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USS Bluefish (SSN 675) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bluefish (SSN 675). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 143 crew members registered for the USS Bluefish (SSN 675).

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Croucher, StevenIC2(ss)1984 – 1988IC DivisionSpent four years and made 105 dives on board Bluefish, I was just going to do four years and get out, wound up retiring form the Navy.
Ellis, JimmyLCDRFeb 1984 – Nov 1985XO
Garofoli, Dave - GuidoEM3/SSMar 1, 1984 – Dec 1, 1985Was injured with 3 broken bones in lower back during a "med" run while in Holy Loch Scotland. Went to SSBN640 and SSBN616. However, enjoyed "Fast Attack" life better. Currently a SRO Cerified IST/APPJ Engineer in Upstate NY.
Duckworth, JohnYNCM(SS)Apr 1984 – May 1985ADMINmade E8 on Bluefish. It was a great tour with super crew who always gave me help. gerry gehrin, dave wilkie, leroy stratton strong chiefs. 55 days in Holy Loch for repair during a Med run,northern run under the ice.
Griffith, MichaelTM1(SS)Apr 10, 1984 – Mar 5, 1986TorpedoLooking for Larry Phillips
Pryll, RayboSTS2(SS)May 28, 1984 – Nov 9, 1990sonar
Stein, RickLTJul 1984 – Aug 1987CRA/RCA/Sonar
Gray, Kenneth "Red"EM1/SSAug 1984 – Sep 3, 1986E-Div
Janes, Scottem2/ssApr 1985 – Aug 1986e-divonboard for about a year after coming from rayburn, remember Parker, Murphy, Moon,Piveral,Taormina and Skip.....send a message, hope all doing well!
Taormina, BobET2Apr 15, 1985 – Oct 1, 1988RC
Fickas, RichardIC3/SSJun 1, 1985 – Dec 11, 1989ic
Hutcheson, KennethYN1(SS)Jun 30, 1985 – Aug 1, 1988AdministrationCaught the end of the cruise ..enjoyed the day in Rome and this job was a real challenge unlike the west coast .. Retired at COMSUBLANT in Dec 91 and living the dream in Michigan. Buzz me at
Parker, MikeMM2Jul 1985 – Aug 1989
Sabins, Duane (Beno)MM1 (SS)Aug 1985 – Aug 1989M - ELT
Mimbs, MarshallMMC(SS)Sep 1985 – Apr 1988A LCPOThe hardest tour I had in 22 years, but the most rewarding. Never forget Fred Meyer, Joey Burrows, or Craig Cook. Ran into PO Cook a few years later in Kings Bay while on Casimir Pulaski.
Johnson, MarkMM2/SS/DVSep 1985 – Jun 1989AuxilliaryHad a great time when I served onboard. Good guys fore and aft. My nickname: Mad Dog
McKanna, RodneyET-1(SS)Nov 10, 1985 – Feb 1, 1988OPERATIONSGOOD BOAT
Palmer, TimothyMM2(SS)Dec 5, 1985 – Sep 14, 1989MIt was a tough time, but it provided a great foundation for other successful endeavors. Now an attorney in Suffolk, Virginia.
Murphy, Chuckmm11986 – Aug 21, 1988m div
Mullen, DarrylIC2Feb 7, 1986 – Feb 26, 1988ICThis was a time in my life where I managed to get my SH*T in one sock. I learned that with hard work and determination anything is possible. Thanks Rick Mimbs.
Van Wagoner, David (Eng)LCDRMay 1986 – Oct 1989EngineeringCompletion of a Refueling Overhaul in 1989, Razor Blades in 1993- go figure.
Amador, DavidET2Jun 1986 – Mar 5, 1990RCThe best job I ever had with best crew I ever served with.
Gora, BillET1Jun 2, 1986 – Sep 15, 1989NAV ETbest memories of all Three commands
Johnston, BillRMCS(SS)Apr 1987 – May 1991CommunicationsServed in the Goat locker with" Disco Joe" DeCarlo, Bill "Doc" Murdock, Ken "COB" White, and WD "Beneath the Sea" Trahan, Pedro "Pete" Alicea, and many more of the greatest Bubbleheads That ever shot a wa
Floyd, J QFTG2(SS)1988 – 1992Fire ControlThe Bluefish was a hard working hard partying crew. It seemed like we all were friends, that forward/aft crap didn't matter. We would stick together through thick or thin.
Booker, WayneIC3/SSMar 1, 1988 – Oct 1, 1991IC
Duelley, BrianSTS2(SS)Oct 18, 1988 – Feb 28, 1991SonarNothing like 2 years in overhaul! Then sea trials, at least the saltwater stayed where is was supposed to. I had some awesome shipmates. Anybody remember had badly the ST's tortured STSC DeCarlo? Ping me, I'll return all pings.
Smith, MichaelSTSSN1989 – 1991Sonar
Rahr, GlennET2(ss)1989 – 1995Navigation
Keenan, JamesQM3Feb 1, 1989 – Jul 1, 1992
Schearer, JohnE5Apr 13, 1989 – Aug 26, 1992Electrical
Gipson, AlanMM2(SS)Oct 1989 – May 1993M DivisionYou really don't know how important something is while you are living it. My time on the Bluefish was some of the best in my life.
Smith, SeanMM@/SSDec 10, 1989 – Jun 10, 1994AReceived my dolphins on Bluefish miss the heck out of so many I served with, found a number of A-Gang from the day. Best command I served on in my 10 years
Brantley, Michael1990 – 1995
Stefurak, MichaelEMC(SS)Feb 1990 – Jul 1994E-LCPOI made Chief onboard USS Bluefish, and I have great memories of 2 Med Cruises. I spent 25 years in Navy and retired as an EMCM(SS)
Webb, DannyETCSep 1990 – Sep 1993IC
Curry, JamesE5Oct 1990 – Oct 1994RCWill never forget the times I had on the Bluefish. Med runs - hate we missed Toulon, France but hey, at least we saw Italy ~7 times. I could have done without port&starboard steaming along side the pier in La Spetzia, Italy though.
Bradford, RandyMMCM(SS)Nov 1990 – Jun 1995EngineeringHello to all former crewmembers! Best years I had in the Navy! Many great memories made with great crew members! Put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into her alongside many others...too bad she's decommisioned...
Hickman, DaveET1991 – 1995ET / ESMSome of the best times of my life were while part of this crew. I transferred off shortly after the move to Hawaii. I will never forget the Med-Runs and the stories that go along with them. Italy was awesome and sometimes I wish I could
Sistrunk, Eric/otisIC3/SSMar 15, 1991 – May 31, 1994IC
Moody, SidneyMM2Apr 1, 1991 – Apr 1, 1995EngineeringSome of the best years of my life with some of the best guys.
Eyster, DonaldIC3Jun 1, 1991 – Feb 10, 1995ICI had a great time aboard the boat met some great guys that I am still in contact with and I will never forget duct tape!!
Sulzbach, RickFT2SSNov 7, 1991 – Jan 17, 1996Fire Control

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1974 | 1975 – 1983 | 1984 – 1991 | 1992 – now

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