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USS Wasp (CV 18) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wasp (CV 18). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 442 crew members registered for the USS Wasp (CV 18).

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Bergmann, JohnHN1967 – 1969H
Sander, Vernon TimMM21967 – Dec 11, 1970A
Detwiler, Terry1967 – 1969I'm adding for my father - I know he would love to hear from old shipmates. He ofter speaks fondly of his time in the service, shipmates, and playing for the Wasp football team.
Fine, StuartPH31967 – 1969operations
Gruis, Gregg profile iconE31967 – 1967BoatswainRemember when we collided with the tanker in carribean? Spent week making it sea worthy and then to NYC for repairs, Bomb scare by demonstrators
O'Brien, Jr (Jim)RD21967 – 1969OII had more fun in Boston and didn't much care for Quonset Point. I remember all the great places we visited and the great guys we sailed with.
Gradisher, BobRM21967 – 1969CREnjoyed my tour on the Wasp. Retired in '82 as a Chief Radioman.
Fijalkowski, Paul (Skiboo)GMG3/21967 – Nov 19695 th
Salisbury, JohnBM21967 – 1971LPO 4th Division
Gardner, DannyMM2Jan 1967 – Jun 1970MThree years in the aft engine room. Started as an FA, sewed on MM2 with a year left. Cruised to No.Atlantic, Med, Carribean, and Gulf of Mexico from homeports of So. Boston and Quonset Pt. RI. Still in touch with D.Riggio in pittsburgh, PA.
Putzer, GregRM3Jan 1967 – Mar 1968communications (radio)I was on board during the collision with an oiler. We then went to Puerto Rico for repairs. Also went to Virgin Islands for their centennial. I was also there during a very boring yard period.
Manues, JtDS1Jan 1, 1967 – Jan 15, 1969ODCame aboard Jan '67 with the new ASWC&CS system. My first Chief was DSC Crutchfield. Made one North Atlantic Cruise in '68. Served with some of the best DS' onboard the Wasp.
Ironside, DonYN3Mar 1967 – Sep 1968X Legal OfficeLots of Fun Playing on the WASP Softball Team and Partying withe the "Famous CR Division" Kerby, Wee etc. Love to hear from you.
Carr, HowardEM3Mar 1967 – Dec 1968E DivisionGreat time on Wasp, met some great friends and saw a lot of ports, here and abroad. Definitely liked watching planes and copters taking off and landing. North Atlantic was cold in the winter.
Herold, HugoABF3Mar 22, 1967 – Apr 15, 1970V4I was assigned as a Gasoline pumproom operator until I made E/4. Then I was the below decks jet fuel petty officer. After leaving the ship I became a New York City firefighter, I retired from the FDNY in March of 2000
Malafeew, ValETR2Apr 1967 – Jan 1968OEBoston
Chick, WayneHM3May 1967 – Sep 1968MedicalI was assigned to the Wasp after X-ray School at Chelsea and was the ship's X-ray Tech.
Mechler, RonaldRM3Jun 1967 – Oct 1969CR
McCool, CharlieABE 2Jul 1, 1967 – Oct 10, 1970V-2
McCool, Charlie profile iconABE 2Jul 1, 1967 – Oct 1971V-2
Wendel, JohnCYN3Jul 1, 1967 – Aug 31, 1968CRWasp was in dry dock at the South Annex. I was assigned to the Fargo Building where the communication were being handled. Then we did a shakedown cruise to GITMO where I had just spent a year prior to the Wasp.
Bangsund, PaulABM 3Aug 1967 – Jul 1971V1
Salisbury, JohnBM2Aug 2, 1967 – 19714thThis was a great ship
Crissman, EugeneABE2Aug 3, 1967 – Oct 5, 1972V-2I worked in the starboard catapult and on the flight deck.Hooking up the planes to the catapult on the flight deck. Catapult operator in the starboard catapult.
Davidson, Pete Aka 'Blue'CYN3Aug 25, 1967 – Sep 9, 1970CR-Comunnications/RadioStarted in Dry-Dock Boston, Many Cruises, Many Friends. Ended in Quonset Point. The best of times, good and bad. I should have stayed in.
Brooks, BenETR3Sep 1967 – Aug 1968OEBoston, ORI in GITMO, Bermuda, Ft. Lauderdale. The Hillbilly Ranch "Bubby" Bowen's ET Gang
Dozier, William (Bill)QM2Sep 1967 – Jan 1969ComCarDiv 14Although I was actually assigned to ComCarDiv 14 (Admiral's staff), Wasp was the division flagship during the time of my assignment. Was home ported in Boston when I reported aboard with it being moved to Quonset Point.
Shaw, Robert profile iconEN3Oct 1, 1967 – Sep 1, 1969A DIESELSMy tour consisted of Artic circle, Europe and the Med. we worked on all diesels, all liberty boats,life boats,forward and rear emergency power, and emergency water pumps for the fire main.we picked up one Gemini capsule.Engineer for Admirals barge.
Beeman, Lawrence [larry]PR3Dec 1967 –AirCame aboard Wasp from A school, dry docked in Boston. Did a NATO/Med cruise . Transferred to VF-31 in Oceana Va. did two more cruises aboard Saratoga. Worked with Ted Weeks, Terry Long .
Kilgore, RichardRM2Dec 30, 1967 – Jan 3, 1968CRGot to go on 2 cruises to Europe and that finished up seeing most of Europe, I got and early out In September of 1969 to go to college. I went thru several jobs and worked on security at Nuclear Power Plant.
