from 047 Jan-Mar1969?
Cannon, Dennis profile iconSNFeb 13, 1969 – May 13, 1969Recruit Company 69Remember wrote on my hand B-33-39-48 and calling it out has I left the bus at 3:30 a.m. Stood in the rain for what felt like hours scared out of my mind. But, made it thru Company 69 office candidate company. Great time!
Holt, LarrySK2Feb 19, 1969 –Company 68
Power, MichaelSeaman RecruitJun 10, 1969 – Aug 8, 1969Company 135 "Sanders' Stompers"F'n MEDs & their chicken-s**t rules caused us to circle the wagons & look after each other. Seemed those 10-wks were lasting forever & yet it was over with so soon. Remembering RPOC Webb taking the shoelace hit for Co.
Phillips, Gene profile iconSRJun 10, 1969 – Aug 8, 1969Co 136 Brumlow's Bums. We were MMC Brumlows last company before he retired with 30 years service
McDaniel, Howard ( Mac)abf1--abfcDec 1969 – Dec 1973co cdrhope i was able to train some outstanding sailors
Quarm, "Doc"..SNOct 1970 – Dec 1970RecruitI cannot recall my company number, nor the name of our instructor - a short rolly-polly BTC, one heck of a good man. Anyone know how to find out this information?
Wilkes, DaveSROct 27, 1970 – Jan 20, 1971Company 189I would like to hear from anyone that was in Company 189 with me.
Willess, WalterRecruitJul 1971 – Sep 1971Company 134Year is correct - months may not be. Boot camp 1971. A School (AE) in Jacksonville Fl - C School for S2E at NAS North Island CA - Assigned to VS29 on USS Ticonderoga May 17. 1972 WestPac, before completing C School
Casta, Jack profile iconE-3Jul 27, 1972 – Sep 15, 1972Company 203Looking for anyone from 203. SM1 Wilkerson was our CC.
Thompson, JimmySNSep 4, 1972 – Nov 15, 1972co 272
Porter, Clyde (Chip)FNOct 1972 – Dec 1972Boot Camp Company 338
Forgit, SeanARJan 1973 – Apr 1973Comp.027our company commander was a Chief named Steedley who enjoyed calling us all numb nuts and would tell us what sorry pieces of crap we all were and was glad he was retiring soon because his Navy was going to hell .
Davis-bunn, Mary profile iconSAJul 1973 – Sep 1973Recruit Training Command (in bootcamp)I like talking to people who made the same commitment and sharing the stories. It woud be great to meet someone from my 1973 company 3412 or sister companies 3410 & 3411. Ended as SM3 and served until JUL 1977.
Gardner, NigelSnSep 26, 1973 – Dec 1973Company 246 Rifle Drill TeamLooking to find anyone that was in boot camp with me
Payne, BrendaSN1Oct 11, 1973 – Dec 7, 1973Co. 40
Davis, OthaE1Nov 17, 1973 – Jan 31, 19741st Regiment, 2nd BattalionAnyone who was part of the "All Georgia Company, GEORGIA REBELS, Company 298, 1st Regiment, Second Battalion. Boot Camp in NTC Orlando, FL, From 11/17/73 thru 01/31/74. PLEASE CONTACT ATT: (OJ)
Coleman, Jimmy profile icon(RTC) SR/E-1Jan 16, 1974 – Mar 15, 1974025 Batt 5Drill Company, Company # may be wrong, CC was QMC Kopp, Batt 5. Vist Group Pages for RTC Orlando on Face Book, excellant place to locate shipmates !!
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Herman, RonaldHTFNJan 17, 1974 – Mar 25, 1974Company 025Looking for Boyd Baker and August Berger also anyone else from my company
McDonald, Joey profile iconSeamanApr 8, 1974 – Jun 19, 1974Company 112 - US State Flag TeamThe beginning of my Navy life
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Knight, Michael (Roper) profile iconE3Jun 10, 1974 – Aug 30, 1974All Arkansas Company 163Trying to locate members of All Arkansas Company 163 for a recognition ceremony at the Little Rock Capitol Senate Floor during the fiscal meeting in Feburary 2018. My email also Facebook.
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Walter, DaleE3Jul 1974 – Sep 1974Recruit
Hogstrom, RobertRecruitAug 19, 1974 – Oct 1974Company 237Had a guy commit suicide by taking a dive off the 3rd deck of the barracks on the way back from lunch in the first week or so, in retrospect realize he had problems but at the time wondered who might be next.
