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USS Cavalla (SSN 684) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cavalla (SSN 684). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 163 crew members registered for the USS Cavalla (SSN 684).

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Weiner, Richard E. (Yeo) And Some Others.yncs(ss)Apr 1, 1971 – Dec 24, 1975Admin. Leading YN. Worked for the most competent skipper (CDR Bruce Demars - later Full Admiral) in the entire U.S.Navy. You always knew where you stood with him. Great commissioning crew. A great mix of old timers and "Nubies."
Bernabe, AlMS3 (SS)Sep 15, 1971 – Mar 30, 1974MSPLANK OWNER
Puha, JohnMM31/2 SS1972 – 1976ABest bunch of guys I ever knew.
Abercrombie, Wray (Apples)ET1972 – Jun 1976ETGreat memories!
Krzycki, KenYN3(SS)Feb 4, 1972 – Dec 18, 1973Great crew great skipper. how about that ELUTHRIA trip
Warren, RobMM 3 (SS)Apr 1972 – Jun 1974A-GANGWe had some GREAT times: Eluthra, Rosey Roads & the SEAL House. Bruce DeMars was the best Skipper & Dave Morrill the best Chief ever. Who else would have put up with us? I have never worked, or played, so hard in my life.
Poist, F. PatrickSTS1(SS)May 1972 – Mar 1976Sonar- OperationsServe on construction / commissioning crew, homeport Groton, CT
Holden, JohnTM2 SS/DVJun 1972 – Sep 1977TorpedoSpent a lot of time on the Cavalla. most of it good. The best thing about the whole experience was the crews I served with and the things we did. Went north, bluenose, divers school, parachuting in NH, snake ranch, Red Dog, lots of friends
Boerman, ThomIC2Jul 1972 – Jun 1978ICSome great memories. What a terrific crew. And man, did we know how to party!! Capt's Demars and King knew how to handle a bunch of young guns...and we rewarded them by being one of the best Special Op's sub's in the Navy.
Seawright, MikeMM1(SS)Dec 1972 –A
Reed, JohnE41973 – 1977Reactor
Bowers, CharlesET21973 – 1977
Bowers, Charles1973 – 1977
Hastie, EdMM2 (SS)Feb 9, 1973 – Jan 15, 1976AUXGreat Crew, Great Captain Cmdr DeMars. Fond memories.
Davis Jr., Donald R.IC2/SSMar 1973 – May 23, 1976IC Forward
Bingham, EdMM1(SS)Mar 1973 – Jun 1978M DivIt seems like it was only yesterday. Rosey Roads, Eleuthera, Port Canaveral, Amsterdam, Italy. Smooth talking Terry B, Bob Warrens hair, Dumas, Gabe, making wine in the port box girder. Remember the spill Urby?
Rautio, TimothyMM2Jun 1973 – Jun 1977M Not to many Nukes posted on here. I remember the days when each division took over the crews mess to make special meals on those long runs.
Dedon, JohnE-6Jun 1973 – Jul 1976M DIVGreat Boat, CO Commander Demars was outstanding.
Urbanawiz, Edward (Whizbang)MM1Aug 24, 1973 – Aug 24, 1978M5 Years on 1 boat. Loads of memories, drills, leaks at test depth, crash dive, emergency surface, battlestations snagging a trawler, etc.
Kirk, DaveMM1(SS)Oct 1973 – Oct 1976MLots of memories from time on Cavalla. Recognize several names of good people.
Whitehead, Richard profile iconFIRE CONTROL TECH 2ND CLASSJan 1974 – Sep 1976WEAPONSTo hell with women & children we go for tonnage. Jack Holden slogan.
Case, RodMM2(SS)Feb 1974 – Dec 23, 1974M-Div/ELTSpent the last year of my enlistment on Cavalla. I remember the dive plane incident (I was sampling generators at the time). And of course, Brucie, the iguana.
