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USS Cape Esperance (CVE 88) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cape Esperance (CVE 88). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 93 crew members registered for the USS Cape Esperance (CVE 88).

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Sapeda, SapoCOOK1945 –In remembrance of my dad. He made the best barbequed spareribs and chicken a la king
Muller, John W.AMM1cFeb 1945 – Mar 1945CASUMy father passed 8/11/93. Active flight crew, Iwo Jima operations, rear gunner, SB2C-3. Launched with a Marine pilot to bomb enemy, but was hit in engine after dive. Beach ditching, pilot KIA, Dad suffered a concussion.
Mason, O. D.SKV2Oct 1945 – Jun 1946Supply
Lemoine, Harry GeneSEAMAN1949 – 1953I wish to pay thanks to my grandfather for his service and to let him know that his service will not go unappreciated. thanks to all that have served honorably, the nation respects you all. God Bless, and to many more years with family
Barker, Rufus1949 – 1953My dad served in the engine room on the USS Cape Esperance.
Wagner, James1950 –My father served on this ship in the 50's. He is deceased but it would be interesting to hear from some of his former Navy pals.
Smith, Alton [al]FT31950 – 1953Fire ControlLooking for Jack Simms, Jerry Townsand, Howard Smith, FT2 Price or any shipmate during 1950 to 1953. Korean theater.
Bilbo, Thomas (Tom)SK3Jul 15, 1950 – Aug 15, 1951SupplyI was in charge of the main supply room 3 decks down foward. I also ran the hobby shop (Woodworking).
Taylor, RobertSH3Oct 1950 – May 1952Store/Ship ServiceI ran Clothing and Small Stores and also made ice cream for the Gedunk Stand.
Schumacher, DonavonSK3 SPECIAL SERVICES1951 – 1952Ships StoresRan the Gee Dunks stand
Fuss, DonaldYN31951 – 1952AdminIf you were aboard during the terrible storm in Dec/Jan 1952/1953, you will always remember it all your life. Bow plunging under water, screws out of the water, flailing, No headway at full speed. Scary time.
Kremin Jr, William J.YNSNJan 1951 – Jul 1952Captains OfficeMade two trips to the Philipines and Thailand and numerous trips to Japan (Yokosuka), one stop at Eniwetok to deliver cargo for Nuclear Operation Greenhouse.
McGinnis, Arch Cooper (Mack) profile iconBM2Jan 24, 1951 – Jan 19, 1955Fantail Military PoliceThis was my grandfather & I am looking for some people that knew him! Please email me! I am putting together a scrapbook of his Navy stuff & stories would be great to add!
McIver, BillFIREMANJan 26, 1951 – Jan 19, 1952Engineering - Forward Engine Room
Martin, HaroldICM3Feb 5, 1951 – Apr 7, 1954run movie projectors
Snider, PaulBT3May 15, 1951 – Aug 25, 1953BI stood watches in the after fireroom also operated the after set of evaporarors.
Butler, Herman, Jr. (Hank, Junnie)TCVE 88Jun 1951 – Nov 1953R ME2enjoyed my tour. Requested transfer and went aboard USS Ajax AR 6. Aug.1954 boarded USS Randall in Yokohama, steamed to Pusan, Korea, then to Seattle and discharged 14, Sep. 1954.
Linker, ElizabethJul 10, 1951 – May 13, 1952repairI am looking for shipmates of my father-in-law ,he especially is interested in locating Jerry McCoy who also served in the repair division but we would love to hear from anyone who remembers him.Also pictures of ship after the storm
McCoy, JerryOct 1951 – 1953repair
Hayes, John (Louis)FNOct 15, 1951 – Sep 14, 1954M
Bawden, FredMR2Dec 1951 – Oct 1953FiremanI would like to contact Rufus Barker & Jerry McCoy.We were in the same division.
Copley, BobFIREMANDec 2, 1951 – Jul 8, 19523Just to say "Hi" to old ship mates.
Wiedeman, Varley E.HM31952 –Medical
Hughes, Pat1952 – 1956My dad seerved onthis vessel and I was interested in making contact with anyone that may have known him. He was a cook.
Carver, Robert (Bob)1952 – 1953O/I the radar gang
Dupree, Charles(chuck)ELECTRICIAN CLASS 3Jan 1952 – Dec 1955Looking to hear from old shipmates.
Duran, AndyPN2Jan 5, 1952 – Jul 16, 1954XMade several trips to Japan delivering jets for other CVs. I remember our ship going through a typhoon and we had about 9 months at the Bethlehem Shipyard in Oakland, CA as a result.
