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USS Sam Houston (SSBN 609) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sam Houston (SSBN 609). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 228 crew members registered for the USS Sam Houston (SSBN 609).

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Kinert, AmosMM1`1975 – May 1977EngineeringRemember the Agana 5. It's funny now but not then! Great captain, good crew. Went through shipyard in Charleston, shot missle in Florida, flew to Hawaii, 3 patrols in Guam. Fathered the first blue crew baby post shipyard.( She is 31 now!
Posson, William (Bill)RM11975 – 1978OPS/RadioMy one and only Submarine in my career. Left Navy in 1980. Retired from Reserves 1989.
Gregory, RichardMM1 (SS)1975 – Oct 1978MReported onboard just before the Sam left Charleston Shipyard. Made 6 patrols out of Guam.
Koyro, Gregorysm1975 –radioman
Wallace, JamesMS3Feb 25, 1975 – Aug 26, 1977Supplydont spam me or i will unleash a virus on u, that is unstopable by XP SP2, Spyware Doctor, Norton, and any other anti-virus program
Sauer, WilliamMT2Apr 1975 – Aug 7, 1977Missle
Miller, RobertETCS(SS)Apr 8, 1975 – Sep 1, 1978RC LPOMade 6 patrols. Qual EWS, EDPO, RO. Retired off Sam Houston on Sept 1, 1978. Many great memories of my time aboard. I'm now Base Commander of USS Scamp Base of US Submarine Veterans Inc in Escondido, CA.
Dugger, Donald R. (Doc)MMI(SS)Apr 15, 1975 – Mar 15, 1978EngineeringEngineering Lab Tech.- I enjoyed the boat and crew. I particularly enjoyed ORSE boards.The Navy paid for grad school after discharge.
Nance, John profile iconic3May 1, 1975 – Nov 1, 1978icman
Stearns, DennisETR1 (SS)Jul 1975 – Nov 1977Engineering
Peavey, EdRM2(SS)Sep 15, 1975 – Sep 30, 1979RadioOther than getting my nose smashed against the lower torp loading hatch when i had appendicitis (LOL) serving on Sammy was a good start to a long and varied career. Where's Jerry Hutchinson and Rick Owenby? OOOGAH!
Gray, JaceSTS PO3Oct 1975 – Apr 1976SONARAttached to Blue crew when Boat arrived @ Pearl (37) sailed to Guam, then on patrol for 55 days (38). Was a great time. Great friends. Had found my home, then failed a medical. Stripped from the Boat.
Fibranz, BruceRMCS(SS)Nov 29, 1975 – Jun 10, 1978RadiomanRetired from the Navy Aboard this Submarine
McIntyre, Jerrynon rate seamanDec 1975 – Jun 1976Deck ape mess crankQuite an experiance for a youg kid, didn't make my second patrol because someone decided to smuggle their drug parafinalia in my sea bag! Still, a great experiance I'm proud of and had a great time in Pearl.
Boldrey, PaulMT31976 – 1978Weapons
O'Neill, JohnET2 (SS)1976 – 1978NavET
Goodall, John T.SK3Feb 1976 – 1979SupplyI'm looking for information on D.M.Clark MM2 or Dean Korf MM3 or Steve Harrington YO. Or any other person who might remember me on the Sam Houston.
Launius, BobHM2(SS)Mar 17, 1976 – Jul 20, 1977medical and deckWhat a blast!!!! as a 18 year old it was a big G.I. Joe toy great crew, great Captain- Cmdr Rich Off time in Hawaii was worth it
Mieczynski, PhilMT2(SS)Apr 1976 – Sep 1980MissileMade 8 patrols out of Apra Harbor, Guam. Home ported Pearl Harbor, HI. Qualified LOS, Sonar, COW. Chin Hae, Korea mid patrol port visit, missile launch, spec ops, medivac, lots of memories!
Thomas, RossSTSCSSSApr 1976 – Apr 1979Sonar, COBThis is my second tour on the Houston. High points were I made COB and Senior Chief. We made the first port call for a boomer in the Pacific. Worst time was during the drug bust that affected so many. Thanks to a great Captain we made it.
