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USS L. Mendel Rivers (SSN 686) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS L. Mendel Rivers (SSN 686). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 162 crew members registered for the USS L. Mendel Rivers (SSN 686).

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Walker, JeffQM3Jan 1, 1982 – Jul 15, 1985QMGood times.
Smith, Jamestm3Jan 2, 1982 – Jun 21, 1983Trrtedo
Claybaugh, TomMM1Jun 1982 – Jul 24, 1986That was a long time ago. Lots of interesting people
Pooler, BryanHM2 - HM1(SS)Jun 28, 1982 – Jun 30, 1985MedicalReported as new corpsman in 1982 at the end of yard time. Served under Capt Holden and Cdr Hofwolt (XO) and had many fun and good memories of the time spent. Live in Wisconsin now and work as Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery.
Rourk, BeauMM2 NOW MM1(RET)Nov 15, 1982 – Nov 15, 1987ABest time of my Navy career
Sayles, Bruce (Soupy)EM1 (SS)Jan 1983 – Aug 1986EM NukeLoved all the times onboard, great crew and command. I still like pizza at mid-rats, thank to Co Bagalio!
Moore, KevinSTS1Mar 1, 1983 – Jan 3, 1988SonarYea Kelvin, I remember Stella...Is it a crime???
Ribblet, RolandEM2Mar 6, 1983 – May 19, 1987E-DIV
Simpson, Dennis profile iconET2/SSMar 17, 1983 – Jul 7, 1987Nav/OpsIn Tucson, not onboard SSN Tucson.
Van Huss, DavidEM1(SS)Apr 1, 1983 – Mar 19, 1985E
Pooler, BryanHM1(SS)Jun 15, 1983 – Jun 15, 1986MedicalMy first submarine, a great ship and the best of times, the Officers and Crew were the finest I ever served with. Will always remember the great times spent onboard.
Russell, Kelly Aka SpotSTS2Sep 1, 1983 – Aug 24, 1986SONAR Great Friends and fond memories...Wish Wayne C. would contact me.
Tallon, RobMM1(SS)(RET)Oct 1983 – Oct 1987Anyone borrowed a liberty launch in St. Thomas lately
Frame, GaryMM1/SS1984 – 1988Machinery/ELTWouldn't change a thing about my time on Rivers. Not quite true but close enough.
Schultz, StevenSK3/SSFeb 3, 1984 – Apr 15, 1986SupplyTransferred early to Operation Deep Freeze Antarctica
Claybaugh, TomE-6May 1984 – Aug 1986Some great memories
Solomon, Kelvin/coolE-3May 10, 1984 –I.CBest ship i ever surved on. Commander Holden was the C.O. Anyone remeber sn Delesara? What a crew!
Fetter, CreggEM2Aug 1984 – Aug 1988EM nukeIncredible memories and alot of friends, even if the miles and time have passed without keeping in touch. Tracking party and time spent in maneuvering making 3 kt holes in the water are something you just can't explain to civilians.
Neubauer, MikeEM1Aug 1984 – Oct 10, 1988I still htink about the people I served with. This time in my life played a very important part in making me who I am today.
Bowman, AlMM1/SS1985 – Oct 22, 1986RL/MThe best fast attack ever to set sail!
Bittner, HerbSTS2/SS1985 – 1990SONARI served so long ago, even the bad memories are good, now! What a great ship and crew to grow up with. Artic ice, Typhoon spinners, shark teeth, getting kicked out of Holy Loch... Ping tag? That was no British boat...
Gookin, MichaelFTCS(SS)Mar 1985 – Sep 1989Fire Control/Wepons
Stone, SteveMM1 (SS)May 10, 1985 – Apr 19, 1986M
Kirk, JackOct 30, 1985 – May 1, 1988SonarBest boat I ever served on
