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USS Nathan Hale (SSBN 623) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nathan Hale (SSBN 623). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 403 crew members registered for the USS Nathan Hale (SSBN 623).

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O'Neal, MichaelLt1982 – 1986SupplyAdding my dad Lt Michael O'Neal to the list of those who served on SSBN 623. My dad served with the Blue Crew in Supplies. He passed on 10/24/13 after a 11 yr fight with cancer. He was very proud of the Hale and her crew
Clough, KeithMMC(SS)Jan 1982 – Jul 1985Machinery3M coordinator, M-DIV LPO, Survived Summer in "Hale" (ERP in Charleston Drydock)
Larson, RickMMCM(SS)Feb 1982 – Apr 1986Hope to hear from the guys in the Goat Locker
Plassio, DarrellTM2/SSMar 1982 – Nov 1984TM
Phelps, ChadMS1(SS)Mar 1982 – Sep 1986Supply
Weaver, ScottSTS1(SS)Mar 1982 – Sep 1985SonarFirst Submarine. Great bunch of ST'S
Jones, FredRM2 (SS)Mar 8, 1982 – Dec 19, 1985OperationsI was a Radioman on the Gold Crew.
Bair, KeithMM1Apr 1982 – Jun 1986Machinery
Palumbo, ChrisMIDN 1/CMay 1982 – Aug 1982Sonar
Gage, Russell profile iconMM1/SSMay 1982 – Nov 1985A-GANG
Magoon, KeithMTJun 15, 1982 – Sep 20, 1985MissileLisbon, Portugal. Barbados. Great port calls. Stohl, Neighbors, Wells, Bill Wilson, Joel Sotello, Delmar Taylor. The MT's that taught me the real Navy. I really miss you guys. TRIDENT's were nothing like the fun I had with you.
Williamson, ArnettSN(SS)Jul 1982 – May 1985MEDICALHm1 John Hanes, if you ever come across this web site e-mail me.
Serpico, JoePNCM(SS)Jul 1982 – Jul 1985Ship's OfficeRetired in 1991 and currently living in the Florida Panhandle area.
Marks, NormanCAPTAINJul 1982 – Jul 1985Wardroom
Entrican, ErnieMM2Jul 1982 – Mar 1986A
Estrada, LarryET1 (SS)Jul 1982 – Nov 1985NAV ET623 was my second boat (Patrick Henry was my first). I had a great tour and because of my old Navigator, I ended up serving on DSRV Avalon after I left the Hale. I eventually made Chief and was commissioned as a LDO. I retired as a CDR.
Smith, LouET1Aug 1982 – Jun 1986ET Reactor Controls
Almquist, BrianRM2Aug 17, 1982 – Mar 10, 1986RadioRan across pictures the other day that reminded me of "the days". Best group of characters to have served with in my 20 years. Ended up back in Charleston.
Cannon, GregRM2(SS)Nov 1982 – Feb 12, 1986Radio
Dickson, TomEM21983 – 1986Electrical_Gold CrewLeft active duty in 1990 and serving in the Naval Reserves. Currently EMC(SS)
Cook, GregMM1/SS1983 – 1986
Wilkinson, Forrest ChadSTS21983 – 1986SonarThe Blue crew sonar shack was inhabited with oddballs, everyone but me. After de-com went to John Marshall ssn611(she was refit for SEAL ops) did a med run.
Sells, KeithMT31983 – 1985MissileServed on 3 ships, this one, this crew was the best!
Smith, JeffYN2(SS)1983 – 1986Yeoman
McDowell, HarveyHM1(ss)Feb 1983 – Mar 1986Medical Departmenthcmcdo
Montoure, ChristopherSK3Feb 1983 – Aug 1986Supply
Cappella, MichaelQM1 (SS)Feb 1, 1983 – Jun 1, 1984QMLPO
Wilson, BillMT1(SS)Apr 1983 – Apr 1986MISSILEDBF
Durnford, G ScottE6Apr 1983 – Feb 1985E DivsionMemories are both good and bad.
Morrow, KenMay 1983 – May 1985ADMIN
Bedgood, Steven profile iconET2 SS/SWMay 25, 1983 – Jul 15, 1984NavigationI was only there for about a year. I learned a lot and developed a great respect for the crew and the men who designed the boat. We went to Fort Lauderdale. It would be great to talk to some of those guys again.
Penland, KevinET 2/SSJun 1983 – Sep 1986Navigation ElectronicsAwesom Boat, had a blast while onboard. A pleasure to serve on the best boat in the fleet.
