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USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 416 crew members registered for the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654).

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Vondra, CalET1968 – 1972reactor controldid 5 patrols
Moss, Jack "Doc"HM1(SS)1968 – 1971medical Still remember my time on the 654, like Rota, Charleston, Holy Loch, the north atlantic in winter. Retired last year as a Physician Assistant, living in WA.
Hall, GeorgeEM1968 – 1971Engineering
Gesell, ErnieETN21968 – 1970Reactor DivisionFive Patrols Left for NESEP Program Made ET1(SS) shortly after departure BSEE University of Kansas/MBA National University Naval Aviator Retired as LCDR
Maki, LauriMM2SSApr 1968 – Sep 1971A
Barlow, HarveyET1(SS) - ETC(SS)Apr 1968 – Jun 1974Nav ETServed in Gold Crew before Bremerton overhaul/conversion then Blue Crew afterward. I'd like to see old shipmates again. Is anyone going to organize a SSBN-654 reunion?
Price, KentYN3(SS)May 1968 – May 1970Admin/sonarMade 4 patrols. Remember Charles "Fistful" Burrell??
Szczytko, BillSK3 (SS)Jun 10, 1968 – Oct 7, 1970SupplyGold Crew
Encina, RodolfoMS1Aug 1968 – Apr 1972supplySeeking farther transfer to join USS John Marshall SSBN 611 Blue
Owen, Jim / BuckMM1(SS)Aug 15, 1968 – Jul 10, 1970ALot of good memories, Remember faces, can't remember names of another MM(nuke) and a GMT. I think MM's nickname was "Mule".I do Remember Capt. Hay and deep fat frier Fire drill.
Cardinal, Tom (Tk)RM2(SS)Aug 20, 1968 – Dec 1, 1971One of the greatest and proudest times of my life. Retired as LT, USNR; also retired NYPD. Think often of good times/ great food/great friends on the GCM. Thank you, Capt Hay. Remember copying CW bcsts. Live in upstate NY. Best to al.
Montag, PatrickRM2(SS)Sep 1968 – 1970RadiomanGreat experience!
Leger, RayIC1SSSep 1968 – May 1971EGreat crew, great friends - Chief Bertram, Chief Jilk, Purcell, Harlacher, Ryder, Scroggins, Collins, Crothers, Gilbreth, Tobler, Peck. Rota, Holy Loch, Charleston - great runs, great memories.
Lewis, BobEM2 (SS)Oct 1968 – Jan 1971ECame aboard right after Nuke School and made 5 patrols. Earned my Dolphins. Living in Nebraska and getting ready to retire again. GO BIG RED
Ryder, JoeE-6Oct 1968 – Dec 1970E DivisionSome great times, Some Not so great. I will never forget my first patrol out of Rota or later ones out of Holy Loch. Made some great friends
Vondra, Cal (Calvin)ET2SSNov 1, 1968 – Sep 1, 1971Reactor ControlsI remember Capt. Goodings cat got TDU'D. Also the Exec's door. I remember great pinochle games, donuts on a broom stick in maneuvering, and life long friends.
Hickox, GeorgeMM1Dec 1968 – 1971
Osborne, Arthur SFTG-!(SS)1969 – 1975Fire ControlGood and Bad Times with the greatest of people. Great shipyard period and great liberty in Spain and Scotland.
Arellano, Luis III "Louie"STS2(SS)1969 – 1971SonarMade 5 patrols, too short for Bremerton. Did that miserable frigid drydocking in Holy Loch, stinky topside watches in Charleston. Remember those WFIL radio tapes I played? Still have them! How about LaVaughn Waterford's baked Alaska? Best to all
Shakeshaft, DouglasTN1969 – 1971stewardI remember I lot of good times I transfered off just befor the the overhall.
Schweizer, Henry (Hank)FTB1(SS)1969 – 1971Weapons
Berbrick, BobFTG3/SS1969 – 1971WeaponsIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times....
Agsten, Dave (Ag)ET1(SS)1969 – 1975NavigationBlue Crew before & after Bremerton - 7 patrols out of Holy Loch, Charleston and Rota. Remember beating the Marine Football team for the base championship in Bremerton as well as the SSBN657 team. Great times. Looking for Loren McAdam??
Brose, Phillip (Rick)ETN-2(SS)1969 – 1974NavigationServed on the Blue Crew and went to Charleston, Holy Loch and Rota. I made 2 Patrols after the yards. I'll never forget the Panama Canal and PSNS.
