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Recruit Training Command Great Lakes Crew List

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There are 261 crew members registered for the Recruit Training Command Great Lakes.

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Bargen, MattQM2(SW)1997 – 2000Water Survival/ASFWater Survial was the funnest job in the Navy. 11 to 7 with a 2hr lunch in the middle. ASF and working for Great Lakes PD didn't suck either though. Wish there were more shipmates on this list.
Moates, WhitneyAOAA1997 –085Our 2 RDCS were Chief Clark and Chief Felts
Swick, JohnDC3Aug 1997 – Oct 1997449Looking for anyone from Div 449 aug-oct 1997. Our RDC's were Chief Frame and EN2 kime. I've only been able to find Kime and 1 other from our division. Email me! or find me on Facebook.
Culbertson, Jon profile iconIC1Oct 9, 1997 – Oct 19, 2000Recruit Division CommanderToughest assignment.
Tabbert, Doug profile iconE-61998 – 2002RDCLooking for Todd Skinner. drop me a line at
De Hoyos, AlfonsoE1-4 SeamanMar 2, 1998 – 2001189Looking for bootcamp buddies who I spent those crazy 2 months with in Great Lakes! Can you beleive were old now?! Also for anyone I met on the fleet in Norfolk, Va.
Chan, Weie6Jun 2, 1998 – Sep 22, 1998311
Downie, JeremyTM2Sep 1, 1998 – Jul 18, 2001Water SurvivalWater Survival Instructor at the pool. Every day was a fun day. So many practical jokes and so much fun dunking recruits. I have never laughed so hard at a job in the Navy. Would love to go back their again and work.
Parker, ScottAT3Dec 8, 1998 – Feb 15, 1999Boot CampLooking for all my old buddies.
Page, Jamesynsn1999 –div 088Just trying to find some boot camp buddies div 088 dec 1999
Moron, Bobbyfireman apprentice1999 –301
George, CecilE4May 25, 1999 – May 26, 2003246Looking for my fellow shipmates in Division 246 summer 1999
Buss, DerekE-3 / airmanJun 1999 – Aug 1999288Looking to find some of the guys that I first started my NAVY career out with and find out how your doing.. If you think you were my RDC I would like to talk and see how you are doing these days if you don't mind!
Henderson, AlysonE2Jun 1999 –334just checking this out to see if anyone's around
Lydick, PatrickE3Jun 18, 1999 –288Looking for old shipmates from rtc and my old training commanders from summer of 99. Also anyone from service week in the rdc galley. Was also at nas Pensacola and Newport news on the nimitz.
Thomas, JennieE-3Nov 29, 1999 – Feb 23, 2000073I am looking for James, who was in my sister division, 074, until he was asmo'd to division 081, I believe. Please, if anyone has any info about him, find me on Facebook. We have a beautiful daughter he never met........
Turner, WilliamE-3Mar 9, 2000 – Jun 2000206
Wilsonleon, Luis profile iconUT2 (SCW)Apr 24, 2000 – Jun 30, 2000242I'm trying to reach my brothers from Division 242. We were in boot camp from April 25, 2000 to June 30, 2000. Great Lakes.
Erickson, PatrickGM1(SW)May 2000 – Apr 2003Live Fire RangePlank Owner of the USS WISCONSIN Live Fire Gun Range.
Owens, Jason (Big O)SRJun 2000 – Sep 2000319had a lot of fun...bootcamp was awesome
Murray, HowardE1Jun 20, 2000 – Aug 8, 2000342Almost didn't pass boot camp
Mahaley, CurtisSAJun 27, 2000 – Aug 29, 2000634CHIEF NEWMAN!!!!!!!!!!
Peacher, SpencerCTO3(SW)Aug 8, 2000 – Oct 6, 2000440HURRICANE SANCHEZ!!!
Rosado, ErnieSeaman RecruitAug 8, 2000 – Oct 2000946Hi Everyone, Anyone that was in Division 946 in 2000 please give me a shout out! I would love to get in touch with some of you men and women and see where you ended up in life. A small reunion could be nice too.
Murrell, Mick profile iconDC1(sw)Dec 10, 2000 – Nov 30, 2004Fire Fighting Training (19F5)
Waugh (Maiden Name: Reat), ValerieE3Dec 12, 2000 – Feb 2001084I was the Laundry PO for my division (yuck. Lol). I would love to reconnect with anyone from my division or my RDCs (Chief Bradley, Chief Diaz, PO Atkins) if they're out there.
Jordan, IrmaE42001 –129Hello, this is Jordan and I'm looking for my old shipmates in order to get back in touch with them. I now live in San Diego, and love it. Anyone who has a Facebook, please add me!
Young, TimSK1Jan 2001 – Nov 2004Supply
MacLeod, DanielFc3Jan 1, 2001 – Oct 10, 2003CoServed their as Fc3, transfered to Special Forces command with MA source rate in 2003, Medical discharge Feb 2007
Conant, MoniqueE2/CorpsmanApr 15, 2001 – Jun 30, 2001930Looking for old boot buddies. I went off to Corps School but I was an E2 at the time.
Wilson, JustinE/2Jun 26, 2001 – Sep 2001368
Civil, FrancoisYN3Nov 29, 2001 – Sep 18, 2004Admin
Leblanc, BrandonIC3Jan 3, 2002 – Mar 13, 2002boot camp
Parten, LaramieairmanMay 2002 – Jul 2002245
Ashcraft, RyanE6/ETMay 1, 2002 – Jul 5, 2002241Trying to see who is still active duty from our division.
Price, Jessica profile iconE1/RecruitJul 1, 2002 – Sep 22, 2002333Where I learned to grow up.. :)
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Gowens, ChadHMAug 20, 2002 – Oct 2002425Looking for bootcamp buddies Aug 2002 - Oct 2002 division 425 Great Lakes. facebook my name if you find this :)
Allen, ElizabethIT2Oct 2002 – Sep 2003C4IHi.
Johnson, AndreaSeamenOct 2002 – Dec 2002Divison 014Looking dor shipmates from Oct 2002- Dec 2002 from division 014.
Klein, Mark profile iconMASNJun 2, 2003 – Aug 2003Boot Camp
Phelps (Salone), ClariceMM2Nov 26, 2003 – Feb 6, 2004084I was the military excellence award winner for div 084 in 2004. I was looking to get back in contact with my RDC's (rates at the time) HMC Burmeister, Senior Chief Tiong, and CS1 Westbrook
Dowdle, Charles profile iconENFRMar 2004 – Jun 2004bootcamp
Tuttle, Tonya profile iconSeaman RecruitAug 4, 2004 – Dec 18, 2004945Where are my 945 shipmates?! :D
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Jackson, StevenYN2/ E-5Nov 11, 2005 – Jan 20, 2006047/ 058I am looking for my old recruit division commanders as well as any classmates that I went to bootcamp with. I will add that I was assigned to two different divisions during my time in RTC Great Lakes.
Dawson, Jeramy profile iconE3Dec 17, 2007 – Feb 17, 2009086Petty officer theis
Cotillier, JermaineCS1 E62008 – 2011RDC
Rubio, FrankE-7Apr 2008 – Aug 2011RDC
Hurley, Dustine1May 2008 – Jul 2008301Lookin for old bootcamp buddies.
Daniels, JaleelE3Jun 11, 2014 – Aug 1, 2014238
Culpepper, JamesATCAug 10, 2014 –xxxGoing to push some boots. Out of heat into the cold.

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