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USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 427 crew members registered for the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN 654).

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Kelledes, JackEM21989 – 1992EBest crew I served with. Lots of good times and memories. We worked our tails off to keep this ship working as good as could be. Like Donny said, THIS is the REAL Navy. Hope all you guys are doing ok.
Sinkowski, PeteFTB21989 – 1992Fire ControlWhat a ride we all had on this fine Navy vessel! She treated us well and we all made it home in one piece,some of us anyway! Scotland was a freakin' blast! As was our port calls to Nova Scotia and Coco Beach.I'll always remember you guys!
Darpino, AndrewMM21989 –EngineeringWas a privilege to serve with such a great bunch of guys! I am sure Dunoon misses us as much as we miss her too ;) Hope everyone is well.
Woodis, EdwardET2(SS)Feb 1989 – Jan 7, 1991NavigationThe best boat and the best crew in naval history was the USS George C Marshall Gold Crew. That was the best submarine the navy every had.
Tharpe, ElvesterE-4Feb 1, 1989 – Dec 4, 1992supply
Nunn, MarkET1(SS)Mar 1989 – Feb 1992Reactor ControlsBlue Crew, this was the worst command I have ever served at in my career. C.N. Starnes (Gumby) was a real shit head. Currently Unit Supervisor at Turkey Point at Florida Power and Light in Miami.
Maavich, StevenSKC/ssApr 28, 1989 – 1992StoresThis by far was the best command I was honored to serve on. Many late nights with A-div helping to keep the old girl up and running. One of the best Crews ever, and made you proud to be a Submariner
McCauley, DonFTG 1/SSMay 1989 – Sep 1992FT3 Chiefs that were on the ROAD program. I thank them for showing me what not to be. It was a good time. The GCM was the best.
Hunt, SteveIC2/SSMay 1989 – Jul 12, 1992IC
Smith, ChrisTMSNJun 1989 – Sep 1991
Sullivan, Michael (Sully)SN/YNJul 1989 – Aug 1990yeomanSome of the best times i ever had . the best guys i ever knew. i will never forget glassgow.
Lukaszeski, JeffreyQM 2/SS BLUEJul 10, 1989 – Apr 10, 1992QMWhat wild time, will never forget seeing shrimp swimming in the fan room through the dead-mans-glass, and downing a beer IRT the GCM ind/mast in Holy Loch, Noa,Tony,George, Gray(NC pretty-boy), Jerzy-Jim and the rest of the RATPAC.......
Glenn, MikeET1(SS)Aug 1989 – Apr 1992RCMy only ship, but the best group of guys I've ever worked for or with - period. Benson, Van Doren, Gregg, Asper, Doten, Mergner, Carmody, Downey, Brown, Richardson, Peters, to name a few. I'm sure I'll remember more after I post this.
Comorote, JimET2Aug 10, 1989 – Sep 22, 1992NavGood times. I can't say I miss the boat, but I certainly wouldn't mind passing some pints around with the crew. We should have a reunion in Dunoon.
Taylor, WarrenQM3Sep 1, 1989 – Aug 1, 1991nav/opsmany great memories.some good some bad. Thank you Capt Peters. i still use your quotes. Best crew in the world
Helms, ChetCAPTOct 1989 – Sep 11, 1992CO
Powell, RickET3Oct 1989 – 1991NavigationI have fond memories of my time on the Marshall, flooding, mattresses over the battery well, taping up dink mess cooks and going to Capt mast over it.... good times. Miss all of you the Blue crew
Pacheco, JoseSN/YNOct 15, 1989 – Feb 1, 1992YNGreat memories of this pig, especially the people and the rainy days standing Topside Watch in Scotland. I guess back then it didn't seem as much fun as it seems now. I learned a lot of my English on this boat.
Lamb, CharlesE-3Oct 16, 1989 –QMHad a blast there with everyone !
Antal, WayneFTBNov 1989 – Jan 1991WeaponsGreat experience. I will forever be linked to the guys that went underway with me. Great friendships and great memories.
