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USS Whale (SSN 638) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Whale (SSN 638). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 231 crew members registered for the USS Whale (SSN 638).

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Deboi, AddisonSTS2(SS)1970 – 1972Lots of time up north. Vague recollections, but do recall Beenbag Benator's question to sonar. "Sonar con - What is the difference between snaping shrimp and sperm whales?" "Con -sonar, about 20 tons"
Strickland, BillyEM11970 –EBilly had been dead for many years. I don't have more details about him. He got me interested in Submarines before he was tragically killed in a car accident on 13 December,1970. Frank Reno STSCS(SS) USN Ret.
McGee, EdCTI21970 –TADCame aboard in Rota, Spain, in fall of 1970 on temporary duty with a couple of other spooks for the Med tour. We had a plywood hot rack in the forward torpedo room, and liberty in Piraeus, Greece. Lots of good memories.
Vaughn, JayRM2(SS)1970 – Nov 8, 1971RadioLoved the time aboard. Great shipmates. Yo, Uribe, I am here!
Picker, BobbyEM1Jan 3, 1970 – Aug 8, 1972Electrical DivisionHello to all that served on this marvelous ship. When I was on her we were always very busy. We had a great skipper Commander Thomas Mayberry, Exec - Lt Commander James Collins, wardroom and crew.
Ott, Tim/otterETN2Jan 6, 1970 – Aug 25, 1972RC2 Northern runs one of which was a back-to-back to the Med
Wicks, DavidEM 1Jul 1970 – 1972Electrical Gang
Crowley, DanFTG1Jul 7, 1970 – Apr 24, 1975Weapons5 years; Lead FT, Sonar Supervisor, Photographer. Worked onboard 1978 (with Hughes) as a tec-rep.
Kelley, Weldon (Gene)TM!(SS)Oct 20, 1970 – Aug 26, 1974Torpedo (FWD)I went thru the whole conversion to a DSRV and was the only Qualified diving office when we went out for sea trials after the conversion. Had a great trip thru the Pannama canal.
Lackey, RandyYN2(SS)(DV)Jan 15, 1971 – 1973Attack SubmarineServed with Captain Mayberry and Captain Curtis. Ships Diver with John Ramoa. Good friends were Gary Kunkle, John and Max (wife was Donna) and Popajohn. Back to back deployments were tough - loved Bremerhaven/Bremen.
Keatts, BillMM3 SSFeb 15, 1971 – Jul 1974Aux.
Reynolds, DavidE5/ETR2(SS)May 21, 1971 – Apr 15, 1975Reactor ControlsRemember Whale Power and Light
Black, RichardCTI 2Aug 1971 – Nov 1971Spook - TDYDetailed on Whale for ops in Artic Circle. Great crew and earned some awards. Could not have been treated better. Awarded the Royal Order - Thanks guys!
Wirick, TerryEM21972 – 1974E
Elsey, JimMM1/SS/DVJan 5, 1972 – Jan 19, 1977MachineryShips lead diver, M-Div Section leader
Didomenico, WilliamEM2 SSMar 12, 1972 – Mar 1975E
Cook, TerryEM2Jun 1972 – Dec 1975Electrical
Heft, RichardFTG 1Jun 1972 – Jul 28, 1976FT's
Gibson, EdE5Jun 1972 – Feb 1976EI remember leaving the Med (OUTCHOP). The cook prepared beef wellington and baked Alaska for us. The officers waited on the crew. I remember how utterly reliable the reactor, main engines and generators were.
Pendergrass, William (Bill)EM2Jul 1972 – Jul 1974Electrical
Wunderlich, RichardMM31973 – 1974A
Berry, RoyMM2(SS)Apr 1, 1973 – May 11, 1975M diivisonFirst boat retire 27 years, learned fast attack tough, Med runs and yard periods. Water fights, bad food, and long hours. Hope all fair seas
Anderson, ChrisMM1/SSNov 25, 1973 – Aug 25, 1977M OH the "Mid watches! fresh cinnamon rolls with engineroom coffee!