Holter, (Tex) JerrySTS-1 (SS)Mar 1974 – Dec 30, 1978SonarI was on the first mission. The place was all cluttered up with Plank Owners. What a crew we had. The whole Navy Knew we were the best. I remember all of you guys. Magarrell, Shehan, Poist. Buzz Hancock, Zimmerman, Luther P. Peale, Bluemier
Mathews, MarkPN1(SS)Jun 1974 – Jun 1977Ship's OfficeI served two tours onboard Cavalla. First as a junior yeoman, out of New London, then again as Senior Yeoman at Pearl Harbor. I think it was the best boat out there. I am trying to give a hollar to ST Gil Gonzales.
Bruno, John "Doc"HM2Jun 23, 1974 – Dec 24, 1974Medical RepresentativeMy tour was short but long enough to make two North Atlantic patrols. During our second patrol we ported in Scotland for 4 days. I can still remember our sail only slightly larger than the rudders of the boomers we were tied to at the tender.
O'Neill, JohnMM 2 (SS)Sep 30, 1974 – Sep 5, 1978M DivGot on in Groton,off in Groton before the boat went west. Lots of fond memories, forgot the bad ones. I also remember Luke. Think I did most of the sewing.
Fredrickson, TimothyENS / LT(JG)1975 – 1977Communicator
Ellzey, DanaTM31975 – 1978torpedoI have good memories of all the great people I shipped with on the Cavalla. Bluemeyer, Cashes, Peele, Lamb, and my other TM buddies Holden, Maxwell and Chapman.
Chapman, SamTM21975 – 1979Torpedo GangLots of good memories of crew & cruises.Best bunch of guys around. Whether they lived north of the reactor or south of the reactor. Would serve with them all again in a heartbeat. Hope to see you at the reunions
Herron, James (Jim)ICFN (SS)1975 – 1977Deck gangGreat crew. Enjoyed my time with the best bunch of Navy buddies anywhere.
Sheron, DennisEM1(SS)1975 – 1977E-Div
Mapa, DavidMM3Jan 1, 1975 – Jun 13, 1976AUXThough a served a short time on the Cavalla it always brings back good memories. But I also remember few bad moments such as cleaning the snake pit.
Pirhala, DanET2(SS)Jun 1975 – Dec 1979Nav ET
Russo, MarkQMJun 1975 – Dec 1977NAVJust checking in before I retire. In the Army Now, one trip to AFG and out after 33 YRs.
Gabriele, Mike (Gabe)MM3/2/1(SS)Jun 1975 – 1980MM nucGreat boat, greater guys, I'd go back in a heartbeat. Our watch had the worlds record for after signal ejector flare launch!! Yup Gerry, I wore the SNOB too!!
Williams, Charles (Charley)HM1/HMC(SS)Sep 1975 – Nov 1978HMMy first tour on a nuclear submarine and it was the best submarine in the whole Navy. Terrific CO in Jack King and XO in Don Olsen. Would go back tomorrow to service with the best officers and sailors in the Navy.
Rose, AlvinSTS-21976 – 1979SonarThose were good times, good friends
Schmidt, RobertSTS 3Jan 28, 1976 – Aug 1, 1977Sonar GangBest memories of a great crew.
Merrell, GerryMM1Feb 1976 – Apr 25, 1980MI started and made the SNOB award. Only those there know what that means. We also had Luke the wonder dog on the 77-78 Med run.
Maxwell, GeneTM2SS/DVMar 15, 1976 – Aug 13, 1979Weapons TorpedomanI was kind of wild in my Navy days,most people remember me.I made some good friends like Arnold Arietta,Tex,Steve Hrnciar,Steve Smith,Gale Robertson,Bill Cosnahan,John Dugan,John Hannan and others.Had lots of memories.
Berg, DonET1(SS)May 31, 1976 – Jun 23, 1978RCSad to see the old boat get recycled
Dockum, John EM2(SS)Jun 1976 – Jun 1979EGreat bunch of guys. My first boat. Nothing like prussian blue and number 10 cans of neutron flux. The russians never saw us coming, well, once in the Med maybe.
Hoffmann, RobertPetty Officer First ClassNov 1976 – Nov 1979Engineering/Reactor OperatorStill working at a Nuclear Power Plant based on my experience in the Navy. Working at Millstone Power Station in Waterford, CT.
Daley, MartinE-4Dec 30, 1976 – Dec 1980MM3/SS Auxillary GangI met Cavalla in Laspesia, Spain. Got out in Hawaii. Love to here from Same.

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