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USS Ethan Allen (SSBN 608) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ethan Allen (SSBN 608). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 156 crew members registered for the USS Ethan Allen (SSBN 608).

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Ben, SatterfieldEM2P2SS1959 – 1963NukeReported aboard pre-comission left before second patrol Gold Best time of my life!! Planed on making a career but got screwed by Drew and Doc !!
Trowbridge, GordonIC2 (SS)Oct 1959 – Apr 1962Engineering - Electronics RO
Harris, GeorgeRd2Jul 1960 – 1963E divWorked as a ic electrican
Loyear, RodET2(SS)Sep 1, 1960 – Mar 1, 1963NavigationPlank Owner
Koeppen, DavidICCS(SS)Oct 1, 1960 – Oct 10, 1968IC E RC
Tmc [ss] Donald L. Cady, KadiddlehopperTM 1 [ss]Nov 25, 1960 – May 23, 1962weaponsplank owner
Thompson, RobertLT1961 – 1963Medical
Booker, JamesETC(SS)1961 – 1963Nuclear PowerReported aboard as ET1C(SS) from S1W Idaho Falls in 1961 school ed at Bettis for S5W rod control system and took the reactor innitially critical on what I believe was the 1st sourceless startup of nuclear plant. made missile shoot + 2 ptl
Kostbade, Clarence WRMCS(ss) Retired1961 – 1964RadioPlank owner Ethan Allen & Simon Lake Retired 1971 off the Von Steuben.
Corrigan, FrankE51961 – 1968NavigationRegistering on behalf of my brother Frank who passed away in 2006. I believe he served in the Blue crew first and then the Gold crew and was a ships diver. He really enjoyed his time on the Ethan Allen.
Coleman, CaseyMM2 SS P3Feb 1961 – 1963M
Anderson, DennisMM2 (SS)Jul 1961 – Aug 1963Nuclear
Felton, DennyETR3Oct 1, 1961 – Dec 1, 1963NavigationI retired in 1977 after serving on USS Ethan Allen, USS Kamehameha, USS John Adams, and USS James Monroe. Please contact me at
Evans, KenRM1(SS)Jun 1962 – Oct 1963Radio
Steinhagen, DonSOS2Jun 1962 – May 1964OperationsI requalified on my first patrol with the help of an engineman who had to qualify on that patrol. He drug me through the boat and her systems. I can see him but I can't remember his name. Thank you for your guidance.
Ball, William "Bill"MM1 (SS)Sep 1962 – Nov 1969A11 patrols plus 1st overhaul
Rafter, JamesMM3Sep 1962 – 1964AuxiliaryLooking for reunion information.
Frederick, MichaelRMCM(SS)Dec 14, 1962 – May 14, 1969Operations
Ziller, ErichET1(SS)Dec 17, 1962 – Apr 30, 1965Reactor ControlGot out, 60 days later enlisted in USN Sub Reserve DIV 9-227 Milwaukee, WI. Rode Nuc and Diesel boats as reserve. Retired ETC(SS) USNR Aug 1981. Retired from Point Beach Nuclear Plant after 34 years. I go to Nautilus, Sargo & Ethan Allen reunions.
Wright, JackSSBN 6081963 – 1965MLPO in Engineroom. Nuke Q'd at S1C prototype. Did a lot of stuff after getting out (including a Ph.D.), but the best folks I ever met were in the Nuke Navy.
Arend, JackET1 P2 (SS)1963 – 1965RC ( Reactor control)Duty: SS Redfish 295, SSN Sculpin, Reactor test station, Idaho Falls, SSBN Thomas Jefferson, CVA Wasp, Frigate Brewton, FOCCPAC Kunia tunnel Oahu, Hawaii. Retired 1977. Industrial control instructor for Rosemount Inc. Retired 1993.
Everitt, CharlieET21963 – 1965NAVThe Navy introduced me to my career in computers.
Ehrler, BobFT1(ss)1963 – 1965WeaponsMade 5 patrol. Enjoyed the 2 year on board. Hello to Mo.