Morgan, Richard J.ADR11968 – 1969AIMD
Allen, DjDS11968 – 1971S7
Wales, JohnSN1968 – Dec 1971bosn detail sail lockerLookin for Steve Hooper and other crew mates
Acheson, William Kent (Bill)E51968 – 1972HS5Stationed in Quonset Point, Rhode Island
Tirb, DanielABH 31968 – 1969V-3
Furr, JerryAN1968 – 1968Air Group
Gajewski, LeoBT21968 – 1971B# 3 fireroom/...#s 5&6 boilers !!
Staszak, Roy profile iconAZ31968 – 1970ADMINISTRATION
Morgan, LynnBT21968 – 1969( B ) #3 FIREROOM
Welch, JohnPN2 retired PNC1968 – 1970ExecutiveVery first ship. Worked in Personnel Office. Transferred in 1969 to HS-7 and deployed again on WASP. Retired PNC in 1988. Had a great career.
Houser, Bert  NEWTM11968 – 1972WeaponsI am looking for someone who remembers the Otto fuel spill in the torpedo room. I need someone to help verify it for a VA claim. Was with R. Bork, J. Mercer, D. Myles, S. Funk and W. Allen. Thanks for any help.
Huinker, David profile iconRD3 (retired EWCS (SW) in 1988)Jan 1968 – Aug 1968OIServed only a short time but took her to Rhode Island for her home port change. (my second ship)
Feola, LuigiE-2Feb 1968 – Oct 19723rdLooking for any sailors who served with me or Second Class Petty Officer William Harris to make contact with me about our duty aboard this gallant ship!
Huszar, StevePR 3Feb 1, 1968 – Mar 11, 1970V3Started out with the V3 Div. (hanger). Many memorable cruises, incidents & friends! Med, No. Atlantic, Artic Cir. & more - Even the refueling collision. Left for Parachute Riggers School & back to Wasp - Then to Andrews AFB Parachute Loft.
Sievila, LorenRD2Feb 10, 1968 – Jan 11, 1971OIMade 3 cruises chasing the Russians around the Atlantic-A great experience and I still stay in contact with some of my shipmates.
Helt, JimABE3Feb 28, 1968 – Oct 28, 1971V-2 aresting gearhad a lot of good friends in v-2 div. think of them often, still in contact with my best friend frank marcogliese, A real great guy .
McInally, BruceE3Mar 1968 – 19691ST LT DIV
Comley, RichardABE3Mar 1968 – Nov 1971V2 arresting gearServed with a great bunch of guys. Worked in arresting gear the whole time. Was aboard when we had the collision during the refueling with the tanker.
Tidwell, Richard/rickABF E3Apr 30, 1968 – Aug 11, 1971V4I was part of the V4 fuels Div. Worked in the pump rooms and flight deck also Lube oil. I am looking to find some of the guys I was stationed with you can e-mail me @
Hock, RobertAC3May 1968 – Oct 1970
Hock, RobertAC3May 1968 – Sep 1970
Hooper, SteveBM3May 1968 – Dec 1971
Guerrero, Ramon (Ray)SF2May 1968 – Dec 17, 1971R divisionWith the trade I learned while in the Navy I had a very successful career as a Union Sheetmetal Worker, retiring at age 56.
Sweitzer, JohnRD 2May 1, 1968 – Dec 1, 1971OII thought the cold war would never end!
Brand, DavidBM3May 20, 1968 – Dec 5, 1978first deck force
Brand, DavidBM3May 20, 1968 – Dec 5, 19711st DivisionI served with a great group of guys in the Deck Force. It is a shame I've only kept up with one, Mike Williams. Would love to locate 'Pete' Baker, BM3 and Thomas Standridge, SN.
Talbott, LarryFN E-3May 28, 1968 – Oct 31, 1969i served may 68 thru nov 69. my name is larry talbott. i was a fireman. im looking for anyone to help with a VA claim. i wasn involved in several fires during crusies....anyone remember them? thanks contact me at
Zupancic, Jack - ZipADR2Jun 1968 – Oct 1970AIMD - QA Power Plant SystemsI'm looking for former shipmates; Communication is welcomed;
Brennan, JosephCPLJun 14, 1968 – Oct 2, 1970WpnsMarine Detachment
Smith, RonaldDP2Jun 20, 1968 – Sep 19, 1969S7Worked in the computer room for the supply division.
Fortunato, RalphA3Aug 1968 – Oct 30, 1969airdaleHAD A GREAT TIME ON THE WASP
Frank, MarcoglieseABE3Aug 16, 1968 – Mar 30, 1972V 2
Bender, ThomasAMH2Sep 1968 – Feb 1970AMDI took the last cruise on the U.S.S. Wasp to the N. Atlantic in 1971. Also served on the Sinking Sara, on it's Med cruise in 72.
Mengel, H. Dexter / FlimsyASM3Sep 1968 – Oct 31, 1969AIMD / IM2Made good friends during my short time on board. Joined ship in Scotland. 2 memorable cruises with great ports of call.
Fletcher, CharlesIt SM3Sep 1, 1968 – Sep 1, 1969OpsEnjoyed time in.still sending semaphore and Morse code to passing ships.looking for all wood's
Moore, DavidE3Oct 1968 – Dec 19691stThis was my first ship and where I grew into an adult. Thank you NAVY
Jones, JamesEM2Oct 1968 – Dec 1971E Div.I took care of the lights on the flight deck and in the island. It was the good life for my time aboard. Great North Atlantic cruises.
Alvarado, Victor / VicFTG/SNOct 27, 1968 – Apr 11, 1972FoxAn outstanding bunch of guys in the Fox Div Crew..
Henderson, JohnEN3Nov 1968 – Oct 1969(diesels)North Atlantic cruise Apr.69 - Jul 69. Homeport Quonset, R.I. I was assigned to A div. diesels quartered in forward diesel. Hi to all the guys that I was stationed with.

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