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USS Proteus (AS 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Proteus (AS 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1338 crew members registered for the USS Proteus (AS 19).

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Migliore, Robert "Rp"RP31991 – 1992Chaplain's Office (X
Golay, NolandEM11991 – 1993QALike to get in touch with my QA buddies.
Wade, Tim1991 – 1992BM
Drake, MarkET31991 – 1992OE
Newman, Marlon (Buckwheat) Mm1991 – 1992deck
Benavides, Pete1991 – 1992
Kozinski, CraigDC 21991 – 1992
Klodginski, Anthony (K-9)1991 – 1992-------Had a great time on the Ole' Pro. Remember best is the trip to the land down under. This ole K-9, wouldn't mind hearing from from some of the fellas.
Mattson, ClydeLT - LCDR (LDO)1991 – 1992ENG - CHENGThe last CHENG on AS-19. Old Pro was my home - I loved the job as CHENG. ENG/REP/SUP all worked hard to PASS OPPE--WE PASSED THE FIRST TIME AROUND(against all odds)!!! Aust. run followed by PSNY & DECOMMISSIONING. Great crew & Wardroom.
Chandler, WestleyHT31991 – 1992R1Hello to all my shipmates I served with!!! My first command and it was the greatest!!
Sims, DavidDT21991 – 1992DentalSemi-retired at 60 years old, wiring in Woodshop and teaching my self guitar building and instrument repair.
Dempsey, RodneyQm11991 – 1992Navigation
Brinton, AaronMR31991 – 1992R-2Looking through pictures and remembering the memories of the decommissioning cruise. Hell of a group of guys.
McEwen, Masonemfn1991 – 1992r-3Hey old shipmates,i recognize several names on the postings,am in touch with several old buddies still from the old pro,had the best times of my life traveling on her!
Lutz, MartinDCFNJan 1991 – Sep 1992R6The old Pro was my first ship and looking back, I did have a good time. I also made some good friends while on baord, like EZ-E and Larry. Good times!
Suzik, GregET3Jan 1991 – Oct 1, 1992R-4My first ship. Had a blast and made great friends. Anybody who knows me, shoot me an e-mail, would be good to hear from anyone.
Beyer, JohnBM2 (SW)Jan 1991 – Jul 1992Deck
Astray-caneda, George/vinnyIM4Jan 1, 1991 – Sep 1, 1992R2Sup mates! Anyone remember our times hit me up! Let’s reminisce.
Cash, JeffreyYNCJan 6, 1991 – Jan 11, 1992AdminStayed on till she decommissioned. Loved the last cruise to OZ with the Camo Paint Job. Great ship lots of Fun - crazy YNs Lawler, Crune, Reggie? Nuygen, YN1 Almario, Switzer (LDO), the CMCm Lampley, and others I can't remember names
Furman, RudyMMFNJan 12, 1991 – 1992A-GangHad some good memories on tha Old Pro all the people i worked with. The westpac trip ,crossin the equator and partin in Hong Kong!!
Souza, LyradSnJan 13, 1991 – Apr 13, 1993DeckThis is cool get in touch facebook whatever this is the real tall crazy guy hey Moreno the big Indian was art Palmer where's peirano Graham tran frith Bucky Benevedes everybody I'm still in hilmar ca 209-648-5839
Engle, KeithHT2Jan 28, 1991 – Sep 3, 1992R-8It was a good command. Laid back island style. Great time of my life and we hit some great ports. Looking for Ken Blevins since I lost touch.
Skaggs, JodySNFeb 1, 1991 – Mar 15, 1992DeckLooking for my homeboys from deck..... A. King, Rogers etc...
Kraeuter, DougICFAMar 1991 – Jul 1992R-3 IC ShopThis was my first ship and had one heck of a time on her.Being deployed was great.Becoming a shellback and playing for the ships softball team.Hanging out at Andy's Hut and at the Jungle and Barney's Beach Party.Too many memories to list.
Smith, SchuvaloEm 3Mar 8, 1991 – 1992E-divWhat's up my Proteus shipmates!!!!
Morris, MichaelHT2Apr 1991 – 1992R-1Had a great time on the Pro. I worked in the shipfitters shop and the pipe shop and I would like to hear from anyone in R-1.
Skaggs, JodySM E-3May 1991 – Sep 1992DeckLooking for my Deck buddies.
Skolnick, ShanleySNJun 1991 – 1992Deck/S-2
Jones, JimmyET3Jun 1991 – 1992Shipboard CommunciationJust missed trip to Philippines Volcano (was at port getting wife to Guam) went for 50 year celebration to Australia and then to Washington Decommissioning. Transfered to Acadia in San Diego
Fry, JoeEM3Jun 1991 – Sep 1992E-DivWhats going on Old Pro's?
Hopwood, Richard / HopRM2Jun 1, 1991 – Sep 1, 1992S2I worked the Supply/PMS computer. It was funny when deck folks would come and feel the 50 degrees needed for the old computers. And I thought it was so funny when Filipino women called her the "Pro-Duce". Guam was fun!