Gundelach, BillIC-2(ss)Sep 9, 1976 – Sep 9, 1979ICNever got busted on this boat, but the XO sure tried. hahahaha
Follis, Michael {rock }E-3 firemanOct 22, 1976 – 1978deck hand topside wacththis was a great growing up experance for me first time from home . great people ,great times ,made two pacs out of guam ,lost a great friend there in guam left do to drug bust .great time in chin-hay
Dombross, WilliamMT2(SS)Nov 1976 – Sep 1980Missile7 patrols, stood LOS watches and was Ship's Photographer. Rode with Phil, Gary and Baby Doc, Hi, Guys!
Ritter, John (Critter)FTG 2Nov 1976 – Nov 1978WeaponsGREAT time of my life! Enjoyed the port visit to Korea; experienced the devastating drug bust at the end of Capt. Rich's last patrol.
Badia, SteveFN3Nov 11, 1976 – Jun 11, 1978Torpedo RoomFond Memories of friends I made, the why me award I won on halfway night for away all boats, the Korean port call. It's an experience I will treasure forever
Spencer, JosephE5Dec 1976 – Dec 1977Quartermaster Navigationgood ship, good crew. Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 2005. Looking for same.
Castle, KurtIC11977 – 1979ICjust thought I would touch base, good times on board dragg racing on off crew, Ilive in Wisconsin now
Cronin, John profile iconRM2(SS)Feb 1, 1977 – Apr 29, 1979COMM I had a great time serving with my brother and RMCS Fibrance. Who served on the Comm. Crew of the the 611 (SSBN) in 1961 with my father who was his Chief .
Berger, Robertic3Sep 1977 – Sep 1980ic division
Liesener, TerryRM2 (SS)Nov 1977 – Sep 1982Radio
Goff, DannyYEOMANDec 1977 – Aug 1980
Manzer, MarkSTS3(SS)1978 – 1982Made 3 SSBN patrols, and stayed with the boat upon conversion to SSN, and into Bremerton shipyard. Hello to all my former shipmates!
Friedman, Curtis Baby Doc profile iconSN(SS)1978 – 1980MedicalWas a HM striker was on board when civi lost his arm to a accident with one of the scopes whiles in dry dock
Cronin, ChetRM1(SS)Feb 1, 1978 – Apr 1, 1979CommHad a great time on the boomer .
Mickelson, Craig / PoindexterSTS2Mar 25, 1978 – Mar 31, 1982Deck and SonarWe had the privilege of serving on her when she was converted from a SSBN to a SSN. The combined crew took her from San Diego to Bangor,WA. What a beautiful place to be stationed in. All I can say is I miss you guys.
Scheffler, DaveET 2/SSApr 15, 1978 – May 10, 1981NAV/OPSGreat memories from Guam,Hawaii,San Diego, Bangor and everywhere in between. Missile Boat, Slow Approach Boat and a Damn Fine Boat too...
Miller, Jeffrey (Jr)FTG2May 10, 1978 – Oct 12, 1978Combat SystemServed with FTC(SS) Baines and did an TORPEX in Pearl Harbor
Hall, ScottRM3Jun 21, 1978 – Nov 15, 1981COMMI was the first guy to jump from the drydock. I was the guy with red fingers from hording all the pistachios. I was the guy who sold all the instant coffee in Korea. I was the guy to make you all laugh. Best wishes to all of my bud's
Lindquist, GaryMT3(SS)Jul 10, 1978 – Aug 8, 1979Missile Only 2 patrols out of Guam, 2 trips to Chin He. Worked with Phil Mieczynski, (hi Phil). Left in Aug. '79 to go to NEWCON on SSBN 726. Roved like a amd man qualified ships and up to LCHR.
Connor, Mark / ApemanMMFR - MM3Aug 1978 – 1980A GangEnjoyed my days on "Sammy Suck Butt"!! I'll never forget Ford Island training during off crews, catching the earliest ferry off the island to get to the beach, and doing chin-ups on line 5 while moored at West Loche!!
Carpenter, DonQM1(SS)Sep 1978 – Jun 1982NAVOPS
Simpson, KentSSBN 609Sep 1978 – Sep 25, 1981A-Gang
Bowlby, DelMT2(ss)Oct 1978 – Jun 18, 1980Missile

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