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USS Thomas A. Edison (SSBN 610) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Thomas A. Edison (SSBN 610). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 174 crew members registered for the USS Thomas A. Edison (SSBN 610).

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Sigmund, William J.ETCS(SS)1968 – 1971NavigationHope shipmates that remember me will get in touch.
Anson, Roger W AnsonMM31968 – 1972Served out of Rota Spain and New London Conn. Would like to hear from old members of crew.315-487-3123
Lucas, Roger1968 – Jan 1970
Anson, Roger W AnsonMM 31968 – 1972Out of Rota Spain and New Londen Conn Would like to hear from old crew members. 315-487-3123 or
Pendergast, TimMM2/ELT1968 – 1969ELTEnough that I knew David Husbands
Mattoon, BillSK2Jul 1968 – Apr 1970SupplyA long lost Sub sailor that is now land locked in Vermont.
Rev. Ronald E., Davis, Jr.YN2(SS)Sep 13, 1968 – Oct 19, 1969Admin.The boat I qualified on. I made two patrols out of Rota. It was a great crew and a good time. A true band of brothers. After the Edison I was transferred to UN and Staff of Vice Admiral Arnold F. Schade (COMEASTSEAFRON)
Coughlin, AlET-2(SS)1969 – 1973NavigationCame aboard Gold crew, after five runs transfered to Blus for two more. Went on to ET"B" School and eventually to retire in Florida.
Greenia, DennisMT21969 – 1972
Gordon, Steve / FlashCS31969 – Mar 14, 1972SupplyOnce I was watching a movie and forgot about the bread I was baking and when the Captain came down to ask what I was doing, They smelled it in Control. I told him, "Burning the bread." Not the right answer.
Britton, ScottMM21969 – 1972EngineeringThe culinary aboard this sub was outstanding. Thanks Guys.
Jones, GaryETN2(SS)Jan 1969 – 1973NavNine patrols then out after seven years, but continued working in FBM Program as a civilian for thirteen more years. Edison years were great!
Vandewalle, Larry (A. K. A.ETR3/2/3Jan 7, 1969 – Dec 1971Operations/NavigationIn Nav Gang. Served with E. J. Maly, Jerry Osbourn, Chris Suprenant (who screwed me over-BIG TIME!!!), Paul Bauer, Bruce Gilbert, Ed Muntz, Pete Keilty, Larry Stubbs, Bruce Farley and many others . GREAT guys, mostly!!!
Klein, Jr, Ernest (Ernie)ET1May 7, 1969 – May 7, 1975Nav divisionMade 8 patrols and yard overhall. Now living in Kuna, Idaho
Zapolski, MikeET1(SS)Aug 1969 – Jan 1972RC Division5 Patrols - great crew - not a fan of ORSE. Chief Wright was one of the finest people to work for... Would like to know how Larry Nelson & LTJG Giffin made out.
Garrett, Kenneth F.MMCM(SS)Aug 4, 1969 – Sep 6, 1972
Baird, MalcolmFTB2(SS)Nov 1969 – Oct 1972Fire ControlEdison was my qual boat. Made six Polaris Patrols out of Rota, Spain on the Blue Crew. Home port was Groton, CT. Enjoyed traveling around Europe on a Rail Pass on R&R after patrol. Missile Control Center Supervisor.
Mueller, ChuckMM1(SS)1970 – 1974A
Lerner, TomMT21970 – 1972WeaponsSome of the best memories of my life. Anyone else have sub dreams for decades after? I enjoyed old and new friends at the Pigeon Forge reunion. Completed my enlistment in Guam on the Proteus AS-19.
Finley, JimFN (SS)1970 – Jan 14, 1972DeckMy time aboard the Edison was one of the best experiences of my life. I made a lot of friends on the ship and still communicate with one of them on a regular basis. One thing this 19 year old learned was TEAM WORK!
Kallen, Eric (Krazy K)SK 3(SS)1970 – 1973Supply7 Patrols. First was very bad. Lots of Navies looking for a sub. Running fast and deep. TDU jammed and stored our trash. The next 6 were pretty easy. Number 7 came home across the Atlantic to Groton. Miss the crew.
Kitchen, JamesTMSN1970 –WeaponsGold then blue.GREAT FOOD Roving patrol missile compartment. Launch control panel when"needed"Trash ejector broke,stored canisters in missile compartment-horrible.Bunked in missile compartment. Private head/shower,nice.
Burke, JoeSTS1(SS)Feb 1970 – May 1975SonarCame aboard after serving in Patrick Henry SSBN599. Deployed from Rota, Spain. Advanced from sonar striker to STS1, mostly under the command of Capt. W.P. "Skip" Chase. Completed Mare Is. overhaul + homeport change to Pearl. Retired 7/92 STSCS
Effinger, JimMM1Mar 1970 – Sep 1972"M" DivisionBlue crew on five patrols out of Rota
Schoenknecht, RobertMM1Oct 1970 – Apr 1972Served on the Blue crew for three patrols. I got my dolphins on my second patrol and was lead ELT on my second and third patrols. Bunked in the missle compartment next ot my lab.