Moreno, LouisBMSNJul 1, 1991 – Dec 1, 1992Ist I have been looking on for some of my buddies, and by accident I stumbled upon this site. I've been looking for Tim Odem, Duprey, the big Indian guy that fished all the time called Palmer. And others, I forgot there names.
Hughes, TrevorET3Jul 21, 1991 – Oct 2, 1992R-4My first ship, I miss it and all of the great experiences, the old pro turned me into a shellback and plank owner, anyone who knows me send me an e-mail
Celosky, John C. "Chuck"YNSNJul 21, 1991 – Jul 1, 1992Supply & SafetyMade some great friends on the Proteus. I just wish I had the chance to do it all again. And "YES", I would do it differently! Also, I'd like to get in contact with YN Khoa Nguyen and/or YN1 Charles Taylor. PS try TogetherWeServed.Com
James, WilliamAug 1, 1991 – Aug 1, 1993
Ivy, ChadMR FNAug 9, 1991 – Aug 25, 1992R-2I rode the old pro to the end to bremerton. Is there any one out there.lucckino,sanberg,stewart,gilbert,vicario,steves,smitty,depew,moran,riff just to name a few where are you?
Lucckino, BobMRFNAug 9, 1991 – Oct 9, 1992R2Rode it to the end.
Baker, Maurice/moe,moebetter,pjFNAug 19, 1991 – Jul 7, 1992R-6I served on the Protues when it came back from P.I.afterMt.Pinatubo.It was a short stay for me.The cruise to Australia was memorable.I was sent to the NiagaraFalls when the Pro went to decom.I live in NY but miss Andy'sHut and life on Guam.
Isaacson, Dan / "ike"MM1Sep 1991 – Sep 1992R-9They shot the wrong dog when Proteus was replaced by the Holland. She was my third ship. Good command.
Dainauski, Matt (Ski)ET3Sep 1991 – Oct 1992OEGreat first ship. Great cruise to Oz, although I am still PO'd we never were able to get off the ship in Guadalcanal and then were shown video that night of the old man and the chaplain cruising the island. Oh well...
Ham, DavidE-2Oct 1991 – 1992R-6Proteus was my first ship loved every minute and parting all the time.
Camacho, Francisco MacHoBM3Oct 1991 – Jun 1992DeckThe Proteus was my first ship. It was the greatest experience as a young sailor. I had lots of great times and met a lot of great people. To all my shipmate on Deck Dept great job in preparing the ship for its trip home! Bravo Zulu
Berryman, NickET3Oct 1, 1991 – Jul 1, 1992R-4First ship out of school. What an introduction to Navy Life. Good friends and good times is what I remember about Guam and the many places we visited.
Kirkland, JohnnieEN3Oct 10, 1991 – Jul 8, 1992A-gangThis was my first Navy Ship. I really enjoyed my time there. I will never forget the Old Pro.
Lopez, PatrickEN3Oct 20, 1991 – Jul 23, 1992EngineeringUSS Proteus was my first Ship, enjoyed the times and crew members I served with. To all the bros out their that remember the times god bless and forever we will be the last crew to sail her home.
Forgie, WayneHMCNov 1991 – Jul 1992MedicalBest damned ship in the navy
Eddy, AaronSNNov 1991 – May 1993site IIIlooking for old site 3 friends, jumped a ride to aussi in 92 befor the de-com, anyone remember thr blond kid from ohio?
Motley, TimSNDec 1991 – May 1992DeckI had a lot of fun back in Guam. Chiping and painting the ship camouflage wasn't fun but the Australia trip made up for it. Would be nice to holla at the Bama boys from back in the day.
Taylor, KevinIM2Dec 1991 – May 1992R-4
Tilley, EdwardDec 1, 1991 – Jun 23, 1993Sub refit Site 3 / Aft Diesel Engine RoomMy first and Last Diesel Plant. I Loved it and wish i had put more time on Her at Sea. she Carried me to the Greatest Country in the World.... Australia!!!
Briones, Willsn1992 – 1993DentalThe Old Pro was my first duty station it was tough getting use to but well enjoyed the cruise to Austra. will never be forgotten were are you Rich/Elvis and Ben im in Pensacola Fl email me
Casanave, TonyEN/FA1992 – 1992R-9 The old pro was my first ship. Was on it about seven months before the de-com. Crossed the equater on her, went to Australia. .Cross decked to the holland. I will always be proud to be a pro dog.
Trevino, AldoEN1992 – 1992Engineering
Reid, AaronSHSRFeb 14, 1992 – Jul 1992S3
Strack, MikeET3Sep 1992 – Jun 1994R5 Nuclearone of the best ships around...arrived and less than two weeks later ws informed we was headed to down under...if you where in the navy you know how lucky i was...timing was perfect...the 50th of the coral sea battle
Wyatt, JamesEM2Jun 1994 – Oct 1998R3 and S2miss the travels and fun
Mahler, JosephE-4Jun 22, 1994 – Nov 16, 1996R-3I was a Im3 on uss proteus
Harper, Marketn32002 – Feb 2004nav centerthe trip to Australia across the the equator at 0 180 was great. Dan Jones & I stold the carved foilet seat cover off the captains toilet & paid sevierly on shellback day.

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