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USS Silversides (SSN 679) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Silversides (SSN 679). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 186 crew members registered for the USS Silversides (SSN 679).

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Moore, MikeMM3/SSJun 21, 1970 – Jun 29, 1972A GangThis is listed by his little brother (5 inches taller), (also a bubblehead) just to let his old shipmates that Mike is no longer with us he departed 26 Nov 1999. I was with him his passing was very quick and painless. H. attack he is missed
Barnett, DavidSK2(SS)Aug 20, 1970 – Feb 9, 1973SUPPLYPlankowner slid in the water and had agreat time until I got out of the service let me hear from some of you
Hall, RobertET1Nov 1, 1970 – Jul 8, 1973ROPlankowner
McNeal, KpET1 (SS)1971 – 1974NucPlankowner - New London, Charleston, Med and Northern Run
Kennedy, PeterMM3/SS1971 – 1976A GangPlankowner- Had some great fun with all the Splitheads, who could forget sea trials, the PR and St. Croix as well as Scotland and the Med run. I miss you guys. Drop a line
Diyorio, GeneMM1/SS1971 –ENGINEERINGThis was my 2nd boat to serve on of the same class. Plank owner the 2nd boat.
Schmidt, JimMM2(SS)1971 – 1973MServed as plankowner (MM & ELT) until reassigned to the USS Gilmore in La Madelena, Sardinia. Worked with Earl Daniels (EMC) at TMI after I got out. Attended the decommissioning of Silversides in Norfolk.
Book, EdET2 nuc1971 – 1972Reactor ControlPlank Owner I was aboard from launching to change to permanent homeport. I was a Forestry major in college so why would I have volunteered for submarines... oh yeah, I wasn't a volunteer. Went to the Enterprise from the boat.
Ganske, CliffMM3 SS1971 – 1974A gangI am a plank owner, sea trials, loved the med, bahamas, naples and sardinia. I would enjoy hearing from my crew, What happened to dennis lyons?
Morris, JamesEM2 Electrician Nuke1971 – May 1975E DivisionHey, guys, old guy, commissioning crew here. Anybody have any idea what happened to the plaque in middle level ops with all the names of the commissioning crew? FYI 315 days outta homeport Charleston first year after com
Cynthia Czarnecki, CindyMMCS SS1971 –A GangSetting this up with Dad in mind - he would love hearing from you guys.
Seale, FredSSSNQMJan 1971 – Jul 24, 1995DeckI am a Plank Owner for this ship. I served on sea trials and comissioned her at New London Sub base. A lot of time at sea dudes.Hope some of my shipmates will email me.
McCarthy, BillYN2(SS)Jan 1971 – Oct 1973AdminPlankowner, had a ball. Where are all you guys. Hey Poe, where are you?
Nicolls, SteveMM1SSMar 1971 – Apr 1975MMany good friends, Gene Eustice, Roger Posner, Victor Salley, Jim Seger one med run, one northern run
Street, TomSTSMar 1, 1971 – Jan 15, 1973SonarFun Times.
Couto, BenQM3 SSApr 1, 1971 – Nov 3, 1974operationsPlankowner, sea trials, Med run, Northern lights de -fogging periscope lens (awesome). Tough chain of command great crew. Good memories and friends. Where is Denny Lyons?
Green, RonnieMay 1971 – 1974EPlankowner - Nuc. Don't remember many names except the CO was Allen, Chief Daniels, Bruce Sell - one of my sea pups, Gene Eustis was an MM.
Yates, RobertEM2 (SS)May 1971 – Jul 1974ElectricalMissed launching by a week, But was there for all all the shakedowns. Got to meet Rickover on our 1st sea trial, Med Run &trips south. Allen was a great skipper. Of the 4 boats I was on, this one was by far the best. Good Wardroom and great
Gran, BruceET1(SS)Jun 4, 1971 – Jul 7, 1975Operations/Electronics