Lafond, EricSTS3Nov 1989 – Jun 1992SonarGreat group of guys....Decom crew was a lot of fun!
Hopwood, JohnMM3 (SS)1990 – 1991A-gangwas on the blue crew with Senior Chief G.Washington
James, DarrellQM2/SS1990 – 1992NavigationMany enjoyable times and many friends met while aboard GCM. Lot's of good times in Holy Loch. Like to know where everyone is. Hit me up.
Greene, JeffEM31990 – 1991ElecticalGood times. Couldn't wait to get out of the Navy but glad now that I did it. I life at sea is the life for me! (not)
Ellis, JimmyCDR1990 – 1990COTemporary relief for 21 days for CO medevac from ship.
Edwards, PrestonJan 1990 – Sep 1992
Kuffel, LarrySN(SS)Jan 8, 1990 – Sep 1, 1991DeckGreat boat and gold crew ruled. Had some real good times and real fond memories. Will never forget getting my fish on that boat.
Metzger, Bryan "Bk" Or "baltimore Kid"ET-1/SSFeb 1990 – 1992NAVETMy mattress used for the battery room cover! Jim Comorote's "Welcome to the Jungle" video. BB Tyner and me going "butt pine skiing" on one of the "ben's" above Holy Loch. Showing up as an ET-1 to fill an ET-3 bille
Diedrich, FredSNFeb 1990 – Feb 1992TMI know I will never forget this boat or those I served with. I can never forget neanderlurch who was the a-hole COB at the time I served. Never forget being the CEP, and taking names and kicking ass.
Mazur, JoeYNCS(SS)Feb 23, 1990 – Jul 31, 1992AdministrationMy final duty station after serving for 21 years. Had some really good times and miss all of my friends.
Nelson, JeromeSN/Mar 1990 – Sep 1992DeckMiss the people not the deployments. HAHAHAH
Bishop, NickMMFNMar 1990 – Aug 1992A-GangI had the pleasure of serving with Donny Acor. The BEST A-Ganger that ever walked the face of the planet. If you don't believe me, just ask him. It was a great tour, even when I did the back to back runs. Thats when I met Hopwood.
Colbert, Charles (Chuck)MIDSHIPMAN 1/CMar 13, 1990 – Aug 1, 1990WardroomWhat a great time on board the Marshall. Great crew, very funny wardroom. Looking for ET2 Woodis, SN Mobley (torpedo room), MS1 Cunningham from Philly and SN Nelson from NYC. Holy Loch was the place to be.
Dean, Christopher DinoET3/SSApr 1990 – Feb 1992NavigationMy only Boat but it was a great one, I remember the great times with Woodis, Cunningham, Bill Mobley, Vernon Powe, Elvester Thorpe. Miss you all hope your doing well.
Vankirk, ToddFiremanJun 1990 – 1992Deck/ICLot's of great memories from this boat. Miss a lot of the people.
Reilly, WilliamET1(SS)Sep 10, 1990 – Nov 11, 1991Reactor ControlsI made 2 patrols, my only sea duty. Some of the best people you will ever get the chance to work with.
Viscusi, Joseph "Joey Da Fish"ET2/SSOct 1990 – Jan 1992NavigationIt was short but aa ton of fun and quite memorable. Best crew in the fleet by far. A special thanks to ET1 Winslow and ET2 Cunningham for the non-stop entertainment.
Schonfarber, Anthony/tonyMM1/SSOct 1990 – Mar 1992It was a great time and learning experience. You tend to only remember the good things, and forget that you never slept. Doten/Z - what's up guys? I run a huge power plant in NYC now - crazy.Thanks for helping me through the first patrol
Blankenship, JeffMM2Oct 1990 – Sep 1992A-GangHated it while I was in it, but doesn't seem so bad now. Got to see and do a lot I wouldn't have done otherwise.
Ray, EdET3/SS1991 – 1992NavigationThe last year befor decom was great.

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