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USS Sam Houston (SSBN 609) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sam Houston (SSBN 609). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 228 crew members registered for the USS Sam Houston (SSBN 609).

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Robertson, TomIC1 (ss)1959 – 1963engineeringLots of memories! Good friends and memories of tattooed terry (very sexy scottish girlfriend) mutten burgers on the pier in Dunoon.....
Llorca, LouisET1 SSJan 1, 1959 – Aug 15, 1962Reactor OperationsPlank owner
Brazzale, RichEN3 (ss)1960 – 1962Engineering
Sizelove, CliffET1 (SS)1960 – Jun 1965NavigationPlank owner, Roder her down the Ways on my birthday Feb. 2 1960.Made 6 patrols.Later served on US Grant,Lafayette And Tecumseh. Retired ETC(SS) 7/1/74 Prresently Living in Blue River Oregon.
Feezel, Bruce profile iconMT-1 (SS)Aug 1960 – Mar 1963MissilePlank Owner - Putting the Sam Houston together & Learning a New Submarine was a real challenge especially during Sea Trials & getting ready for the 1st Patrol. Left the ship in 1963 Retired in 1976 - I Sure Miss The Sea!
Goodwin, GeorgeET1 (SS)Aug 1, 1960 – Jun 30, 1965Navigation ElectronicsBy far the most difficult job I've ever had. The systems were new and the level of knowledge barely able to maintain them. Long hours and many frustrations. Great crew and deep pride for having been there. Navettes rule!
Goodwin, GeorgeET2 (SS)Oct 1960 – Jul 1965NavChuck Dewey, Denny Breese, Roger Schlief, Tom Owens, Vince Kirk, Don McPadden (Nav), "Bear" Bryant (Ltjg), Bill Usilton (Nav). Great crew: took this beast to sea before it was proved ready. Hard times, good times.
Brooks, GeorgeIC1Oct 15, 1960 – Mar 1, 1963NukePlank owner Gold Crew. Instructor FBM training center Charleston. Out in 1967.
Eggers, Edward T.ETRDec 1960 – Dec 1962Sonar Plank Owner. In pic. of the 2/2/61 launch. Aboard during sea trials. Went to Cape Canaveral & fired a test missle. Made first assigned trip to Holy Loch, Scotland. One of most interesting & exciting times of my life. Now Retired Ag. Engr.
Owens, ThomasETNDec 31, 1960 – Jun 24, 1968Navigation ETI grew up here.
McPadden, Donald F.x.LT.1961 – 1963NavigatorThis is being submitted by Kevin, Don's eldest son. My father had many great stories about this boat and its oustanding crew, officer as well as enlisted. He died of lung cancer in May of 1992
Franzen, GeneFTB1(SS)1961 – 1966Fire ControlW
Gabrio, WilliamET2Jan 1961 – Apr 1963I was a straight coupled ET responsible for maintenance and repair of Radar, ECM, certain communication equipment, electronic navigation equipment and certain sonar equipment. Stood Radar, ECM and Sonar watches
Villegas, DanielRM3(SS)Jan 1961 –OPSGreat Sub. Great Memories. Plank owner.
Metz, Harold D.TM 2 (SS) / TMCS (SS) Ret.Jan 1961 – Aug 1970WeaponsPlank Owner. Commissioned at Newport News, Va. Shipyard O/H at Portsmouth, N. H. I served in both the Blue and later the Gold Crews. I was on the patrols from Holy Loch, Scotland and later from Rota, Spain. 19 patrols.
Smith, WilliamTM3 (SS)Jan 15, 1961 – Jan 5, 1974WeaponsOne of the best crews and Subs I ever served on, I was a plank owner
Combs, Kenneth E.TM3Mar 1961 – Feb 1963WeaponsI was assigned to the Precommission Crew. Later assigned to the Blue Crew. I crewed the first Sea trials, the first Deep Dive tests. I have a Plank owner certificate. I crewed on the first North Atlantic Patrol. Say Hi to everyone.
Phillips, James GTM2(SS)/TM1(SS)Mar 25, 1961 – Feb 24, 1964WeaponsPlank Owner/Commissioning Crew; assigned to Missile Compartment; went through shipbuilding and sea trials at Newport News, VA and made patrols out of Holy Loch Scotland
Thurlow, ReggieRM1-RMC1962 – Nov 1966OPS
Clemons, JimMT2 (SS)1962 – 1965MTAgree with LCDR McClure about XOs, also remember the Kemmedy anouncement. Did return to the 609 for one Blue patrol proir to the Charleston overhaul, was an MTC (SS) at that point. My brother, MM1 (SS) was aboard at that time.
Lockhart, Robert/bobIC3Feb 1962 – Jan 1963
Dillon, JamesSTS2 (SS)Jun 1962 – Jul 1965SonarDoD Employee at NSB Kings Bay and it sure beats Holy Loch in the winter.
