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USS Will Rogers (SSBN 659) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Will Rogers (SSBN 659). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 254 crew members registered for the USS Will Rogers (SSBN 659).

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Baker, Kevinmm3/ss1986 – 1989A gangI remember the fun times onboard and have the pics to prove it. I can still hear that damn cricket coming from the torpedoe room.
Purcell, JeffMM1(SS)Jan 1986 – May 1989machinery
McGrane, LouET3Mar 1986 – 1989Nav ET
Daily, LanceEM2Apr 1986 – May 1989ElectricalThe Willy Pig will always be my first and the best.
Bodge, GregMT2 (SS)May 1986 – Jul 1990
Louks, ShaneIC2 / SSJul 1986 – May 1990Interior Communications
Hein, John1987 – 1989drove and dove and the barberwhat a time in scotland and the ship wasnt bad either
Pazel, RichardET21987 – 1988Nav
Kline, Jeffmt21987 – 1988wpns
Bagwell, Robert (Bags)MS1May 1987 – May 1990Supply
Adamsky, MikeLTJul 1987 – Feb 1990IC, RC, MT, FTB, SonarWarm regards to all.
Samuelson, JerryE-8Aug 1987 – Apr 1990Supply MSCS SS Cook & Piss Coordinator what a combination
Bentley (Kazel), ScottyQM1/SSOct 15, 1987 – Oct 18, 1990Navigation/OperationsThe Good'ole Days. Wow do I ever miss them.
Sanlin, LarryFTG! (ss)Nov 18, 1987 – Mar 26, 1993FTGenjoy my time onboard
Mordick, RonET1(SS)1988 – 1992NAVETRode the boat from the end of 1988 to the last hurah in 1991. The closing of Site 1 and her return stateside.
Gibb, BrianSTSCS1988 – 1990Sonar
Reid, WayneRm3(SS)1988 –Communications
Paterson, StanleyFm31988 – 1990Ic
Salam, NateEM1/SSMar 1988 – Apr 1991Fellow E-div were: Lindsey,Rushkowski, D.Johnson,Dunlap,Thompson,Riley,Hendl, White, Mackey, Shisler., etc.( Anyone else I forgot about I du apologize). Presently working at Salem Nuclear Plant in New Jersey
Hagan, RobertSNMar 6, 1988 – Apr 17, 1989deck
Wysocki, MichaelMM1/SSApr 19, 1988 – Apr 19, 1992M-Divman what a long time ago but so many memories, some even good. lol
Bush, TomET2 (SS)Apr 22, 1988 – Dec 31, 1989Reactor Controls (RC)Left the "Willie R" in Dec 89' after being picked up for the Naval Aviation Cadet (NAVCAD) program. Retired as a CDR in May 2011. Have fond memories of my early days on the Will Rogers! Take care!
Cecce, Johnftb3May 1, 1988 – Aug 18, 1992gold crewA small part of a very busy/weird life.
Geldien, DonMT2Sep 1988 – Apr 1991Missile
Simonds, JammieEM2/SSSep 15, 1988 – Apr 1991EI currently live in Syracuse NY and work for the local electric utility
Ustich, JohnSTS3Dec 1988 – Feb 1991SonarMy first sub. Qualified on her and did 4 patrols.
Tipple, RyanMS2Dec 1988 – Sep 1992
Svendsen, Roger / SwedeTM2(SS)1989 – Sep 18, 1992Deck / Torpedo
Knudsen, Joes31989 – 1990was yeoman = but they told me once on I was to big to push paper so they made me a TorpdeoMenI did 2 run -1st was a dry dock - I carried the supply crane? on shoulder off sub to get repaired, went out drinking HolyLock on the way back to sub I passed out and then pissed down the hatch, so I was told by the COB
Lindsey, John P.EM2/SSJan 1989 – May 1993ElectricalServed on Gold and Combined Decommissioning Crews.