Davison, Kenneth/juniorCS2 (SS)1969 – 1971supply Food Service5 Patrols. Favorite refit site Holyloch. Most memorable moments were qualification and the IMF force responsible for the XO using a curtain for his stateroom door. And being part of SK Bill Sczitko's wedding
Agsten, DaveET1(SS)1969 – 1975Navigation
McGinness, JamesSTS 3 (SS)Apr 1969 – Sep 1971SonarGreat memories on helm and planes and sonar watches with Finnegan, McKee, R.P., Chuck, and Foley. Mess Cooking not so great. 5 patrols, then on to F.S. Key and Jallao.
Santangelo, NealFTB2 (SS)May 1969 – Jan 1974WeaponsEnjoyed my time on 654...remember going thru the shipyard in Bremerton...going thru Panama Canal...winning the PSNS Flag Football Championship...Great memories of Rota and Holy Loch...luv to hear from old shipmates
Schutz, John profile iconmt2May 10, 1969 – 1973mt/missile compartmentgreat times and friends campisi was crazy
Dickhausen, DaleMT1(SS)Jun 1969 – Jan 1974WeaponsAlso served as Missile Compartment LPO from Jan. 1975 to April 1977. Completed 10 patrols plus the shipyard period in Bremerton.
Dineen, Michael DineenFNJul 1969 – Dec 1970
Schryer, JimSN YN3(SS)Sep 1969 – Oct 1971Deck/Exec/SonarOne of the greatest experiences of my life although I didn't realize it at the time! Great shipmates and memorable Off-crew periods living on Long Island Sound in Old Lyme, Ct.
Shawver, Albert (Big Al)MM1(SS)Dec 1969 – Sep 1971MGood times, good people, gained a lot of respect for other M Div people during TG rebuild at sea, especially Al (Fat Al) Katen and Bill Stevenson
Whittle, DonaldTM2 (SS)Dec 1969 – Aug 1971WeaponsToo many tales to tell. Best left unsaid
Melton, Bruce (Motor-mouth)EN2(SS)1970 – 1972ASomeone stealing XO's door and boat broaching.I enjoyed everybody except Beck even the lifer's.Maki kept me from killing Beck.Thanks Maki.
Leonard, RickMM31970 – 1971EngineeringTransferred from the SS525 Grenadier (Pig Boat). Made 3 patrols out of Holy Lock. Last patrol submerged transit across Atlantic to Annapolis. Naked on deck down the Chesapeake passing cruise ship. Crazy times that will not be forgotton.
Priest, BillSSBN 6541970 – 1973Nav
Schindler, ThomasTM 21970 – 1973WeaponsMet some great people, some not so great. Lifetime experience. Retired from PSNS in 2007 worked submarines most of my career and still live in Bremerton. Currently teaching ship repair in Japan. Who would have thunk?
Chace, Charlie (Smily Chace)MM1 (SS)1970 – 1970MI made just one run on the George Marshall; joining just before departure from Charleston. I qualified low level engine room a couple of days out and got several shipmates off port & starboard. Made several friends.
Campisi, JoeMT2(SS)Feb 10, 1970 – Jan 2, 1974WeaponsI did 3 Polaris patrols, the PSNS overhaul in Bremerton and 1 Poseidon patrols. I was Blue Crew before PSNS and Gold Crew after the overhaul including the failed missile launch at Cape Canaveral.
Leonard, RickEM-2Mar 1970 – Oct 1973Hard times - a great cast of characters! EMC Jilk's 90 day supply of "Maalox". Caruthers & Collins' -"red on the head" jokes. A grueling overhaul but life-long friends, Noddin, Manier, Beach, Holz, Kreutzer (rest h
Bausch, Jarrold/ JerryMT 2Mar 1970 – Oct 1971Missile divisionCame aboard directly after leave from sub school. Went through the conversion to Poseidon (C-3) and overhaul at PSNS. Made the DASO run and four patrols. Great boat & crew! Am still trying to contact MTC Kovack.
Nordgren, John (Jack)QM 3 SSAug 10, 1970 – Jun 20, 1971NavI woke Capt. Gooding after sighting the Repitor, (Russian Trawler)coming out of Hollylock. She was hassling us. Half asleep, he walked into the control and said," Put her zero angle on the bow and all ahead full." he then went back to bed.
Baker, ScottMM2 (SS)Sep 1970 – Nov 1973AGood memories of simpler days. Bula Bromide, water through an open hatch and the dance of fireballs in AMR I. Not to mention, Leak? Engine room? Humm are we going up by the bow or down by the stern?
Baker, ScottMM2(SS)Nov 9, 1970 – Nov 2, 1973Aux
Feeney, MartyCHEF DU MEDIOCRE 3RD CLASSDec 1, 1970 – Sep 17, 1971Finally found this list, me and Charlie Noodle, and Halfway to Warsaw. Jack's great John Wayne impression and THE GOLD RAG. Miss the guys, Larry Dobbs... What happened to him. I'm a college prof, Central College in Iowa. Write for CentralMania.

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