Cunningham, AllenMT-!Aug 1983 – Aug 1985Missile
McNeely, DavidET1(SS)Aug 1983 – Aug 1985NavETMy 1st and best boat. Best crew I ever served with. Some very good times had here. Best part was being the on-board replacement for the other David McNeely. Detailer had a sense of humor.
Deberry, RichardLT-03Sep 1983 – Feb 1986Weapons
Lanham, DonET2 (SS)1984 – 1986NAVET
James, TimothyMT2/SS1984 – 1986MissileOn blue crew, still serving as an IS in the reserves. Currently activated in Az on way to Gitmo.
Stoner, CraigSTS2(SS)1984 – 1986SonarOne of the best boats I served on.
Feilke, BobbySN/SS1984 – 1986Came to boat as a non-rate. Cranked in the galley, stood helmsman. Busted ass and qualified in one patrol. Was on decom crew until '86 before going to Corps school. I still have one of her Comissioning Penants. Great memories.
Lichtenberg, SteveMM2/SS1984 – 1986A-Gang
Corrigan, JamessMT 1 (SS)1984 – 1986Missile
Lemanski, Edward (Joe)ET11984 – 1986EngineeringQual boat. Excellent crew and great boat.
Matticks, ShawnSTS3(SS)Jan 17, 1984 – Nov 3, 1986STPart of the Decom Crew...actually have a piece of her hull on my bookshelf. Great times!!
Woodley, FredICC(SS)Jan 17, 1984 – Mar 3, 1986ICRemembering St Croix Stop Buck Island Reef and WOW KOKI BEACH in St Thomas. The Green House in Ft Lauderdale. Submarine Birthday Balls. Dependants Cruise. TOP SIDE Line Handling. Shore Phones and Bridge Suitcase. Division Training
Brackett, CharlesFTB2Feb 1984 – Nov 1984Missle Fire controlDid the early Retirement in 1995 from NAVMASSO now SPAWARSYSCEN Norfolk, Va, became a contractor for 3 years and became civil service. division head of Systems and database engineering branches.
McPherson, Lyaman MacMT2SSApr 1984 – Nov 1986MissileReally a fun crew to serve with. Made some good friends and had some very interesting experiences. Took it through decom and still have a piece of the hull on our shelf.
Nicholas, JeffLTMay 1984 – May 1986Weapons Officer
Deramus, Sterling L.ENSIGN - LTJun 1984 – Nov 1986WeaponsGreat Ship. Still wear my Nathan Hale Belt Buckle. I have stayed in reserves and am now Captain. email:
Ruiz, EfrainLTJun 1984 – Nov 1986ElectricalGreat memories of the officer and crew of the Hale. It was an honor to serve in this boat.
Cohen, LeeLTJun 1, 1984 – Nov 1, 1986EngineeringGreat boat! Where's Pukin' Joe Cerney gone?
Emerson, LeeMM1 (SS)Jul 1984 – Nov 1986RL
Salgado, Reynaldo/ SalMT2/MT1Aug 10, 1984 – Apr 15, 1986missilea great boat and good friends
Sutton, JohnMT2/SSSep 27, 1984 – Sep 30, 1986Missile
Stanley, Edward "Ted"STS31985 – 1986SONARQualifying boat. Finished quals in the yards as we decommed. Great crew, great boat.
Winter, DougE5/ET2SS1985 – 1986NAVET/
Underwood, John profile iconMT3/SSMar 1, 1985 – 1988MissileNathan Hale Blue Crew was the best crew of the 4 subs I served on. Great Times!
Moretti, PatrickPNC(SS)Mar 16, 1985 – Oct 1, 1986AdminFirst boat. Came aboard as 1st Class, left as Chief. Great boat, great crew. Missed decomm, went to T-Cup. Medically discharged. Too many blows to the head I guess, despite Sonar shack's great efforts at providing pro
Kahl, BubbaMM2Apr 1985 – Nov 1986First patrol was boat's last patrol for my crew - great silver dolphin give away. Survived the decom fire too @ Newport News.
Hollister, PatrickMM!May 1985 – Oct 1986ELTsurvived the big fire during decommisioning
Winter, DougE5/ET2SS1986 – 1988NavigationQualified first patrol. Only two patrols before decom. Went to the Stonewall Jackson afterwards. Live in Florida as a Environmental Manager now. Great crew!
Mincey, DavidSTS3Jan 1986 – Apr 1986SonarMade one patrol on board before Decomm....
Wirth, Robert “country”MMCMApr 1, 1986 – Nov 1, 1987MachinistI am adding my father to the registry, I was one of a handful of boys that was lucky enough to sail this girl to VA on her decommissioning cruise. I was in the 4th grade at the time and I will never forget the ride.

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