Gautreaux, MitchellE2Aug 28, 1974 – Nov 1974Boot CampI do not remember my company # but my cc was a sub driver CPO Clark. Any info or pictures will help from that class. I was also in the choir at that time.
Schumann, JohnSRSep 1974 – Nov 1974Company ???Retired as LCDR after 30 years
Bertolini, GregoryFNSep 19, 1974 – Nov 21, 1974Boot CampThe beginning of it all. It took me a while to realize how much I learned and how well the Navy experience helped me.
Trice, BillsnDec 1974 – Feb 1975Company 400Left Ark. 27th Dec., arrived Orlando 29th, spent New Year's waiting to be processed. "Mohan's Men" Co. 400. Great Lakes "A" School, then San Diego ATF-103 USS Hitchiti. Set my rudder straight!
Sanders (Robertson), Cheryl ("Farmer")AC21975 – Feb 1979Air OperationsRTC Orlando Co 3204, Feb-April 1975; Squad Leader Squad #5; VT-23 NAS Kingsville, TX April-Nov 1975; Air Traffic Controller "A" School NAS Memphis, TN Nov 1975-June 1976; Air Ops NAS Willow Grove, PA June 1976-Feb 1979
Doby, Robert profile iconSMSAMar 3, 1975 – Jun 4, 1975Visual CommunicationsCrazy times in Orlando, saw stuff did wild things got married and kicked out school for some serious fighting!! I remember Ron and Marlon my roommates!!
Griffin, JamesE1Mar 18, 1975 – May 23, 1975462I am looking for those I trained with, and hoping I can get a digital copy of the Rudder from one.
Cochran, MarkADJ3May 5, 1975 – Jul 3, 1975NavyLoved Orlando, it was always hot. Spent two days at Disneyland after graduation, had a great time. Would like to connect with some of my fellow recruits. PO1 Wyant was our CC. Company 490.
Thomas, Susan profile iconSeaman RecruitJun 21, 1975 – Aug 22, 1975Company 3246I have fond memories of #3246, June-Aug1975. Love 2 hear from shipmates & CC, PH2 M. Young-My 1st leader USN. I cannot say enough about my positive experiences at RTC and my career in the Greatest Navy in the World.
Cline, DennisE-1Jul 28, 1975 – Sep 27, 1975C035 MM1 HORTONBoot Camp was where it all started for me! My life was searching for a direction, and the Navy RTC gave me that direction. Thanks Navy! Stay in the Navy for 6 year active service and 19 years Navy Reserved.
Williams, TerrySeaman RecruitAug 26, 1975 – Nov 11, 1975Trainingit was a blur... Thanks Senior Chief Riddle... you did in 8 weeks what my parents couldn't do in 17 years... You taught us self discipline.
Shackford, Stephen BE1Sep 12, 1975 – Nov 20, 1975company 091company 091 Tuckers Fuckers. Thanks OS1 Tucker. He looked like a little version of Dale Earnhardt..Loved the Grinder,Black flag or not..Disney World for liberty ,Left Florida 100 degrees went toGreat Lakes 30 Degrees
Kilgore, Brett profile iconPN3Oct 1975 – May 28, 1979RTC Personnel Records Office/TPU StaffWas assigned to RTC Orl FL. Worked at NAC/ID, Recruit Records, then TPU. Was the best time of my life! Enjoyed every minute. Would love to hear from Jeff Rothrock, Stan Gokey, Chief Paul Gagnon or Chief Clet Horsely.
Farmer, DeanSROct 10, 1975 – Dec 1975# 120I was the 2nd squad leader. Chief Gross was our Company Commander. He was fair and treated us with respect.
Legg, DarrellSROct 14, 1975 – Dec 15, 1975Co. 119
Decamp, ChuckSeamanOct 19, 1975 – Jan 1976Bootcamp
Wynyard, Petere1Oct 22, 1975 – Jan 9, 1976Boot Camp Company 133First time in my life seeing palm trees...too bad it was for boot camp. 9 weeks and it was like being on the biggest loser. I could use a little boot camp like that today. They actually let us go home for Xmas and come back for 9th week
Barcomb, StevenE1Nov 3, 1975 – Jan 1976Company 145I was looking through the book from bootcamp recently and was wondering what happened to everyone and looking at the pictures of everyone it was like it was yesterday, although we all know it wasn't!
Schrader, LeonardSRNov 25, 1975 – Feb 11, 1976CO 175Henderson's Hell Raisers

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