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USS Sam Houston (SSBN 609) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sam Houston (SSBN 609). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 228 crew members registered for the USS Sam Houston (SSBN 609).

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Corbi, DennisMM1(SS)Jun 22, 1965 – Feb 5, 1969M4 patrols out of Holy Loch and shipyard O/H at Portsmouth. Great officers, great memories with Sam Zook (RIP), Bob Bishop, Dick Cater (RIP), and Jim Ruddy.
Muth, DaveFTB2 (SS)Nov 1, 1965 – Mar 1, 1970Fire ContolWas there for the "Bail Out" of April 1968. That was close.
Wieting, BillLT (MC)Feb 1966 – Aug 1966First patrol for me, 19th for the ship; qualified on patrol. Capt Dan Brooks, senior CO in the sub service, knew everything! Ship went to Portsmouth NH for overhaul after 71-day patrol, with an Atlantic transit submerged. Thanks to Jenkins, my HMC!
Sisemore, RonEM2May 1966 – Nov 1969EGreat Ship, great crew led by AC Bivins. Patrols out of Holyloch with shipmates like MMCM Foster, Lt Long, Snoggles, Fulbright, Carter, Davidson, Anderson, and many many more. Chief Wheatstone you were the man.
Iseman, DonMM1(SS)Jul 1966 – Aug 1971MFavorite CO - A.C. Bivens, Favorite Division Officer - J.J. Hyland III, Favorite Engineering Officer, LCDR Coyle. Great shipmates all, many fond memories of Holy Loch, Rota, and the overhaul time at Portsmouth, NH. You still out there Virgil Foster
Pappas, Nicholas T. Nick/baker/night CookCOOK 3RD1967 – 1969cookHad a great time on Sam, the crew was great,like to hear from them, where is the CO now, Capt. A C Bivens
Woolery, Barry (Woowoo)CS31967 – 1970cookgold crew A C Bivens was captain Ken Debeaumont was my boss. Had some great times on big sam.
Woolery, Barry (Woowoo)CS31967 – Aug 8, 1970
Gach, JimSTS2(SS)Mar 1967 – Jan 19, 1970Sonar
Santos, RichardIC3Mar 10, 1967 – Sep 12, 1969Gold CrewHad a great experience.
Check, Lawrence Check / HulkETN2 (SS)Mar 15, 1967 – Jan 15, 1970NavET (3339)The Sam Houston was my Qual Boat and one of my most life changing expriences. Capt Bivens pinned my dolphins on July 4, 1968. Being "Qualified in Submarines" will always be one of my most significant accomplishments. Great Crew ...
Collins, Mike "fa"ET1 SSApr 1967 – Mar 1970Reactor ControlReported aboard during the Portsmouth overhaul. Was Gold Crew after overhaul. Qualified in July 1968, Captain AC Bivens pinned my Dolphins on. Best Chief Virgil "Stars" Foster. XO Jack Leonard. Became RC Div LPO. Qualified EWS.
Thomas, RossSTSCSSApr 1967 – Apr 1970SonarFinished the yard period in Portsmouth, made chief and four patrols. Great crew and alot of fun.
Snyder, JamesQM 2ssJun 1, 1967 – Mar 1, 1970navigation
Durrette, FredricMM2(SS)Nov 1967 – Oct 1969A - GangHouston was my first nuke boat after leaving the diesel fleet. I Started the weekly cartoon series featuring Super Aux man and the underground newspaper. The villains were Herr Enge and the ORSE monster.
Beck, BobSTS31968 – 1972SONARWas a great experience that I have never forgotten.
Ethington, RoyETN21968 – 1970NAVIGATION
Burrus, JimRM2(SS)Mar 1968 – 1971Operations / RadioI made 5 patrols on the Houston starting in Holylock and ending in Rota. The Gold crew was the best.
Ewing, Martin (Wingnut)SNSSMar 1968 – Apr 1969Seaman GangGreat experience with outstanding individuals
Davis, BenSSBN 609Mar 15, 1968 – Jul 29, 1969MissileCame aboard in Charleston and made three patrol via Holy Loch. Had great experiences using Air Monitoring Equipment and playing (in serious mode) war games.