Burgwald, DavidET-2 SSSep 16, 1971 – Oct 2, 1975ETas Plankowner of the USS Silversides, I was out there for her Sea Trials, commissioning and Shakedown cruises. After commissioning, we were homeported in Charleston, SC. Made 1 med run and 1 Northern run. Adm. Burlingame ret., pinned my dolphins.
Shorkey, Roysn ssDec 1, 1971 – Jun 10, 1975commiseryplank owner
Senecal, Dan Aka HopsingSDSN (SS)Dec 29, 1971 – Aug 15, 1975SupplySDSN Senecal here, aka HopSing. Plankowner. Good times, never thought I would stay with it. I find myself at 59 with 40+ years Service.
Seger, Jim profile iconMM2/SS1972 – Jun 1974M (Nuke, aft)2nd ship, 1st SSN, previously a boomer. Most memories gone w/age, thankfully. Med cruise, Atlantic transits (several), missed the tower, missed North Atlantic run, remember Gene's pizza at his house and Steve Nichols.
Troutfetter, JimSK3(SS)1972 – 1975SK
Caudill, GaryMM1SSJun 1972 – Mar 1975M
Kendall, Dave profile iconTMSNJul 1972 – Dec 1972torpedo
Harding, TerryRM1(SS)Jul 1972 – Aug 1975OC
Fore, Bob (The Fuzz)MM3 (SS)Aug 24, 1972 – Mar 22, 1975AMy second to have a reunion. My most memorable time was when I blew the air box covers off the diesel during snorkeling. (not my fault!).
Lopez, RussMS3(SS)1973 – 1975SupplyI was on two Boats the 679 and the 604 by far the 679 was the BEST. Facebook has a page with these boats you can also find me on facebook.
Basara, Brent profile iconSTS1 (SS)Feb 1973 – Jan 1977SonarCapt Allen pinned me. Instead of bright silver ones he was handed an old colorless pair with a stickpin in the back. He asked were I got them and I told him my uncle was qualified and when I was he wanted me to wear his.
Wolf, JohnFTGCMay 1973 – Apr 1977COB3 rd COB
Rewa, PatrickMM1(SS)Jul 14, 1973 – Apr 12, 1977MItaly, Scotland, Norway. Went to www.Silversides 679 reunion. Silversides SS236 still here (Muskegon Mi) but Navy nixed museum getting 679 (too many secrets). Retired now, think of you guys fondly, 6 kids, 9 grandkids.
Craig, BirchSTSJul 20, 1973 – Oct 20, 1976SonarBest people I have ever known
Everett, RussSTS-21974 – 1976SonarMany hours listening to fish fart over the sonar. Good times bad times, glad its over.
Staton, SamET2Feb 1974 – Apr 1976RC
Lavoie, Leland (Lee)IC2(SS)Feb 15, 1974 – Oct 7, 1977EOn board for 3 1/2 years but now it seems like a very short time in my life but it had a big affect on the rest of my life. Alot of tough times but also some very good ones. Made some very good friends on this boat that I still have today.
Morrison, DanielEM2Apr 1974 – Dec 1977NuclearGood boat with good and bad times.Still keep in touch with Gary. Williams. Now live in Colorado and play with locomotives
Kittredge, Chuckms3 (SS)May 2, 1974 – Jul 22, 1977cookserved as a cook and enjoyed my time alot....just looking for my old shipmates to share a story and see how they are doing....reunion this year 2011 july 31 in muskegon mi
Crane, ScottEM2Jun 9, 1974 –Operation/EMStill alive,
Austin, GregSECOND CLASSJul 1974 – May 1976Sonar
Estes, StevenSTS-2Sep 1974 – Nov 1980SonarLooking for someone who knew my brother Steven. He died of brain aneurysm in 2006. Would like to know more aobut life aboard attack submarine.
Tepsick, MikeMM1 SSDec 4, 1974 – Jul 19, 1979MEnjoyed my time on board (but probably not at the time) There was alot of good people on board. I remember playing football in italy and as we played the Italians surounded us and watched.

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Spencer CombosJul 7, 2021Washington StateJust completed Reunion in Michigan and missing a lot of you. Next planned hope to reunite crew members and families. get up to date of what is happening on face book Ol Silversiders currently 221 members and growing.

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