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USS Flying Fish (SSN 673) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Flying Fish (SSN 673). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 145 crew members registered for the USS Flying Fish (SSN 673).

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Nuckols, DonaldET11976 – Sep 1979Ops/NavSINS ET. Came aboard sometime '76. Went to ICEX-77, Bremerhaven, and Med, and others. Retired from the boat in '79. Loved the sub life, would almost go back today, if my old bones didn't ache so much.
Tullis, BobEM2(SS)1976 – 1979EngineeringICEX77, Bremerhaven, NNSY, and lots of others. Good boat great people. Went on to train at S8G prototype. Did first of class testing. You haven't lived until you slam the main steam stops shut at 100%+ power.
Loch, MerlinMS3Feb 1976 – Aug 1977SupplyMy first ship, sailed to the North Pole, played softball out on the ice, April 5, 1977
Thurman, MichaelIC2Feb 1976 – Jan 1979EFaslane (Scotland), ICEX77, Bremerhaven, overhaul, and lots of others. Good boat with even better people. Went on to USS Gurnard in San Diego. These days, I'm the Education Services Specialist for Navy Recruiting District Seattle.
Knox, SteveLTMar 1976 – Jan 1979ET, RM, EM, MMFt. Liquordale, Bremerhaven, Faslane, second half of Ray's Med deployment. Got my Gold Dolphins at the North Pole. Served with Jack Williams and then Tom Meinicke. Just missed the last Northern Runs. NNSY in 1978.
O'brien, Robert "ob"IC3(SS)Jul 2, 1976 – Nov 14, 1978Engineering/IC (forward)
Gunderson, PhilEM1Dec 25, 1976 – Feb 13, 1981E-DivI remember the a lot of the guys and that we spent a lot of time babysitting an MG set. Never thought ice would form on the bulkheads in the engine room - boy was I wrong.
Spickerman, BobSTS3Oct 1977 – Apr 1979SonarMy first boat, spent most of my time in NNSY Portsmouth Va. in overhaul. Great Times!
Mattran, Edmund (Matt) profile iconSTSCS(SS)Feb 19, 1978 – Jan 1, 1982Weapons
Perry, ThomasSTS3 SSApr 1978 – Jun 21, 1981sonar
Rivera, BeckyEM1(SS)Jun 1978 – Dec 1980electrianmy ex husband's name on this boat was EM1(SS) Anthony Rivera. I was wondering if any of the crew members from approx. that time would recognize his name. I hope you don't mind me joining.
Knight, JeffMM1 (SS)Sep 1978 – Jun 1982M-Div (nuke)2 spec ops, med run, bahamas, swim calls, Tony Alter, Hollingsworth, Mike Wolk, Dan Deterding, Bobby Freeman, ELT/LELT, qualed up to EWS. EEK-the-GEEK, Alter and his reenlistment ceremony with LCDR Moore, ship's bell
Minnick, John WesleyMM1 E6Dec 1978 – Feb 1980Division M
Cross, JimMM1Feb 2, 1979 – 1984MGreat 5 years
Haines, Scott (Harmon)IC2-SSFeb 14, 1979 – May 17, 1982ICThe Fish was a great boat with a great crew. What happened to Bubba Bamberger? COB Franks? Rick Fetzer? Tom Layman? Phil Carson? MCDowell? Email me at
Coffey, RickET-1 (SS)May 1979 – Mar 1984RC
Carlson, KenET1(SS)Jul 1979 – Aug 1982RCHey guys, I remember the usta fish well. Who'd of thought that Paul Hellen would come work with me in Minnesota long after I left the fish. He can still get up on his soap box.
Loewenstein, DennisLTJul 8, 1979 – Mar 10, 1981Supply DepartmentBattle Stations Diving Officer was the best, making break outs from lockers located at MS-1 and MS-2 underway or from the Aux tank were the worst. Onloads of TDU weights were fun!!!!
Ward, Mike " AWK "STS(SS)Aug 15, 1979 – Sep 21, 1982WEPSThis realy brings back alot of good memories. I wish we could all get back together, that would be a blast!
McKanna, RodneyET-1(SS)Sep 1, 1979 – Dec 23, 1979OPERATIONSShort turn around.
