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USS John Marshall (SSBN 611) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John Marshall (SSBN 611). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 111 crew members registered for the USS John Marshall (SSBN 611).

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Warner, Charles F.ET 2 SS1961 – 1964Navigation ElectronicsServed aboard prior to commissioning and for the first Gold crew patrol. That made me a plank owner and present for the Cuban missile crisis. Proud to have served.
Jones, Wallace DennyE71961 – 1966i dont remember
Wright, Tom profile iconIC1(SS)1961 – 1963Eng. (Electrical)Plank Owner
Haley, JoeEM31961 – 1963EngineeringPlank owner Sorry the Boat is gone.
Goodell, Edward / EdET1(SS)1961 – 1964RCPlankowner and made the first two patrols out of Holy Loch, Scotland. She was my qual boat!
Raymond, JoeEN2(SS)Feb 15, 1961 – May 10, 1963APlank Owner, Blue Crew
Boyd, Robert E.RM1(SS)/RMC(SS)/RMCS(SS) RetiredMay 18, 1961 – Nov 1, 1964RadiomanGreat memories of the shipyard days, liberty in Newport News, New London and Holy Loch. Great Shipmates (both crews).
Griswold, Loren (Gris)MM1Aug 28, 1961 – Jun 1965EngineeringPlank owner,at commissioning, fired Gold crews first missile,made five Med cruises, aboard during "Thresher" period and lost good friend & neighbor Penny Pennington, CPO Electrician. I served under Capt Donovan.
Lattin, RoyMM3Aug 15, 1962 – Nov 30, 1964A
Weaver, NeilSN-QM31963 – May 1965NavigationTwo year active duty reservist. Made 4 patrols. Served under Capt. Donavan. I felt very lucky to have served with this crew and this Sub.
Fibranz, BruceRM3/RM1Jun 12, 1963 – Feb 28, 1969Radiomanmade total of 7 patrols, all gold
Honsberger, CharlesETR 2(SS)Jul 5, 1963 – Sep 20, 1965NavigationMade 5 patrols
Williscroft, RobertSTS-2(SS)Dec 9, 1963 – 1965SonarMy first ship assignment. Got picked for NESEP. Left for Sonar B School in Key West. From there to U of Wash, and then to USS Von Steuben (SSBN 632)
Heers, TerryNUC MM-1 (SS)Jan 1964 – Jan 1969MSome of the best times of my life because of my shipmates. Very active in USSVI western Colorado.
Browning, DonYN2(SS)Apr 20, 1964 – Jun 20, 1966Ship's officeI enjoyed my brief time aboard and the crew. I had planned on re-enlisting to take her through her first yard overhaul but the Navy offered early outs to attend College - Thanks to th Navy I earned a BS and MBA.
Raymond, RadioRM1Jun 1, 1964 –Twoenty years retired...My most injoyable job was delivering family grams. I was assigned to her twice. Plankowner and back again.
Saxton, DavidETN2(SS)1965 – 1969Navigation7 Patrols
Rienzi, MikeETR2(SS)1965 – 1966NavigationTransferred in from Daniel Webster SSBN 626. Made 2patrols out of Holy Loch. Was supposed to get discharged after 2nd patrol but got extended due to Vietnam. Would like to find out about my QM buddy Kline.
James, DonET1(SS)(DV)Feb 16, 1965 – Dec 19, 1966EngineeringReactor Operator, Lead Ship's Diver, & Log Room Yeoman (Only Captain Rao and myself had private spaces on the boat). Of course, during field day, I had to clean my office,,,,,<grin>. 4 patrols out of Holy Loch, 3 Med, 1 North.
Chace, Charlie (Smily Chace)MM2(SS)Oct 1965 – Sep 1966MThe Marshall was my qual boat. I went on to serve on 4 other boomers. I continued my career in nuclear power, first at a power plant and then at an engineering firm.
Marvin, MarkTM2(SS)1967 – 1968WeaponsLooking for crew members that were on board during overhaul Newport News 67-68 and made shake down cruise. Gold crew
Andreas, MichaelMM2 SS1967 – 1972Engineering
Hammond, KentMM 2 SSJul 1967 – Mar 1969"Nuke"A great experience.
Wolfe, GarySK2Jul 1967 – Feb 1969Supply SK
Andreas, MichaelMM21968 – 1972NukeThe education I received was excellent.
Travis, JimSTS3Oct 2, 1968 – Feb 1, 1971sonarmade 5 patrols out of Holy Loch, Scottland
Kraus, GeorgeYN1(SS)Jul 1969 – Mar 1972YeomanJust researching Gold crew 69 - 72. I'm currently residing in Turner, Oregon and considering going to John Marshall reunion next year in San Antonio, Texas.
Joseph, TrappYN2SSOct 1969 – Dec 1972Ships OfficeWhat a trip started out in Holy Lock then Rota Spain medevac ked for appendectomy, crossed artic circle, launched 7 missals off Florida, learned about moon worms and had 3 enjoyable years
Parker, JimMT2 {SS}1970 – 1973WeaponsBlue crew 7 Patrols. Angles and dangles were crazy. Firing 7 Missiles off the Coast of Florida was amazing.
Adler, RobertMT3(SS)Feb 1970 – Mar 1974WeaponsQual Boat/8 Patrols
Brinley, Jr., Harold A.ET1(SS)Mar 1970 – Aug 1971Reactor Control (RC)3 patrols - 1st-The Holy Loch, 2nd left from Holy Loch, returned to Rota, 3rd- Rota.
Reese, Anthony (Tony)ETR-2 (SS)Mar 1970 – Jul 1972Reactor ControlDatlo said on my first patrol upkeep "You should never have become a nuke." He was right, but I'll not begrudge my 31 years at ConEd/Entergy's Indian Point, Unit 2 Operations (now retired). Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Se la v
Mason, MichaelSTS2Mar 15, 1970 – Jan 22, 1974Made (7) patrols during my time on board.
Henderson, DaleFTB2(SS)Apr 1970 – May 1973WeaponsYup, we got the 1st MUC!
Bailey, Charles profile iconMM1(SS)Jun 1970 – Mar 1974M
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Ungerer, Bruce C "Potable Water King"MM3(SS)1971 – 1974A Gang
Krause, JustinMM2SSJan 4, 1971 – Nov 22, 1973Nuc
McAuliffe, KevinTM3SSMar 1, 1971 – Sep 15, 1974WeaponsNot quit sure of exact dates onboard but remember alot of great times in Rota & New London
Mason, MichaelSTS-3Mar 16, 1971 – Feb 22, 1974SonarCurrently a Police Officer in Washington D.C.
Matson, StevenETN2 (SS)Aug 9, 1971 – Mar 24, 1974Reactor Control6 Patrols
Gordon, DanielE3Nov 1971 – Sep 1973Seaman gang/ A gang

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