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USS Hermitage (LSD 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hermitage (LSD 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 325 crew members registered for the USS Hermitage (LSD 34).

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Zeimen, JohnIC3/2Jan 6, 1985 – Jan 1, 1988EMy first boat, How the hell did we keep floating
Swecker, WoodyBM2Feb 1985 – Feb 19882NDHello, I found this site by accident.I Still remeber the good friends and times on the hermitage.
Bigay, AllanSep 15, 1985 – Jun 19, 19892nd then 1stHad a good time in the hermitage. Hello to all my shipmates when I was there.
Rish, Reverand Jim Like On TaxiBM E-3Sep 21, 1985 – Sep 21, 1988BM 1st div.Alright guys hope everybody still gettn salty as hell and having a cold one see yall soon i hope or in the wild blue yonder combat out?
Duffy, JimE7 / PNCOct 30, 1985 – Oct 31, 1986X-Division (Personal)My last command, and the only one my son sailed on (part of the Tiger Cruse 1986). Fondly remember the Ship and the Crew, most especially the Chief's Mess. Great bunch of people.
Worth, CharlesMS1Dec 1985 – Jul 1988S-2/S-5Enjoyed the Herm Very much. Has anyone heard from Capt. Condon? He was Skipper when i was aboard.
Edwards, DouglasFC2Dec 1985 – Oct 1997OPSLooking for date of fire that occuring in incerator room next to deck dept berthing (aft). Fire occured approx 1987 - 1988 while off the coast of North Carolina. Reason - Asbestos exposure.
Lemons, Mark profile iconMM3/2Dec 15, 1985 – Feb 20, 1987M fwd/The main controlSweated and sweated gitmo dcpo and eccet m marklemonsdallas@gmail
Newvine, ScottBT31986 – 1988B-FwdGreat ship with alot of great people. Anyone can call anytime (765)561-2271
Wharmby, Jim- Gumbybmsn1986 – Feb 25, 1988deck 2ndloved that ship and crew and miss the times at sea.most memorable time was the collision with that LST
Wells, David(Orson)bm31986 – Jul 1989second division
Begley, SeanE31986 – 1989MMLooking back on the times there are great memories but while I was there it didn't seem as such. Good Travels, good people and good memories.
Jordan, Karl profile iconQM11986 – 1988NavigationA.J. gator in the XO stateroom and a wild CO.
Whitaker, LamountE-21986 – Nov 1989Boatsman mateGreatest memory about the Hermitage being on maneuvers off the coast of Cuba and crashing into another ship. Wouldn't trade my time in the Navy for nothing in the world wish I would have stayed retired
Geiger, KurtGMG2Jan 1986 – Jun 1990WeaponsHard working ship with a hard working crew. 1st Gator (strike-gator, remember?) Junk-ass 3"/50 guns too! Great crew, hope everyone is well.
Reitenbach, RonaldMM3Jan 1986 – May 1989M Division
Segarra, EdwardE4Jan 1986 – 1987Boatswains mateI'm a firefighter fighter paramedic for Miami Dade fire rescue in Miami Florida. Miss my boys I was with.
Thomas, AlanSAMar 1986 – May 19872NDI worked for BM2 Peterson and LT White until I failed the wizz quiz and I wouldent trade it for anything
Reed, William "Bear"FC3Apr 1986 – May 1989OPSCIWS technician - Service Training Officer - Ship's Mascot (Alligator Costume) - Popcorn server!
Whittington, DavidE6May 4, 1986 – Jan 2, 1989
Wells, David (Also Known By Orson Or Buhda)BM3Jun 1986 – Jul 19892ndhave great memories and lots of old freinds that i was happy to serve with such as woody and lt white and the rest of the crew
Leija, Manuel B./ Hajisn/ms3Jun 1986 – Nov 19892nd div/s-2whats to say it was a great crew. had lots of fun and a lot of great memories.the training was fun during well deck ops down to working in the galley. couldn't ask for a better set of guys work with and the parting wow
Hoshaw, WilliamFIREMAN E-3Aug 1986 – May 1988Served on her till I Was Busted Selling LSD25
Haynie, CurtisBM2Oct 1986 – Jul 2, 19892nd DeckHad great times with folks like Ronny Feree and Scotty Knox and learned alot about life
Bodnar, PeterBM3Oct 15, 1986 – May 9, 1990secondhad some great times on the hermitage. got drunk in every part of the world. i still talk to sammy valencia, and smitty. great friends. was good friends with rob adams from N.C. call me 631 678 8439.
Gutierrez, DanielRM1Dec 1986 – Jan 1988CommunicationsRemember the crash with LaMoure Cty. Bermuda triangle really exits. I believe I fried BOZ while doing PM on antenna. Great radio crew.
Thomas, James Ronald (Ron)MMFNDec 16, 1986 – Jun 30, 1989E and AThis was my first ship. Had some good times there and ended up retiring 30 Sept. 2006. Also looking for information concerning the incinerator fire. Asbestos Exposure...If you have any information please send to