Blackwell, MichaelSTS-2 (SS)Oct 1979 – Dec
Beattie, AdrianMMFN(SS)1980 – Jun 1984AI'm glad my daughter found this site for me. How is everyone doing? I have seen Fred Barret and Glen (BOLDERHEAD) Leighman since I have been out. I really miss everyone, we had allot of good times. Even thow I wanted out real bad back then
Acri, ShawnMS2 (SS)1980 – Dec 18, 1982Hey everyone, hope all is well, Don't miss the northern runs at all LOL. Anyone know where Chief Boggan is?
Schwarz, MichaelSTG21980 – 1984WeaponsGood times with good people.
Haines, Scott (Harmon)IC2-SSJan 5, 1980 – May 15, 1982ICGreetings to all shipmates - you guys were the best!
Haynes, DougET-1Feb 4, 1980 – Sep 7, 1985ESM ETGood seeing all the familiar names!
Stroumbos, Jamesmm2/ssMar 1980 – May 1982a ganghey all am back an still in maine enjoying 2nd retirement navy dec 1992 usps out onn ssi nov 2012 all eh good any one know where don king (tm) is now a days
Layman, Thomas ( T Squared )IC1 (SS)May 1980 – Aug 25, 1983Interior CommunicationsHe's a SHEM! Remembering CC Jones, Stevie-Boy, MacDowowowel, Mikey Ward, The Man with Three First Names, Harmon Haines, Eek the Geek (He loved me), Mr. John Rudder, Fred Barret, The Flying Fish Seven (Thanks Virginia Ledger Star)
Millhouse, KenMM1/SS(then) MMCS/SS(ret) nowJun 1980 – Oct 1984A-GANGStumbled upon this site, sure glad I did, lots of familiar names that spark alot of great memories. Sure do miss all you guys..CPO Stewart, Fred, Boulderhead,JIm,Buff drop me a line sometime.
McAdoo, KenMM1Jul 1980 – Aug 1984mbad memories fade, but the people you always remember.. mongo, slickenger, stumpy, boo boo...and others I made a career of it (who woulda thought) retired in 98.. in commercial nuke power now
Knowlton, StevenMS2Jul 9, 1980 – Dec 10, 1984I WAS THE MS ON THE MED TOUR SURE MISS THE GOOD OLE DAYS
Enloe, Dan, 2-slowLT (THEN) CAPT NOWSep 1980 – Apr 1984E&IC, WepsKudos to the crew who trained me & Gove. Helped get torpedo for WWII USS Albacore memorial Saved from NRRO by Jasko. "This is the Bergall" 25yrs in CSP res
Gazard, James (Jim)MM2Nov 1980 – Jun 1986A
Stewart, KeithMMCS1981 – 1985AMiss all you guys Hope all are doing ok!
Thomlinson, David / DogshitIC11981 – 1986Nuke ElectricanDid two battery changes on the ole fish.
Sharrett, GeneIC1 (SS)Jan 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1985ICBeen a long long time, seen whats left of her a few years back, damn wonder what ever happened to fast eddie haskel
Leboeuf, Jim (Beast)ET1(SS)Jun 1, 1981 – May 8, 1984Reactor ControlsHowdy guys, long time! I finally retired in 2001 as ETCM(SS), who woulda thought!!! Now in Oregon! Look me up!
Craig, Mike (The Man With 3 First Names)ET2Jul 1981 – Feb 1986ET NavGreat site. Good memories partying with the Shem!, QM, Tom Layman, Tom Mac, Stevie Knowlton, Scam. Remember Paris? Hi to Jim Gazard. Great partner in spades and Euchre.. we kicked ass brother. Seems so long ago.
Dougherty, MichaelTM2/SSAug 1981 – Aug 1984TorpedoTwo Northern Runs with one Ice-ex and one that I could tell you about but then I would have to kill you. One Med Cruise and various other fun cruise to exotic ports of call, like Kings Bay Georgia, anyone remember the flushing well, er flowing well?
Pylant, Patrick (Pappy)STS 1 SS ACAug 1981 – Sep 1984Sonar/WepsThe good shipmates make a good boat. Always remember Monk, Fuzzball, Lewis, Toad, Pete, Palat, Qtr. Mex, Bertha Butt, Stu, and Brit the Cook just to name a few. Submariners Onece, Submariners Twice............
Romanow, PhilRM1(SS)Dec 1981 – Dec 1986RadioGreat days, Remember LaMadd and all that calamari? What ever happened to Bamberger? He went to squadron and never heard from him again. Pezzello, Bitchin Chuck, Thomas, Trout, Jim Lubke, John Redman. Hey Romanow any family grams?

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