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Recruit Training Command Great Lakes Crew List

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There are 307 crew members registered for the Recruit Training Command Great Lakes.

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Trotter, MichaelE1Apr 28, 1970 – Jul 19702nd reg, 25th batt, Co ?Can't remember the company. Our chief was an electricians mate.
Bernhard, BryonSeaman RecruitJul 1970 – Sep 1970Company 259 (The Squirrels)Boot Camp Company 259...not sure of exact dates...summer of 1970...Company Commander was Chief Smith
Cotterell, FrederickSeamanJul 1970 – Oct 1970Co. 295We were a tight knit company under SFC J. R Juhola. A one eyed WW2 Vet.
Dollison, David (Deacon) profile iconE1Nov 10, 1970 – Feb 3, 1971Company 391,2nd Regiment, 27th BattalionNeed to get in touch with anyone from bootcamp company 391. I can be reached at
Melton, DarrelSeaman Recruit E1Nov 16, 1970 – Feb 1971Company 398I would like to hear from anyone from my company. My Company Commander , which his first training class 1st class Petty Officer Martinell, he had a child while we were there.My email :
Gary, LawrenceSMSR1971 – 1972Recruit
Higgs, BruceSN1971 – 1971Company 418
Rose, EddieSRMar 22, 1971 – May 20, 1971341Looking for anyone who went thru Training during March 1971 thru May 1971 My division Number is probably wrong.
Smith, Bruce profile iconSRApr 1971 – Jul 1971NTC Company 122DC1 Mace
Lindsay, HarleySRMay 18, 1971 – Aug 1971Company 151MM1 J.C. Colbert was the Company Commander. Ken Knuth was the RCPO. Was the beginning of a 26 plus year career, retired as a PNCM(SW).
Matthews, NormanNTC Great Lakes boot camp from May 27, 1971 to Aug 6, 1971May 27, 1971 – Aug 6, 1971Recruit TrainingLooking for the Keel I am in or someone I went through boot camp with. I am willing to pay for a copy of the Keel.
Wallbank, JimSAJul 14, 1971 – Sep 8, 1971Boot CampCompany 220 Graduate
Peters, AlanFRAug 1971 – Dec 1971Drill Team = CO. 940BTC Cooper was my Company Commander - Was told I would always remember him, and I have.
Jackson, GregRecruitAug 24, 1971 – Nov 12, 1971Company 300We spent a lot of time in the cold, in the dark, marching on the Grinder with the dummy M1's, because we'd ticked-off our Company Commander. We also spent a lot of time folding clothes in the barrracks.
Minor, WilliamE-3Oct 1971 – 1972RTCBoot Camp!!!
Adams, JackBT-3Nov 15, 1971 – Nov 1975Boiler Tech.Came aboard the 843 in March of 72 as a Boiler Tech. I remember the hit at 1400 hrs or so,,,,,,July 17, 1972 , Tonkin Gulf time. Was on the decommission crew in Subic, after which was transferred to the Dale,,,,DLG 19.
Salinas, Richard profile iconSRJan 10, 1972 – Mar 16, 1972Company 021I was a 17 year old recruit. I had a good Company Commander, RD1 D, J, Mcinerney, USN. Traveled to recruit training with two Texas boys, James McEachern and now my mind fails me on the other. I am now 63 years.
Dvorchak, RickFAFeb 1972 – May 1972Company 075Interesting time for a hick kid from MA. BM1 Starcher (sp) CC, sister CC EN1 Hair. Both recently returned Vietnam Vets, Riverine forces. Had a different outlook on training and discipline as I found out in my career.
Salluom, JerrySRFeb 1972 – May 1972Boot CampHA! Who remembers anything about boot camp?
Harpster, GaryCE2Feb 21, 1972 – Mar 17, 1972Company 030Looking for John Carr
Trott, TomFnFeb 22, 1972 – May 1972Company 070 (CC BM1 Alexander McKay)McKay's Navy!!
Dunlap, MichaelAirmanApr 18, 1972 – Jun 1972Special Companies - Blue Jacket ChoirSo many young men from so many places. What an experience at such a young age.
Pierce, DavidE-2Jul 6, 1972 –999-C