MacKinnon, DonaldQUARTER MASTER1974 –
Meixell, BobMM1SS1974 – 1979MNPS Mare Island 7408. Nuclear Machinist Mate ELT.
Williams, Robert (Willy)QMSN(SS)Jun 1974 – Aug 1976OpsThose were some of the best years of my life - I'm darned proud to have served on the Whale. I'll never forget Ernie's cooking! Had some awesome times.
Trimble, GregMM2C SSJul 10, 1974 – Aug 28, 1977A gang2 med cruises,cuba,Groton,PNSY,
Snyder, AndyMM1 (SS)Aug 1974 – Aug 1977MGreat Times, Great People
Jenkins, DavidMM1 SSAug 1974 – Jan 27, 1978Engine RoomWow, Jim Elsey and Triple B. I was the "other" diver with Jim.
Bennett, BillMM2 (SS)Sep 1974 – Jun 1978A-Gang
Erdner, Bruce/ Triple B Double SMM1/SSSep 9, 1974 – Aug 15, 1975Med runs, Mechanical rabbit for ASW ops in GITMO, ORSE work ups, PNSY for refueling. Miss the camraderie of the crew aft of frame 57. Atthis point in my life there are no bad memories, only good ones!!
Galvin, AndyE4Oct 1, 1974 – Sep 5, 1976SonarI Remember "KO Kobe" and med runs & "boing" fish, and freezing on topside watch in Naples. Where the heck are Steve Smith and Greg French?? Oh yeah, and Lt Flanagan messing up a quick snatch reactor drill in a freaking hurricane...
Curley, RichardLTJGNov 1974 – Aug 1976SupplyCrew singing "Only you can shoot the TDU" in the middle of the night? day? Who knew? Marcus Friedman, God help us all.
Forrest, HarlanEM2/SSDec 1, 1974 – Sep 7, 1978Electrical
Wentzel, KitEM2(SS)Dec 15, 1974 – Mar 9, 1979electrical
Young, PaulMM3 (SS)1975 – Sep 1978A-gangGreat crew & great time.
Zacher, Phillip profile iconE51975 – 1979TM2Loved it!!!
Reavis, BillMM2Apr 1975 – Aug 1978A-Gang
Wittenstrom, JohnRM1 UNQUAL - RM1SS - THEN RMCSSJun 10, 1975 – Jun 10, 1978RadioCame on board before the 75 Med run. I think I got a picture of MM Bennett with a wig and boobies during our med party. Went arend Sardinia with a bunch of guys. Swam in the Med in February, 76. Retired in 83.
Dowling, MikeEMC (SS)Jun 15, 1975 – Mar 15, 1979"E"Med run and refuelling overhaul at PNSY
Wittenstrom, JohnRM1(SS)Jun 20, 1975 – Jun 19, 1978RadioWent on board as non-qual RM!. Made Med run and left in 85 for recruiting duty... missed last reunion - would like to come to next one - when is it?
Owsinski, DanielE-5 ETN-2(SS)Jul 12, 1975 – Sep 10, 1979Operations/Electronics
French, GregFTG 1 (SS/DV)Nov 1, 1975 – Apr 1, 1976WeaponsThe Med run was the highlight of my enlistment.
Potter, JamesE-3Nov 10, 1975 – Jul 23, 1979IC-
Banke, JamesEM1 (SS)Dec 1975 – Dec 1979EGrateful for being with a great bunch of guys. Had fun in the Med, the two year overhaul and the southern run to PR and St. Criox, and the 2nd Med run.
McGinley, MacEM2(SS)Dec 6, 1975 – Dec 1978ElectricalGreat boat and crew. The more senior guys in E Div really helped us nubs in quals and learning the boat and our watchstations. I ended up commissining as an LDO in 1986 and retiring in 2001.

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