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USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 228 crew members registered for the USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643).

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Van Auken, KarlIC-3Jan 1970 – Jun
Owen, RayMM1Mar 1970 – Dec 1975M2 patrols in the gold crew before the shipyard. the rest were on the blue
Gaston, TyroneETN2(SS)Mar 5, 1970 – Sep 23, 1975NAVIGATION ELECTRONICSGreat buch of guys that left a lasting impression on me. We did not always agree but we always worked as a team. Any Blue crew ot here from this period?
Groves, ColinET!(SS)Nov 1970 – Oct 1973RC
Tambroni, StevenMM2 SS1971 – 1973A Ganger, WHat else is there?Served with my Brother for my first patrol. Yoeman John Tambroni. What an adventure. Drove through the Azores, How many people can say they have done that? Captain John O'Maliay presented my Dolphins underway on sail top surface
Bartlett, DarrellE5 NAVIGATION ELECTRONICSJul 1971 – Aug 1975NavigationThese were great years. A great time to be young and with some great guys. Joe, Tyrone, Pat, Lex, Louis, Terry. I think of you all, often. Get in touch..
Latini, Justin (Lou)SnJul 12, 1971 – May 1, 1972SnRemember the yards in N.H., left to Attend A school in San Diego but had a lot of memories of those that made the best of the yards. Mike S. , Darrell B. G. Gaston and many others.
Lawver, Terry "Skip"MM3Nov 16, 1971 – Feb 7, 1975Deck then "A"GangI was on the Gold Crew. My thanks to everyone to whom I had the honor to serve with. You made life fun and VERY interesting.
Saenz, BobCS3(SS)1972 – 1974CS
Trigg, StevenYN2 (SS)1972 – Dec 10, 1975Admin6 Patrols Blue Crew out of Kittery shipyard
Chiquelin, BillLt1972 – 1975E and AGreat crew and awesome skipper, Robert J Omalia. Anyone know MM2 Michael Bunner, Lt Bob Sands, EMCS Marvin Sprayberry, EM1 Teffertiller, ET1 Willis, MMC Gregory, YNC Waselchuck?
O'Brien, BrianMM2Jan 1972 – Dec 1976M
Cravens, PaulMM3Jun 1972 – Jan 1974A Division
Whitman, DavidSTS3Jun 1, 1972 – Oct 1, 1975Weps/SonarUse to party hard with Eddie McDonald and Skip Lauver
Bacon, TomET-2Jun 15, 1972 – May 30, 1975RCGreat Division - led by ETCM Charlie Vincent. Filled the RCLPO spot when Charlie couldn't make the patrol (my last one). Had great help from Terry McNinch getting through that ORSE patrol.
Price, RustyMT1 (SS)1973 –
Corbeill, TedMM11973 – 1975Made four patrols, looking for crew mates to contact.
Herman, ThomasMM1 (SS)1973 – 1980A-Gang
Outland, RandyETN21973 –Navigation
York, PaulMM2 (SS)1973 – Aug 1975engineeringAux Aft
Anderson, RichMM11973 – 1978MRetired from commercial nuclear industry and looking for any "M" Div. shipmates on board between 1970 and 1978 when I got off.
Tebbett, GaryET1(SS)Jan 4, 1973 – Apr 13, 1974NavETJoined the boat durring missle load out in Charleston, SC. after the yards.
Roberts, Allen / RobbieSTS1 (SS)Mar 1973 – Apr 1975Ops (Sonar)Still consider my time on Bancroft as the highlight of my naval service
Brown, EdwardET2Mar 1, 1973 – Aug 18, 1975RCJust out of Nuc Pwr School near Balston Spa New York. Charleston home base. I'm a Blackman I say for easy identification. I dont recall many names but like most I would remember a face. I'm in Phoenix . Contact me.
Richkus, RichardET1(SS)Apr 1973 – Oct 1977Navigation (SINS Tech)
Cooke, FrankMT-1May 1, 1973 – May 1, 1977WeaponsHad a fantastic time! Would do it again.