Lawson, FreddieGM3Feb 1, 1952 – Jul 1, 19555th
Ficklin, RoyceSEAMANApr 1952 – Aug 1953
Dunn, JamesRD2Nov 1, 1952 – Apr 1, 1954radarIt was fun while it lasted
Burbank, Raymond "Butch"ME11953 – 1956My grandfather served from 1938 to 1960. I undersatnd he was involved in plumbing, electrical, and mechanical maintenance. He emigrated to Australia with his family in 1958. Would like to hear from anyone or relative who served on TCVE88 same time.
Coble, Arthur/cottonDC31953 – 1954Div. A
Dorr, RichardSeaman1953 – 1958Not SureMy Grandfather was Richard Dorr - he served on the USS Esperance while in the Navy. He didn't speak much about his time on the ship, I do have pictures of him and others. I would love to connect to anyone to get info.
Burch, Robert (Bob)YOEMANApr 1953 – May 1955Chaplain's OfficeLooking for anyone on board, who remembers me. Are you around Rainey?
Calavan, DonHM31954 – 1955
Nelson, Duane {nels}FP21954 – Oct 1955EngineeringServed with following personnel,Chief Lashschmidt,RobertBurbank.Baker,Estep, John V.Alvies,Roland Schilling,Mons Larson, Good friend Bob Burch.
Parra, Eduardo JrEM 31954 – 1957Eenjoyed my time on board. met some good people! enjoyed the trip to the med.should have stayed in!!
Peebles, DavidIC2May 1954 – Mar 1955EWorked in the IC room, ran the movies, hung out with the cooks who billeted next to IC room
Pugh, RoyRM3May 10, 1954 – Jun 1, 1955Communications (Radioman)Stood midnight watch mostly. Was RM3. Would like for anyone who remembers me to get in touch.
Thompson, RoyFNMay 20, 1954 – Jul 11, 1956BoilerSailed into Japan. Boiler room. TCVU-88
Bodden, Gerald (Jerry)EnsignJun 20, 1954 – 1955Catain' office, gunnerySailed from the West Coast carrying aircraft and passengers back and forth to Yokosuka, Japan. One notable exception: delivered aircraft to Brookley AFB in Mobile, Alabama via the Panama Canal late 1954/early 1955.
Sonnier, Carl (Frenchy) (sonnier Baby)ELECTRICIANJul 12, 1954 – Jul 18, 1957I left home at the age of 13 to travel and work from place to place until the US Navy let me sign up. On board the Cape I felt at home and had friends closer than a brother could be. They were my brothers then and some are still even today
Nelson, Duane F.FP3Sep 1954 – Sep 1955Engineering ShipfitterI mess cooked for 26 Chiefs as well. Learned to do leather work and still do to this day.Would like to hear from shipmates.
Chatfield, JimQM3Oct 1954 – Oct 1957NavigationI had a ball. It's the only ship I served on. But all in all, it wasn't that bad. That is if you don't count the busted hull welds & boilers that failed.
Weaver, JohnDK 2Nov 1954 – Apr 1956Supply (Disbursing)
Madwin, PaulYN3Feb 1955 – Nov 1957AdminI ran the ships store and Gedunk.
Whitman, Donald L.LTJGJun 1955 – Mar 1956Cargo Officer This is my Father he served and Cargo Officer (Air Craft) Dad later transitioned into jets and became a Fighter Pilot he stayed in the Navy for 30 years and retired as a Captain in 1976. Dad died in 1989 in Pensacola Fl. He was my hero.
Dalrymple, Robert G. (Driz)RMSAJul 15, 1955 – Sep 15, 1955Communications (radio)Was on one cruise from Alamedia, CA to Yokosuka, Japan the summer of 1955
Ballek, JimTESNSep 30, 1955 – Oct 16, 1956CommunicationsRan the post office as my main job, but also worked in the communications division while at sea.
Wickerham, ArtFIREMAN1957 – 1958EngineeringI still sit and look at a picture of the old gal and relive the memories that were so great.
Coughlin, JeremiahMM3Jan 26, 1957 – Jan 15, 1959MACHINERY
Hart, DavidSNJun 1958 – Jan 15, 1959Victor Div.I came aboard summer of 1958 and sailed on her until she was decommissioned in Jan. 1959. I made several trips to Japan, Philipines, Okinawa and Honolulu. Victor Div. maintained the hanger and flight decks.
Altfeld, Sheldon3RD CLASS JODec 1958 – Jan 1959AdminI needed a hop to the states to be discharged and decided to go back on the Cape, which was berthed in Subic Bay. Little did I know that it was decommisioned and was going to be dismantled at sea. It was a very long journey back to Oakland.

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