Hamilton, Frankie profile iconE-4 MS3Dec 21, 1986 – May 1, 1989S-2Just wanted to say this is MS3 "Frankie Hamilton" from Lorain, Ohio. I'm doing well and living in Toledo, Ohio. I can be reached at.4192055416 I enjoyed serving with each and every one of u great men!
Allen, MichaelBM31987 – 19891st DivisionI served with several members listed during this time. Smitty, Mike Chung, Bigay, Big Will, Giglio, Yauch. If you remember any of these guys we probably served together.
Cardinale, PhilOS3Jan 1987 – Jun 1989oi
Segarra, EdwardBM3Jan 1, 1987 – Nov 1, 1994BoatswainsmateI would love to hear from anyone who i served with to talk to and maybe plan someting so we could al get togeter in LittleCreek to have a good time and reminice.
Schonbeck, Carl (Schonny)RM3Mar 8, 1987 – Apr 28, 1989OperationsCool seeing some old names from the mighty Herm. Liked the '88 Med Cruise so much I moved to Europe after getting out in '89. Burn room fire was September 27, 1987....XO Blinky said they'd checked and there wasn't asbestos but who know
Henry, ThomasBT3May 1987 – Oct 1989BI think the Herm was the best ship in her fleet
Smith, Kelly (Smitty)Aug 1987 – Oct 1989SecondBarely remember most of it, but had some GREAT TIMES!
Smith, Kelly (Smitty)SNAug 28, 1987 – Oct 1, 1989secondI barely remember most of it, but had some GREAT TIMES!
Bautista, EddieOS3 Bautista EddieSep 20, 1987 – Oct 15, 1990OII will never forget the good old Hermdog lots of good times in port and especially overseas those were some good old times and all the woman in so many ports!! would love to hear from old Shipmates
Lynch, BillyGMG3Oct 1987 – Dec 1989GThe best time in the navy, since i cannot remember every second, (even though have awesome memories) if ya know me, drop me a line. especially geiger, coffinger, herbie DION white, or any of the Long brothers, billy
Mead, MartyMachinist Mate 1Jan 30, 1988 – Jan 30, 1990A-DivisionMy cruise book was stolen, so I can't look back and get reminded of the good times on the Herm. I am on Facebook. Look me up!
Barnwell, BobbyBMSNFeb 13, 1988 – Dec 21, 1989great ship to service on .can be reach by phone at 772-216-9884/hm 407-362-9840/work 352-267-4261
McLure, MartyPFCMar 1, 1988 – Sep 1, 19882nd Tank Battalion 2nd Mar DivI served as a Marine attached to the ship we had a great time but we did not have to work everyday. We kinda lived the goodlife eating playing cards and just hanging around the ship.
Thompson, JohnE2Apr 1988 –Crap holeI hated the hermitage. BT2 Marvin gave me a BT2 Punch and I still to this day have heart problems. The crew of the hermitage was a bunch of neanderthall monkey butts. KISS MY ASS ALL OF YOU ecpecially BT2 Marvin
Johnson, Raynard (Jay)MM3Apr 1988 – Aug 1989M-DivThe HERM was my start, who remember Tunis, or Ibiza? Playing football in the well deck. I can be reached @
Smith, VincentBT3May 1988 – Dec 1989B (Aft)I really enjoyed the Hermitage and her crew. BT3 Henry, BT3 Haviland and (now Master Chief) Bragg are the only people I have been in contact with recently, but would enjoy hearing from anyone else.
Hinerman, DarrelMR3May 1988 – Oct 1989A-Gang1st ship. Worked in A-gang. Especially remember the Brazilians. Did half of a Med cruise. Currently DoD Firefighter (civ) and part-time cop.
McGuire, JefferyE-2/E-3/BMSep 1988 – 19892ND DECK
Jackson, Derrickseaman recruitOct 30, 1988 – Jan 4, 1989state flagsLooking for the rtc graduation book. want one real bad. lost mine in a fire some time ago. if you know anyone with this book don't hesitate to e mail me so we can catch up
Adams, RobbyBM31989 – 1997BMI enjoyed my time on the Hermitage. Give me a Call at 336-516-3553
Hamilton, Frankie profile iconMS-31990 –S-2This is MS-3 Frankie Hamilton from "Lorain, Ohio. I stay in Toledo, Ohio now and I can be reached at 419 205 5416. I also served on the Shenandoah, Boulder, Oliver Perry temporary over the years from 89-94.
Almeida, ClaudioSUB-OFICIALDec 30, 1991 – Jun 26, 2010mikeNavy military'm from Brazil and work in the NDD CEAR former USS Hermitage I would like to make contact with former soldiers who worked on it when the U.S. I am of the division machinery, boilers

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1963 | 1964 – 1968 | 1969 – 1972 | 1973 – 1976 | 1977 – 1980 | 1981 – 1984 | 1985 – now

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