Davis, BenMT2(SS)Mar 15, 1968 – Jul 28, 1969WeaponsI left Dam Neck, Virginia for duty aboard SSBN-598 but by the time I got me and my family moved to Groton, I had orders to SSBN-609(B) and flew to Charleston to board her and go straight out on patrol. I made three patrols out of Holy Loch.
Davis, BenMT2(SS)Mar 28, 1968 – Jul 15, 1969MissileMade three patrols on Sam Houston..The first patrol was the worst because when Scorpion was lost, we were on patrol & all our familes knew was that there was a submarine missing & presumed lost in the Atlantic Ocean.
Ackerman, AlbertIC3(SS)May 1968 – May 1969Engineering
Steer, AlE-6May 1968 – Jun 1971Reactor OperatorI would love to hear from anyone on the blue crew from 1968 to 1971. I hope you are all doing well.
Rock, Ronald C. (Rocky)MM2 (SS)Sep 22, 1968 – Jun 29, 1971(A)Stood Aux.( RPPO) Fwd made a lot of friends good times underway.
Johnson, Dennis (Mini Brute)EM2Oct 1968 – Aug 1972ElectricalCom.Bivens pinned my dolphins on me July 4, 1969. Made 4 runs from Holy Loch and 4 runs from Rota. names:chiefs Wheatstone & Jensen,Barnett,Shepard, Peterson,Metz,Whittaker,Sizemore,Moore,Austin, Ortman,Kiederling,Skinner. Good times
Cramer, RogerMM2(SS)Oct 1968 – May 1972A Gangsailed out of holy loch afew times, got blue nosed - did a 1/2 patrol - went south and shot some birds - then to rota - glad i did it - never again
James Mather, O2 Jewmm3Oct 1968 – Mar 1972A Gang
Moloney, TimRM2 (SS)Nov 22, 1968 – Aug 4, 1971RadioMade 6 patrols out of Holy Lock and Rota. See the names of a lot of old friends on this list.
Monro, BillQM31969 – 1972NavThey called me "Thumper". Apparently because it "thumped my foot on the QM's watch stool.
Pecorelli, Pat (Pj)IC2 (SS)1969 – 1972 I made 6 patrols on the Sam. I will never forget my Shipmates or the Sam. It is an experience I will never forget. I'm a life member of USSVI. I would be very interested in hearing from any of my old shipmates.
Adamson, JerryET1 SSJan 1969 – Feb 1975Nav ETPatrols out of Holy Loch and Rota, then shipyard in Charleston.
Heltsley, James/ji MET1(SS)Jan 1969 – Oct 1971NavigationMade six patrols, Holy Lock, Rota. Don;t miss patrols, but miss shipmates
Holshouser, Jeffsts2 ssJan 15, 1969 – Oct 1, 1972sonarmade 6 patrols 1 out of Holy Loch and 5 out of Rota
Barger, David / RacketsFTG1(SS)Feb 28, 1969 – Apr 3, 1972FT / WeaponsMade 6 patrols out of Scotland & Spain and would probability still be in IF The Submarine Service had divorced itself from the NAVY!
Anima, Ronald (Ron)STS3-(SS)Mar 17, 1969 – Jul 14, 1972Sonar DivisionI will never forget the experiences I had while serving on board the USS Sam Houston SSBN 609, nor will I forget some of my shipmates.
Clark, GaryIC2(SS)Apr 1, 1969 – Apr 1, 1972ic3 patrols out of holy loch and 3 from rota.great crew great learning experience.2 great skippers, great wardroom, all super shipmates.
Mayer, BillCS3 (SS)May 1, 1969 – Sep 8, 1972Supply I made six patrols during this time with the gold crew and I am looking forward to hearing from any crew members.
Austin, MikeEM2Jun 1969 – Feb 1972
Dobson, HowardETR2(SS)Sep 2, 1969 – Aug 4, 1972RCUnparalled experience; great crew; good times. Most events never to be forgotten.
Petras, PaulRM2(SS)Sep 15, 1969 – May 10, 1971Radio
Underkoffler, DennisET1Oct 1969 – Aug 1972RC
Vermilye, RonETR2(SS)Nov 1, 1969 – Mar 1, 1972NavigationNav. Center Supervisor making 3 runs out of Holy Loch, Scotland and 3 runs out of Rota, Spain
Dannheim, BobETN1(SS)Dec 5, 1969 – Dec 5, 1974Navigation Center

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1964 | 1965 – 1969 | 1970 – 1974 | 1975 – 1978 | 1979 – now

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