Burningham, JoelET1 (SS)Jun 1973 – Sep 1976RCI learned a lot and enjoyed my time on the Bancroft. I met many good people and enjoy many fond memories.
Foran, JoeTM3Aug 1973 – May 1975Ahh, me old sailin' days. How I remember them with such fondness. Tyrone Gaston, Darrel Bartlett and Rob, how are ya? Remember those married gals we hooked up with?
Boyd, KimQM3(SS)Aug 19, 1973 – Sep 1975QMI enjoyed my time aboard the "Gomer B" and made some good friends. I am proud and honored to have a part of a great boat.
Wisnieski, Al (Ski)FTB-2Sep 1973 – Sep 1976WEPSGold Crew-write if you remember me, gettin' old and feeble here.
Resch, SteveMM1 (SS)Nov 1973 – Sep 1976M
Young, Clarence (Pedro)STS3Nov 1973 – Sep 1974SonarHad a great boss (T.J. Tindell) would like to get in touch with William VanVaulkenburg.
McLaughlin, JoeMM1 (SS)Dec 1973 – Jul 1976M DivFirst boat. Great ship, dept and div. Great shipmates. Me, Ted Corbiel, Tom Hueneman, Floyd Krack and Chuck Hall came aboard together to M div. Made 5 patrols.
Bennett, RayIC21974 – 1977A-gangMemories are fading need my old shipmates to refresh 'em.We had some good times didn't we,to be so young.
Gustafson, Hugh (Gus)MM31974 – 1977A-Divwould like to talk about old times. Doc, Ray Bennet give me a call. 701 880 1410
Joseph, Ralph (Grinch)TM2 SS1974 – Aug 1978Weapons
McDonald, EddieSTS1Mar 1974 – Nov 1978WepsJoin the association at Reunion in Charleston 2005!!
Mills, LesSK3 SSSep 1974 – Oct 1978Supply-operations remember MS1-Munn,Lt. Talley,and Aprils' being built in Rota. Made 4 patrols to make dolphins & 5 total. Tech assisted USS RAY and Mendel Rivers during home tour in Charleston. Interested hooking up via e-mail of crew
Beagle, Ken profile iconMM1Oct 1, 1974 – Oct 1977M7 patrols on the gold crew
Salzberg, DennisMM21975 – Oct 1979Auxiliary Regret leaving, thought it was B.S. Still think I should have made a career. Gomer B. Ruled
Richards, Billms1/ssFeb 6, 1975 – Sep 26, 1983supplyThe best time of my life was cooking for 143 shipmates. Best wishes to Harry Janke msc. And the rest of Supply, exc. The Ward room.
Hollingsworth, Bill HollingsworthMM2SSApr 1975 – Oct 1977MFive long patrols.
Leonard, TonyMT2Apr 1975 – May 0009WeaponsSome of the best years of my life. Great crew an fond memories. Looking for crewmates to relive them.
Hopkins, Charles MM1(SS)Apr 1975 – May 1976M- DivisionI truly enjoyed my time aboard the "GOMER B". I will always be grateful to my Shipmates for everything I learned about Submarines and myself.
Hay, Rex (Hobie)IC2 (SS)May 25, 1975 – Aug 28, 1978Interior Communications/EngineeringBlue Crew - Served with some wonderful guys. Looking for Dennis Riordan QM2 and Karl Dale IC1
Deane, David (Roho)YN3(SS)Jun 19, 1975 – Aug 24, 1978AdministrationIt was a time in my life, that change me forever, should stayed in, but I was to wild at the time, Salzberg, were are ya, Orlando still? Were is Delahaba, Chernic, Loomis, and Dusty Rhodes?
Samis, Sean M.HM2Aug 1975 – Jun 1977Corpsman/SonarI, Seale and Montana were the last to wear the old Crackerjacks off the boat (legally) when our patrol ended in July, 1976.
Ditto, SteveRM 2 (SS)Sep 1975 – 1978RadioThis was my qual boat, one of the best in the fleet. I did make it to 4 other in the 41 for freedome, but not to match the 43.
Sturdivant, Kenneth (Ken)IC2Oct 1, 1975 – Nov 1, 1978AI was a member of the gold crew.

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