Potts, Robert "Bob" profile iconSRAug 22, 1972 – Oct 12, 1972Company 348I remember washing our clothing by hand (bucket and a small scrub brush). Also hanging clothing in the center court with cloths ties and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Company Commander was an ET! (can't remember his name).
Hower, DaleETR2Nov 1972 – Dec 1973ASSISTANT COMPANY COMMANDERSWhat a great opportunity to help train and mold young navy recruits. Thirteen companies in one year. That's a lot of faces, a lot of skivie folding, 16 count manual of arms instruction, and marching around the base.
Ashby, AshseamanApr 23, 1973 – Aug 13, 1973COMPANY 151 12TH BATTALIONENJOYED BEING THERE IN 1973.HAD SOME VERY HOT DAYS RED FLAG WARNINGS WERE ISSUEDwell i would like to find my company commander.first class petty officer mays.and would also like to find petty officer remember .
Rogers, RussellsrJun 1973 – Aug 1973company 230We were Color Company. Our CO was EM1 Molineo
Jarratt, Wallace WallyE-1Jun 11, 1973 – Aug 8, 1973Company 73-192I am looking for ANYONE that was assigned to Company 73-192 at the Great Lakes Recruit Training Center in Great Lakes, IL.
Cochran, RobertE-1Jun 29, 1973 – Aug 1973recruitco.225 loved that nine weeks, until my Dad showed up for graduation in his Dress Whites, He was a CWO-3, MM; ) He had been in since 1938, and was still in active reserve status. Our C.C. Boatswain Mate first class rode me for the next wee
Davis-bunn, MarySAJul 1973 – Sep 1973Company 3412I was in Company 3412, sister companies were 3410 & 3411. We reported mid- July 1973. Awesome experience - I enjoyed boot camp at RTC Orlando and SM "A" School on the Training Command side in Orlando!
MacOmber, Walter (Mac) profile iconFRAug 16, 1973 – Jan 16, 1974Co..21?
Arnold, GeorgeSNNov 15, 1973 – Jan 31, 1974Great Lakes RTC Recruit Company 73-413Our CC was AE1 Harry B. Mann. He would like to contact Tom Coleman (1st Class PO) who pushed companies at Great Lakes back in the early to middle 1970s. Tom was either a aviation machinists mate or structural mechanic.
Blakeley, GuyMM11974 –M
Matott, RoderickE1Jun 1974 – Oct 1974company 151the best thig I ever did was join the Navy
Egner, BrianSRJun 27, 1974 – Sep 10, 1974Company 170Hall of shame company. Our sister company went on to win Hall of fame company which left us out cold. Great bunch of guys. Termin, Seager, Criscone and the rest. Company Comander was a tuff SOB but made us into sailors.
Doby, Robert profile iconE-1 /RPOCDec 15, 1974 – Feb 1975Recruit Operations / Company 419Oh Boy Boot Camp, God Bless Chief CB Knowles for seeing potential in a young hoodlum and making me a RPOC and taught me responsibility. We won all flags and got Admirals liberty!!! I would do it all again
Gallagher Sr, Mark SSN 1st Platoon LeaderApr 29, 1975 – Jul 3, 19751st Regiment 13th BattlionQM1 M. Bechtel, Company Commander "BECHTEL'S BULLDOGS"
Barry, Dave profile iconE-2May 27, 1975 – Aug 1975Company 922
Wellborn, JohnSRJun 26, 1975 – Aug 197517th Battalion, Company 163Company 163, "Watson's Eternal Flame" , we were called. Our company commander was Robert G. Watson, HT2. Through all the arduous training were left many good memories. Wherever you are, Robert, thanks.
Meidlinger, PaulSRJul 1975 – Sep 1975?QM1 Bechtel, Company Commander
Wilson, Dan profile iconE1Jul 31, 1975 – Oct 24, 1975Boot Camp
McGinnis, CharlieAQ2Oct 8, 1975 – Dec 12, 1975Company 315Company 315 "Egan's Elite".
Holbein, FrederickSROct 20, 1975 – Dec 19, 1975Co 329 Reinharts Road RunnersHello basic training!! Ya' aw come and git jor laundry

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