Bowman, AlMM1/SS LELTNov 1985 – Oct 22, 1986RL/MLead ELT for one of the best divisions the Rivers ever saw! Finished my tour of duty on the Rivers.
Ferrer, RafaelSN, TM3, TM2Dec 1985 – Dec 1991Deck, TorpedoWell, I think I was out of my mind and did a lot things during that time that I wouldn't do now. I read the Bible and enter in discussions about it in the internet.
Street, DonaldMM3/ssMar 20, 1986 – Oct 20, 1989A gang brings back good times with all my old buds. one of the best boat and crew. was one of the most learning experiences of my life.
Vincent, JohnQM2, QM1, QMC, QMCSApr 1986 – Jun 2006Nav/opsLeft from 88 -92 but other 6 years I was onboard
Linnins, TimothyTM3(SS)May 6, 1986 – Jul 17, 1989TM
Ballew, Phillip (Boo Hoo)STS1Jun 1986 – Jan 1990SonarAwsome boat and crew. Probably the only boat to win the Battle E with a captain who couldn't shoot a torpedo. Biggest highlight: Playing ping tag with HMS Trafalgar... or was it?
De La Garza, RoyTM3 (SS)Jul 7, 1986 – Mar 11, 1990Torpedo
Ewing, ScottEM2Aug 1986 – Sep
Carpenter, JimSTS1(SS)1987 – 1990SonarPaid dearly when I plead guilty to making the statement "If you ain't a Shellback,you ain't Shit!"during my Bluenose initiation.Drop me a line, anytime.
McDowell, JoeSTS2(SS)1987 – 1991SonarBest damn crew. As much as I bitched, I would go back in a heartbeat (same crew that is). I am very thankful for all that supported me throughout the rough times. I truly love my shipmates and await reunion time.
Walker, JohnnieMM2/SSMar 1987 – Oct 1990A-Gang an adventure w/pay then came Hawaii.Everything I heard was true.
Yaeger, BillET2May 1987 – Apr 1990RC
Domingo, Alejandro "Andy"IC3/SSSep 1987 – Jan 1990IC DIVISIONDestructor here !!!!!! Looking for old friends.
Fitzgerald, DanMM3/ELTNov 1987 – Nov
Osegueda, Joe "guido"RM2(SS)Nov 1987 – Mar 1992RadioBest boat I ever served on. Good times and good people. Especially during the great NORMED run of 87/88!!! Would go back in a heart beat to this boat with same crew, same homeport (SC), and same schedule/op-tempo.
Byrne, Gerald (Jerry)1988 – 1993S-2Sure was fun! Retired in VA
Holden, ScottET2/SS1988 – 1990Nav/OpsGood times and good friends. Absolutely the best submarine I ever stepped foot on.
Witherell, MarkRMCJan 1988 – 1991RadioOne hot-running Boat!
Smith, E. ScotMM2/SSFeb 1988 – Sep 3, 1991ELTTough times, but learned a lot about life and responsibility. I grew up quite a bit on the RIvers
McKanna, RodneyETC(SS)Feb 2, 1988 – Feb 5, 1994OPERATIONS
Chuck, DopplerQM2 (SS)Mar 1, 1988 – Dec 31, 1990NavigationOnly served on 2, but the Rivers was by far the best sub and best crew. Memories-sea state 7 at PD & being places and doing things we aren't allowed to talk about
Chapman, TonyQMC(SS)Apr 1988 – May 1993NAVIGATIONI came to the Rivers as an E6 (Skimmer Puke) and was of course welcomed in typical submarine fashion. I learned a lot and met lots of friends, it was a great boat to be on and I will never forget her.
Campbell, WilliamSKC(SS)Jun 17, 1988 – Jan 20, 1989SUPPLYN/A
Crosby, MattE6Aug 11, 1988 – Jul 3, 1991
Domingo, Alejandro (Aka Destructo)THEN IC3, NOW ET1Sep 1988 – Jan 1990ICLooking to hear from my buds,

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1981 | 1982 – 1988 | 1989 – 1996 | 1997 – now

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