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USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 231 crew members registered for the USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643).

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Lowrey, JosephET11987 – 1991RCDiggit
Similey, MarkMM2/SSJul 1987 – Jun 1990MachineryLast overhaul/refueling, Hurricane HUGO, Gold Crew!
Denton, RichMM2Aug 1987 – Jun 1991mI thought it really sucked then, but I miss the way the Div had each others backs. Left to be an A1W/S5G instructor then STE. Now a firefighter/paramedic still in Idaho
Meadows, ScottE-5Aug 1987 – Jun 1992Sonar DivisionCurious what happened to all of my old crew mates. I hope all is well!
Kehoe, KurtEM1Sep 1, 1987 – Jul 1, 1991E-DivisionJoined the Bancroft about halfway through refueling overhaul in Charleston. Was there almost 4 years until I got out of the navy. Lots of memories. Was on blue crew for about 5 patrols.
Molina, Tom JET2/SSDec 1987 – Jun 1990Nav / OpsI was part of the gold crew and helped get the boat through dry dock and sea trials in Chareston, SC.I still keep in touch with some old friends from the gold crew.
Capezzone, Brian (Capi)E4/MM3SS1988 – 1991A GangFirst and only command. Had a great time.
Morris, TomSTS2/SS1988 – Feb 1993SonarBest time and most fun I ever had in my 20yrs in the Navy
Lapat, RichMT2/SSJan 1988 – Sep 1993Missile
Beckham, TracyMM1(SS)Mar 1, 1988 – Dec 31, 1990Machinery (Nuc)Refueling refit, Gold Crew afterwards
Hirt, JoelEM1Apr 1988 – Sep 1991ElectricalCharleston Overhaul, Hurricane Hugo, and Blue Crew
Endraske, StanFTB3/SSMay 1988 – Dec 1989WEPS/FTBMy first submarine. Reported onboard during the last refueling/overhaul. Took a ride on the SIMON BOLIVAR, got my dolphins. Took the BANCROFT on a DASO and other fun inspections. Did two patrols/went to the HOLLAND
Campbell, FrankFTB2Jun 1, 1988 – Jul 1, 1992WEPSLike some of the others...last overhaul, DASO run, and of course the infamous Hugo.
Kelley, JimMT 2Sep 1, 1988 – Jun 20, 1992MissileHad the best time of my life, what a great bunch of guys.
Drew, Terrell IC 2Oct 1988 – Jun 1993engineering
Rice, BartRM2/SSDec 14, 1988 – Mar 6, 1992RadioSome of the highest and lowest times of my life. Sure miss some of the "good ol' days".
Hamm, Robert LanceHN1989 – 1991sonar and worked with Doc
Gray, JimEM2 (SS)1989 – Aug 21, 1992ElectricalI have fond memories of the people on the Gold crew; Bobby Shaw, Jim Fox, Darren Foster, Ted "Toad" Stuhlman, Jerry Johnston, Fritz Possesski, Ed Martin, Mark Egler, Mike Xavier, Muncie, Eric-NAV ET. I liked the crew and job, just hated going t
Thomas, StevenMM3/SS1989 – 1993A
Collier, OtisET21989 – 1992NAV OPS
Hamm, LanceE31989 – 1991Sonar
Cooper, JohnnyMMC(SS)Jan 1989 – Jun 1992RL/MSome of the best times. Very much enjoyed South Carolina.
Jones, ChrisEM1Mar 1989 – Oct 1991Electricalnone
Foreman, JimMM1(SS)Jul 1989 – Sep 1991MLots of good memories. I miss riding the boats. I got out after 12 years, but now I'm working for the Navy as a civilian, and also finishing my time in the Reserves...SeaBee's now though (NMCB-25).
Williams, AndyMM1Jul 23, 1989 – Aug 13, 1993MachineryI was on the gold crew. They were a great group to start out with. I still keep contact with a few of the friends I made there.
Robertson, RichMM2Sep 7, 1989 – Sep 29, 1991M
Collins, TomE-2Oct 1989 – Dec 1991DeckHelmsman..... Chip and Paint.... Crank .......worked with Joe Coppola HM CPO. Blue Crew
Drake, RobertE4 mm3Nov 22, 1989 – Jun 25, 1993Aux DivGood seeing these few names from the past. Learned a lot from a cool bunch of friends. Hope you all are doing well. Good bless.
Littleton, MikeSK3/SSAug 1990 – May 1993Supply ChainIf anyone sees this that I used to know, drop me a line...haven't talked to anyone since decom.
Miller, MattQM2Nov 1990 – Apr 1993I was the Gold Crew QM LPO from 1990 - 1993. I relieved QM2 McMicheals and QMC Levinson was the ANAV during that time period.
Stanley, Edward "Ted"STS21991 – 1992SONARShort time on her, but she was a great boat.
Anderson, RossFT21991 – 1993FT
Heddlesten, JimE3/FTB3(SS)Jan 1991 – Sep 1993Fire Control
Jolivette, MichaelFTB/MT2Jan 1, 1991 – Jan 1, 1993WEPS
Bennett, Christopher ShaneMM3/SSMar 1, 1991 – Sep 21, 1993"A"Hello to any old friends that may cross this path. Keep in touch...
Brown, JamesRM2/ET2May 1991 – Oct 1993NAVOPSI was the last radioman/ET and plankowner (decomissioning crew) when the sub was decomed at Charleston,SC shipyard
Ladewig, LanceMM3/SSAug 1991 – 1993AuxilaryMy first boat, helped mold me and made some great friends. Still in touch with some of them to this very day!
Rush, MartyMT21992 – 1993missilehad a great time on board, have been looking for some of the guys from my division.
Simonds, JeffreyIC31992 – Jan 1993ICI had the pleasure of earning my dolphins during the last patrol. I have been stationed on many boats, but I have never forgotten the Bancroft.
Reetz, Jason1992 – 1993Nav ETMy first boat, qualified on my first patrol had some good friends I loved that boat I will never forget going to Nova Scotia I was qualified look out got to be on the bridge during transit ( I can still smell the sea air that night)
Massey, Kenneth profile iconEM1 (SS)1992 – 1993E-DivMy first boat. Made the last patrol (daughter #2 born the day AFTER we left), qualified subs, advanced to E-6, transferred to fast-boat out of Pearl. Enjoyed Nova Scotia and swam in missile tube on tiger cruise to FL.
Mark, BeitzMT2/SSMar 1992 – Sep 1993MissileGreat times great crew, went on to the trident boomers, Ohio and Georgia. If anyone from the old days runs across this, drop me a line.
Rush, Martymt2Aug 29, 1992 – Jul 15, 1993missile
Maloley, Naf CSASep 1992 – Sep 1993DeckI was just a nub on the Bancroft. But I have fond memories and miss the crew. If you ain't ain't S#*t! LOL

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1969 | 1970 – 1975 | 1976 – 1980 | 1981 – 1986 | 1987 – now

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