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USS Thetis Bay (LPH 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Thetis Bay (LPH 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 86 crew members registered for the USS Thetis Bay (LPH 6).

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Meyers, Marvin profile icone3/icman1960 – 1964electronicshad a great experience , should have made it a career
Johnson, Lonnie (John)ABF1Jan 1960 – Jul 1961V-1 (Flight Deck)Was V-1 Leading PO. Had a great Air Boss, LCDR M.M. Gunter, and a great Division Officer, Lt.Tom Wade. A good tour of duty with a lot of good men in my division
White, BobE-3Feb 1, 1960 – Jun 1, 1960Clerical
Reeves, RobertFIREMAN, ELECTRICIANAug 15, 1960 – May 15, 1961ELeft ship in Subic Bay, PI
Lampert, LarryYN3Aug 21, 1960 – Mar 20, 1963Eng
Payton, JerryABFANOct 1960 – Sep 1962V-4Left the ship to attend PRA school in Lakehust NJ. V-4 Division was a small Division but we all seemed to work well together. Came aboard in Long Beach Ca. and departed in Norfolk Va.
Graf, LindalATN3/ATN2Nov 1960 – Nov 1961Air OfficeWesPac cruise, enjoyed trip to Baguio City, Corregidor. Although I was an AT, I ended up as the Air Offce Yoeman, we had too many AT's for one plane and I could type.
Marre, TedsaDec 5, 1960 – Sep 1, 19632nd
Sliper, BobETN3Jan 1961 – Sep 1961OAEEnjoyed helicopter trip to Corregidor. Left ship in Subic Bay
Lively, RonABH3Mar 1, 1961 – Mar 15, 1963V-1Remember well the B and A Crane operations for lifting the Helo's from the pier to the Flight Deck. Westpac 1961, Panama Canal, Cuba Blockade, and Base liberty only in Mayport.
Ditterick, DavidANApr 1961 – 1962Hanger Deck V3?Made cruises to Phillipines, & Hong Kong. Went from Pacific to Atlantic Fleet through the Panama Canal to Norfork, Va. Made a Cruise to San Juan & the Caribbean before transfering to School.
Flook, EdwardETRSNApr 7, 1961 – Nov 18, 1961OAE
McCarthy, BillEM2Jun 14, 1961 – Feb 3, 1964ElectricalAboard for transfer from Long Beach to Norfolk. Operations during Cuban crisis, Bay of Pigs Ops, Haitian crisis, Pres. Kennedy's visit to First Meeting of Organization of American States (Costa Rica). Trip to Hamburg Germany & Phila for DE
Muszynski, Lawrence / LarryIC 3Jun 14, 1961 – Jan 16, 1964E Division
Feezor, KennethANJul 1, 1961 – Jan 31, 1962V 3First tour of Duty out of Boot Camp. Caught the Ship in the Philippines. When through the Panama Canal to the East Coast.
Parker, JackieANSep 15, 1961 – Mar 5, 1962V6worked on hgr deck. went through canal and puerto rico cruize transfered to A school. lot of fun times in a short period
Hamilton, Colin Kelly (Hambone) profile iconBoatswain/RDOct 1961 – Apr 1963OI
Canino, TomE3 Bosin's MateOct 12, 1961 – Mar 25, 1962Bosin's Matephone 1-805-382-6744
Williams, Jerry WilliamsSNOct 15, 1961 – May 10, 19641stMemories were Cuban Crisis in 1962 and the trip to Hamburg Germany carrying the Presidents Helicopters.
Watt, BarryCS3Nov 1961 – Nov 1962Supply
Wyatt, CharlesE3 ABHANNov 5, 1961 – Dec 11, 1962V1The best of time while in the Navy was aboard the Thetis Bay.
Nessen, RebeccaNov 6, 1961 – Mar 8, 1962My father served on this ship somewhere around november of 1961 not sure when he got off the ship
Rickel, WillismMM3Dec 1961 – Mar 22, 1964mWent aboard theUSS THETIS BAY in Long Beach CA. in December 1961 served until march of 1964. .
McKee, JimSEAMAN BOS'N1962 – 19641st
Lloyd, Duanebtfn1962 – 1964forward fireroom
Gaines, James Aka Jungle JimHM21962 – 1962embarked MarinesAhoy Navy, had the pleasure of USS Thetis Bay LPH6 during The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Looking for Arty Moskowitz who served the same time. Semper Fi, Jimmy Gaines
Paynter, RonaldANJan 5, 1962 – Oct 24, 1963Three (Hanger Deck)Air Controlman on the Bridge. Some of my best times in my young life. Great crew & a lot of good friendships were made.
Moskowitz, ArtyHM3Apr 1962 – Nov 1962sickbay medicaltransferred during cuban crisis to ist. battalion 6th marines wound up in camp lejeune
Winslow, DouglasAN V3 DIV.Jul 22, 1962 – Mar 1, 1964V 3 Hanger DeckFrom Dry Docks in 1962- our O.R.I. was in Gitmo Bay Cuba, I was in the cubin crisis, then to Hamberg Germ., first American ship to visit Hamberg since World War II, also met Beatles at the bar on the river bon. Many memories with crew & ports of call
Anderson, Paul (Andy)ETR3Aug 1, 1962 – Mar 1, 1964Served from Aug 62 through Decommission in Philadelphia.
Mancini, FrankABH3Aug 10, 1962 – Jan 27, 1964Flight DeckRemember the Cuban Blockade,and Hamburg to bring Pres. Kennedys copters over,the Beatles and also the Panama Canel. Served with a great bunch of guys.Trying to locate P.J. Lamancusa
Allen, FrankSNSep 1962 – 1963
Rotundo, DavidYN3Sep 1962 – Mar 1964OperationsServed aboard with some of the finest officers and enlisted personnel in the Navy.
Dobson, KennethQM3Sep 9, 1962 – Mar 1964Great crew still keep in touch with one after finding each other 15 years ago
Baird, Mike (Monty)snSep 13, 1962 – Mar 31, 1964Navigation
Rooney, EdE2Sep 20, 1962 – Jan 15, 1964V-3 hanger deckPicked up the ship in Norfolk and was on board for the Cuban Missile Crisis,Gitmo,Hamburg and all those Bahama Cat Island trips. Remeber the Panama canal trip for Kennedys helos ? Went to Philly for decommision was transfered in Jan of 64
Nicholas, JerryRM2Oct 1, 1962 – Nov 12, 1963ORTruly enjoyed my tour of duty on this ship, worked with great People. . I was good friends with two Radioman in particular, their names are Ken Tomlinson & Bill Bonnette anyone knows them would you ask them to contact
Lane, DaveABH-3Nov 17, 1962 – Aug 20, 1964Flight Deck V-1Plane handler (blue shirt). Participated in the Cubian block aid in 1964.
McCartney, MichaelE-3Feb 1963 – Dec 1963X DeckFond memories of our cruise to Germany, taking President Kennedy's helicoptors there when he spoke at the Berlin Wall. And.."The Beatles!"
Garfinkle, RonENSIGN- SUPPLY CORPSApr 10, 1963 – Feb 1, 1964SupplyTwo Haiti trips, Trip to Germany carrying Pres Kennedy's helicopters & crews. Helped in decommissioning in Philadelphia
Henson, CharlesAnApr 15, 1963 – Apr 15, 1963hanger deckBest trip was Germany, worst part of trip was when they annanced the president was dead. I left the ship in panama for an assignment to VA43.
Henson, CharlesADJ3Apr 20, 1963 – Apr 20, 1964Hanger Deck

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