Bonnell, KenRMCS(SS)Jul 10, 1962 – Mar 10, 1965CommunicationsFive patrols. Made E8 Nov. '63. Was COB last three patrols. Best job I ever had in my life. Great rapport with CO Hawkins, XO McKee and a great crew.
Chapman, Robert LAS19 & AS31Jul 20, 1962 – Feb 6, 1964
Hubbard, GeorgeEM2 ( SS )Jul 22, 1962 – Jul 14, 1964Electrical
Thurlow, ReggieRM1/RMCOct 1962 – Nov 1966OPSGood memories enjoyed serving with the crew and J J Hyland III
Kirkland, Lawrence { Larry }QMSN {SS}Oct 5, 1962 – Apr 9, 1964My twin brother and I served togeather for all our active duty. Ed died from lung cancer 17 March 2001.
Cash, James1963 – 1967This is his daughter in-law I have been trying ti help him find some people he knew when he was in the navy. If you knew him we would love to hear from you.
Davis, Raymondmm11963 – 1966engOur capt was known as Angles Brooks, our Cob wasFoster
Jenkins, ''doc'' DavidHMCS(SS) USN RETJan 1963 – Jul 1966MEDICALThe greatest learning experience in my life. Enjoyed every minute of the duty aborad Sam Houston
Weinstein, George F.MT1(SS)Apr 1963 – May 1969MissileMade 9 patrols and a yard period in Portsmouth, NH. Am currently living in NC and playing a lot of golf. Am married and have 3 sons and a daughter, also 2 granddaughters.
Harden, Herbert P. (Jack)RM2(SS)May 1963 – Mar 1966OPERATIONS (RADIO)Many good memories. Great time, great crew.
Harden, JackRM2 (SS)May 1, 1963 – Mar 1, 1966OPERATIONSServed with Capt W.P. Willis and Capt D.P. Brooks. RMC Atchison and Cantrell. Doc Holiday, Ed Newman, James Gober and Ed Rabbitt
Ramos, Robertmm2(ss)May 10, 1963 – Sep 28, 1964"M" Div.made 3rd,5th,7th, patrols,Gold crew, lower level engine room
Tash, RonaldQM2May 10, 1963 – Oct 15, 1964NAVIGATIONWHAT A JOB FOR A 20 YEAR OLD served with cross qm1 doc holiday rm1 I think lyons a young sonar man
Collins, JerryET3Jun 15, 1963 – Jun 1964NukeSpent two tours out of Holy Lock left to go to El-Nav school and then to the Cape until I got out in '67. Had great times on the Sam and in Scotland.
Ward, Gordon G.MM1(SS)Oct 1963 – Aug 1966Many memorable experiences
Lookhoff, JeffreyQMCNov 4, 1963 – May 29, 1968NavigationThis is sent in by his widow, Zaida (Sam). Jeff passed away June 19, 2002 from Aneurysm of Aorta. He retired in 1978 but continued service in the Merchant Marines until his death. We both had fond memories of the Crew.
McClure, DaleLCDRNov 10, 1963 – May 10, 1966Weapons6 Patrols, 4 in No. Atlantic & 2 in Med. Skippers were Hawkins and Alford. Best XO I ever served with was Kinnard McKee. Was a long night on patrol when we got word of JFK's assassination.
Hollis, Henry (Hank)TM1(SS)/TMC(SS)1964 – 1969WeaponsFour patrols; shipyard, Portsmouth, NH; DASO and fired missle. Skippers CO Hawkins, Alford and Bivens, Art.
Adams, Bill profile iconEN1(SS)1964 – 1965M
Rugaber, KenETN2(SS)Mar 1964 – Jan 1965NavigationMade 4 or 5 patrols out of Holy Loch Scotland. Re-enlisted at Holy Loch in 1964. Plank Owner - commissioned March 62 at Newport News, VA
Johnson, Rodney (Rod)E5 / ETN2Apr 23, 1964 – Mar 8, 1965NAVTwo patrols out of Holy Loch. European leave after both with running mate Tommy Sykes. John Adams was my sea daddy and NAV center watch section supervisor. Was trasferred to the James K. Polk new construction gold crew in 1965.
Nelson, RichardET2(SS)Jun 1964 – Aug 1966NAV
Cohen, JackQMC(SS)Jul 15, 1964 – Sep 15, 1968NavigationMany great memories
Andress, John - Fatsoer, Andy, CherryMT3 SSSep 1, 1964 – Jun 1, 1968seaman gang, weapons (missiles)I was on board for two patrols one in the North Atlantic, one in the Mediterranean, and across the Atlantic for overhaul in Portsmouth. Then on to sea trials and back across the Atlantic for one more patrol. Look for my book about my tours of duty.
Mourain, EdwardE5-E6/EMOct 1964 – Dec 1968E DivisionLooking for shipmates.
Klemser, John E.ETN2 (SS)Oct 10, 1964 – Aug 22, 1966NavigationMade 4 Blue Crew Patrols out of Holy Loch. Served with some great guys and had some good times

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