Gallagher, James (Jim)E-4Jan 10, 1963 – Jun 5, 1965Administrative
Moriarty, Richard "Mo"EN1 (SS)Oct 23, 1963 – Aug 30, 1965Made 1st patrol from Holy Loch and all Blue crew runs from Scotland until going into yards for 1st overhaul. Was in "A" gang. Tended bar @ Dolphin on Bank St during offcrew cycles
Rothrock, CharleyFN (SS)Nov 21, 1963 – Jul 7, 1966A Div Foward MM strikerThe Allen was a good boat .I Had a lot of good times an some not so good but I grew up fast thanks to Pappy Hughes an Chief Harris.
Hansen, John profile iconIC1/ETCDec 1963 – 1968RCBoth Blue & Gold crews
Voss, DaveFT31964 – 1966Fire Control
Ethington, RoyETN 21964 – 1968Nav
Deschene, JackFT21964 – 1966Fire ControlThe Ethan Allen was my first assignment out of Sub School in 1964. After 4 patrols, I was assigned to the Rock, AGSS 274 out of San Diego. After a Westpac cruise, I was discharged and went to college on the GI Bill.
Samuel, Gary (Sam)ETR2(SS)1964 – 1964EngineeringEng Log Room Yeoman office AMR1 Full dress inspection at sea LPO taught me to spit shine Crew game show got meaning for three stripes on enlisted sleeve College chemistry course at sea Liberty!! Dunoon & Glasgow. Crew?
Mueller, Almmc1964 – 1972mServed for 12 years on her, the Most notable cruise was when we fired 8 missiles which were the first time this was done. Made many friends during my 8years notable Carl Carrier, Al Morz, Arron Ellis.
Connor, George (Chris)EM1(SS)/LTJan 15, 1964 – May 15, 1969ElectricalAfter leaving the Navy I stayed in and retired from the Naval Reserve. The Ethan Allen had the best crew and some of the most interesting characters that I ran across in my Naval and civilian career.
Sipos, Lawrence (Larry)E8Jul 1964 – May 1969UnknownRegistering on behalf of my father who passed away in 1993.
Thomas E. Brannen, EdSTS3(SS)Oct 1964 – Nov 10, 1965operations
Robbins, WardET1(SS)1965 – 1970NAVIGATION
Widerman, Richard (Dick)EM 1Oct 20, 1965 – Apr 15, 1972ElectricalWent on board while boat was in Newport News. Stayed on for sea trials and FOTs and did 15 patrols before I left for a career in commercial Nuclear Power. I now am the lead lighting technician for Universal Studios Fl
Noyes, JimETN21966 – 1970RC
Redman, JohnTM31966 – Dec 16, 1968WeaponsI came aboard from Sub School when the Boat was being Retrofitted in Newport News in '66. I knew a lot of the guys from both Blue and Gold crews at that time.
Jensen, Fred profile iconTM3 (ss)1966 – 1968WeaponsFor the most part, enjoyed the experiences of joining the boat in Newport News with a lot of good people.The refit and the interesting work that went on there, in the Sea Trials, and the 1 Med patrol I did.
Deluca, Jim "diamonds"MM3 (SS)Jan 1966 – Aug 1969Engineering / AuxilaryWithout a doubt, the absolute best time of my life. I will never forget the guys I served with.
Leblanc, FrenchyRMC(SS)Jun 1966 – Oct 1971OPSProud to have served with some of the smartest and elite group of submariners I have ever known.You know who your are.
Gontarz, RonRM2 (SS)Nov 1, 1966 – Sep 14, 1969Operations
Wood, DonaldMM2Nov 1, 1966 – Nov 1, 1970MNuke blue crew
Lengle, HarveyEM3-EM1Dec 1966 – Apr 1970ElectricalThe 608 was the first sub I was on ,I made 26 patrols,retired as E8 in 1986..Went to work for Westinghouse in Idaho at NPTU,retired there after 20 yrs..Was the 2nd non degreed NPE
Whiting, PeterSTS3 (SS)Dec 1, 1966 – May 15, 1969Ops (Sonar)I thoroughly enjoyed my time aboard. The camaraderie with the other crew, and sense of purpose stand out in my memories. In hindsight, I wish I had stayed in the Navy until retirement.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1966 | 1967 – 1973 | 1974 – 1978 | 1979 – now

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