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USS Kadashan Bay (CVE 76) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kadashan Bay (CVE 76). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 28 crew members registered for the USS Kadashan Bay (CVE 76).

St. John, Alvin PaulMachinist Mate1942 – 1945Unknown (Engineering)I'm Placing My Uncle A.P. St. John Here, Because He's Too Modest. He Served On board Her After The Yorktown Was Bombed. He was With Her When Attacked By Jap Kamikaze Plane While Supporting Troops in The Philippines.
Dutson, Thurlo (Dustyunknown1942 – 1945CommunicationI am adding my father's name and I am not sure about all of the info. He passed away a few years ago. He was there when the Kamikaze hit the ship.
Polney, FrancisCatapult crew1942 – 1945Catapult crewMy grandfather, Frank Polney served on the Kadashan Bay as part of the catapult crew. I do have military records of all his actions during his service.
Brown, Haroldseaman second classApr 3, 1942 – Apr 3, 1946aircraft gunnerMy dad was always very proud of serving in the Navy. He talked about the fights he was in the men he served with and how he felt. I am very proud to have been the daughter of one very brave man who is loved and missed
Scheffler, Robert (Schef)SSML3/C1943 – 1945sI worked in the laundry aboard ship. I was on board when we were hit by a kamikaz plane on Jan. 5th l945. My battle station was on the 40mm. gun.
Ziegler, Ellwood L.Baker 1/C1943 – 1945SupplyI'm writing this for my Dad. He was a Baker 1/c on the ship and worked in the galley. His battle station was one of the 20mm guns on the port stanchion. He was on board for the kamikaze attack .
Bourassa, RogerMy dad was a lieutenant jg1943 – 1944MedicalMy dad was the dentist aboard the Kadashan Bay CVE76 from its commissioning until it returned for repairs after the Kamikaze attack. He died in 2001. We cherish and pass his stories on to his descendants. God bless you .
Coughtrie, T.b.Lt. JG1943 – 1945UnknownThis is in honor of my Uncle Lt. (jg) T.B. Coughtrie, an Avenger (Charlie 88) pilot on the USS Kadashan Bay and recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross.
Schutter, RobertMar 6, 1943 – Dec 20, 1945
Pardue, ThurmanLT.Dec 1943 – Sep 1945unknownNaval Aviator, was onboard when Kamikaze hit the ship. My father passed away in 1995 at the age of 78.
Douglass, Frank E.AOM21944 – 1945VC20 TBMTurret gunner on TBM's/TBF's. Came aboard at Manus Island, Trained on Ponam Is. before heading for the Phillipines. Previously trained in Sqd. VT301 in the states, aviation ordinance school in Norman, Ok. and in gunnery school Guthrie, O
Williams, Donald T. (Don)Lt. JG1944 – 1945Chief engineering officerMy dad was most proud of the fact that he became the youngest engineering officer on a carrier in the south Pacific. He went on to attain rank of Captain in the Navy Reserve. Dad passed January 4, 2009, almost 90.
Larson, LouisLTJG1944 – 1945GunneryDad was the chief gunnery officer. He was proud of his service on the ship. He passed away in 1992 age 83.
Wesson, Jr., LawrenceMachinist Mate, 1st Class1944 – 1945UnknownI'm adding my father - he passed away in 1991. He was also on board when the Kamikaze hit. He was up on deck tying down planes from an overnight run; the plane hit where his bunk was located. Email if you knew him.
McMahon, JohnLTCDR1944 – 1945SupplyI am adding my father's name. He passed away in 1999.
Walter, Leslie MMJan 1944 – Jun 1946Carrier Division 27Doing this for my father, Leslie D "Walt" Walter, He died in June of 2015. He was very proud ofhis service on the USS Kadashan Bay. He was a 20mm gunner, and shot down 21 Japanese Planes
Taulbee, AlvanJan 15, 1944 – Dec 1946I'm entering my grandpa's name for him because he died in 1999 and I know he would want to be on the crew list. If anyone served with my grandpa and has any stories to share about him I would greatly appreciate it.
Adair, Warren R."dick "GM 3CJan 15, 1944 – Mar 23, 19463 RD, GunneryI served aboard from commission in Oregon to decommission in Boston. I was the trainer on the 5' 38 gun when the Jap Plane hit us.My sleeping quarters was flooded and I lost everything I owned except what I was wearing.
Smith, Theo Hardways 1/cJan 18, 1944 – May 27, 19451st DivisionTheo is my uncle and has passed away. I know he was proud of his service during WW2 and aboard the Kadashan Bay CVE76. If anyone remembers him , my name is Steven Smith and can be reached at stevencarolsmith@yahoo.comDHY
Young, CharlieSeaman 1st ClassJan 18, 1944 – Dec 22, 1945U/K
Pendola, Dominick V. (Don)QM-3Mar 1944 – Jun 1946N (Navigation)Was aboard following the shakedown until decomissioning at Boston. Was on the bridge when hit by kamakize and lost everything because my quarters were flooded.
Whittle, CarlosMachinist Mate Third ClassAug 17, 1944 – Jun 16, 1946CVE 76I am registering my father, C.J. "Jerry" Whittle. He celebrated his 90th birthday in October 2016, and lives in Billings, MT. He and my mother enjoyed attending USS Kadashan Bay ship's reunions over the years.
Collins, JohnE-4Sep 18, 1944 – Sep 2, 1945ElectricalPutting this in for my Dad who was the Electricians Mate who ran the movie projector, and he always said he was able to go on shore with the Captain to get new movies whenever they docked. Served onboard for one year.
Wyeth, Dick profile iconSeaman 2nd ClassNov 11, 1944 – Nov 17, 1945V6 SV USNRInducted in Columbus, OH; trained at the USNTC in Great Lakes, IL and stationed at Camp Shoemaker in CA before serving on the Kadashan Bay, my dad was discharged in Oakland, CA. He hitchhiked cross country to OH.
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Gregg, Floyd F.unknown1945 – Feb 1946MachinistI am writing this for my Father who passed away in 1950. He was in the engine section. He stayed with the ship when it went through the Panama Canal and reported back to Boston Navy Yard.
Eash, Grantmy dad was a pilot1945 –pacific fleetMy dad was a pilot on the USS Kadashan. He flew a Fm-2 Wildcat 1944 - 1945. His name was John W. Eash. Just wondering if anyone who served on the USS Kadashan knew him or their son or daughter was told about him Thanks
Pitts, Marion LS1-CApr 1945 – Dec 19451st
Moore, Miltonelectrician 1st classAug 27, 1946 – Feb 26, 1948i dont remember ill get back too this soonim doing this for my fathers respect and his honor. he is still here with us..hes fighting for his life once again. so as his son..i carry on his memories and his name,as well i hope you all can do the same.

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