Hales, JohnMT21971 – 1975WeaponsOnboard late 71, 3 patrols then yard at Mare Island, transfered to NSTPAC until seperated in Feb 1976
Congden, DanMM3(SS)1971 – 1974"A" Gang
Martin, PatrickQM2(SS)Sep 15, 1971 – 1972Operations
Casterline, LeroyIC1(SS)1972 – 1976
Mattson, ClydeMM3 - MMC(SS) (SELECTEE)Jan 1972 – Jul 1977M'72-Gold Crew:patrols Rota/ Panama Canal trans(swim call in Pacific)/ Ovhl MINSY(grueling hrs/wkld-I was a slave driver/asshole)/ Transit to Pearl Harbor, patrols Guam & initiated CPO,Pearl '77/ Transfered '77: CSR16 SMMS Rota /Ret.
Ogas, RudyMM1(SS)Jan 1, 1972 – Jan 10, 1977A Gang Onboard New London 72 Gold, patrols out of Rota, took boat thru Panama Canal to yards Mare Island(Horse and Cow, Bea's), back thru Panama Canal to Cape, Boat Broke in Charleston, Panama Canal to Pearl and Guam, left 77 s
King, BobLt(JG)May 15, 1972 – Dec 17, 1974RCBlue Crew Reactor Controls Div. Off. for 2 patrols from Rota, Spain, Panama Canal trans and Mare I. overhaul. (Temp. 1st Lt. for refit Rota June 1972--refit of famous dry-dock fire, but so new that was not much help.)
Baker, Stevemm3 to MM1Jun 28, 1972 – Mar 15, 1977M2 Rota runs, Mare Island overhaul, Crappy 90 day rebuild of TGs in Charleston, Hawaii & Guam for 2 more runs. MTG in Ballston Spa. Made Chief. Got out in 1980 (10 years was enough) Working at Millstone Station in CT.
Paul, TerryTM2Aug 1972 – Jun 1975LauncherSome good times. Gold crew until Mare Island overhaul. Blue crew afterwards. Got a disqual in 75 and went to surface navy. Retired in 1992 as TMC(SW).
Wilson, WillieETN-3Mar 1973 – Mar 1974nav
Burgert, DuaneYN1(SS)Aug 1973 – Aug 1976Administrative
Vandoren, DavidET5Sep 1973 – Mar 1976RODid the yard thing in '73, sound trials and over to Oahu. Patrol out of Guam and then out. May remember me as the "malcontent" during last patrol. Orse board, 3 of my last 5 days in Navy.
Snavely, PaulEM1(SS)Sep 2, 1973 – Jun 28, 1978ElectricianYou may remember me as one of the Wonder Watts. Currently working at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant on the beautiful central coast of California.
Sims, BrentMM2/SS1974 – 1979A GangGold crew. Made 5 patrols out of Gaum.
Asher, Alan Aks (Shithuuse Mouse)mms/ss1974 – 1977a- divto drunk to remember to much qualified ss in just over 60 days just hated those angles and dangles in the trench.continued on to the uss casimir puliski where I was discharged
Herzog, Stephen (Zog)ETN-51974 – 1979Navigation ETFrom 74 to 79 with some great guys,Keck, Porter, Gibson, Nance, Stojan, House, Thompson, Beard, Torkelson,Scott and a few good officers, Commander Sullivan was great. Look me up at TOPique Construction in Alvin, Texas
Duclayan, JohnEMCS(ss)1974 – 1979ElectricalWent on in Pearl - had to fly back to Florida to pick up the boat - in Charleston, S.C. for 7 months to replace #1 TG - Missile load out in Bremerton - finally back to Pearl. Retired after 20 years.
Kerby, KennethQM1Mar 1974 – Jul 1977QM
Latta, John (Jc)ETR2 (SS)Apr 1974 – Oct 1978Reactor ControlsJoined ship's crew at Mare Island during refueling overhaul. 7 patrols later, separated at Pearl Harbor.
Lake, BillMMApr 22, 1974 – Mar 24, 1978A gang
Calvert, Dennismm3ssJun 1974 – Jan 1977A gangWhat a ride, had great experince, with best people ever. Found her in ship yard 74 , went through panama canal on the way to Wa..then to P/H Recived dolfins as 610 entered pearl harbor for the first time.
Rosas, JoeSSNAug 5, 1974 – Dec 31, 1975
Miller, Chris "the Kid"MM2SSSep 1974 – Feb 1978MNuke School Mare Island class 7301. Prototype School at S1W.Joined boat while at Mare Island for overhaul. Made 4 patrols and left Navy. Work at Geysers Geothermal Power Plant, California.
House, JohnFTB2(SS)Sep 1974 – Sep 1978WeaponsMare Island ship yard, Panama canal and 6 detergent patrols. Plus a below the equator excursion that allowed me to launch a missile and become a shell neck 30 days downwind of a smelly paper mill in Charleston SC.
Jorgensen, Mason Aka Jake profile iconE3 TM/BMLTOct 1974 – Jan 1975WeaponsVery disappointed that there were no windows like on the Seaview.
McKeever, JohnMT1Oct 25, 1974 – Nov 23, 1977MTCaught end of Mare Island. Daso & 4 Patrols. Last patrol stopped in South Korea. Retired in 1990 as FTCS. I work with Pat Allensworth & Larry Lehman (both former Goldies).

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1967 | 1968 – 1974 | 1975 – 1977 | 1978 – now

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