Montgomery, JohnMT2Jan 3, 1989 – Mar 1, 1991MissileHey hey
Grammer, PaulRMCM(SS)Mar 1989 – Jan 1992Chief of the BoatI retired off the boat just before it left Groton for the last time. We were the last boat out of Holy Loch and had a great crew and lots of fun!
Tigner, RandySTS1/SSApr 1989 – Jun 1991SONAR
Reed, RonSTS2 (SS)Aug 1989 – Feb 1993SonarFor the hell that we went through, a great crew made it fun and memorable.
Guinther, RandyET2/SSAug 5, 1989 – Apr 4, 1993NavigationToo many good times, what a life changing experience, all for the best of course.
Knapman, ErikMM2/SSOct 1, 1989 – Apr 1, 1993MProud to have served with you.
Pellegrino, RonRM2/SSNov 1, 1989 – Jan 30, 1991RADIODon't know what you have until it is gone...
Quinones, QQM3/SS1990 – 1992qmchicken 4 nights a week,no showers for weeks,I miss it. Great crew,taught me a lot...went from Sn to Qm3/ss 3+patrols(gold+combined)
Quinones, Tony "q-man"QM3/SS1990 – 1992QM=)....went from SN - QM3/SS on this boat Wow did we do some LONG patrols...and 18 days with out shower water...remember "Showering" in the engine room?lol ...Oh yeah, Thanks Ensign Lord (Supply Officer) for all the Chicken
Hughey, BrandonSN (SS)Jan 31, 1990 – Jul 19, 1992Deck (Corpsman Striker)
Van Duzer, JayMMCFeb 1, 1990 – Dec 1, 1991LCPO M-Division, I was also an ELT. Completed 3 patrols, including the last patrol she ever made. I left at crew consolidation.
Perez, JorgeSNFeb 1, 1990 – Nov 1, 1992QM
Sanders, DarrenSTS2/SSApr 16, 1990 – Dec 15, 1991SonarI Poop on thee. I loved the Willy R! I should have stayed. The last Reunion ended my marriage. Thank god!
Filiatreault, James (Filly)MM2May 1990 – Apr 1993Auxiliary
Bagwell, Robert (Bags)MS1/SSMay 1990 – Oct 1992Supply / Safety Office
Hall, Richard (Rick)MidshipmanJun 1, 1990 – Aug 15, 1990Navy ROTCTremendous experience as a midshipman from Carnegie Mellon University.
Newman, MalcolmLTJGJul 1990 – Dec 1991O-gangMy first boat. Transferred to PCU Nebraska at crew combination.
Stammer, Edward / EdQM2/SSAug 1990 – Aug 1991Quartermaster / Navigation
Reed, EzellMM2 Oct 1990 – Jun 1992Machineryfirst boat two patrols in scottland, and took her into the yard for decommissioning..
Mainville, AdamMS2Oct 1990 – Dec 1992SupplyCurrently a Teacher.
Pease, Gary profile iconQMC(SS)Nov 14, 1990 – Nov 7, 1992QMOnboard with a consolidated crew of blue and gold. Completed many CNO projects prior to decommissioning. Last Boat out of Scotland November 1989 then cross the pond thru the Panama Canal Feb 1992. Last reenlisting Aug 92
Hutchinson, LeeYN2(SS)Jan 28, 1991 – Apr 12, 1993YN DivisionHad a great time for the short time I was onboard. Took her all the way to decom. and the very last day of crew release. Definately miss it and miss Holy Loch.
Meier, TomET1/ssJun 1991 – Jun 1991Navet
Masters, Anthony (Tj)FTG2Sep 1991 – Dec 1992FTMy first boat! Got my first taste of deployment and my fish on her working for Larry Sanlin! Me, Ken Beyea, and Mike.... shoot - can't remember. Never got my decom plaque though! Different Navy than when I left.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1969 | 1970 – 1974 | 1975 – 1978 | 1979 – 1985 | 1986 – now

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