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USS James Madison (SSBN 627) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS James Madison (SSBN 627). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 274 crew members registered for the USS James Madison (SSBN 627).

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Runyon, ThomasEM-1 SS1978 – Jun 1981E Division
Meyers, MichaelET2(ss)Apr 1978 – Jul 1979RC
Runyon, TomEM1/SSMay 1, 1978 – Jun 16, 1981EngineeringServed under Comander Larry Vogt and Commander Mallen. Names are sketchy anymore, remember chavis, Carlson, Pullen and Amatto from E-Div. Remember Chief (Now I can't drive) Robbs and Lon Cheney of M-Div. Loved Raisin Jack for halfway night.
Anderson, John "Souppie"MMFAMay 19, 1978 – Jun 1979Deck/A Div.See my FB page
Walker, SteveMM2/SSJul 1978 – Oct 1982AuxiliaryTime aboard was great, good crew, lots of fun, what an experience. Mitch Case, How are brothers and sisters? Brief, Basket, and Book ;and did sailing take you away to where you were going?
Case, MitchET2/SSAug 12, 1978 – Apr 21, 1983NavigationServed on the Gold prior to shipyard then Blue crew afterwards.
Cunningham, JackMM2/ELTSep 1978 – Nov 1981Made patrol before long yard period (refuel). Dame midshipman opes. Missle tests at canaveral, what a party at Cocoa Beach. Puerto Rico stop, Yeah for PAPA Joes, for us poor folks. Then to new home in Kingsbay. Then off to San Diego for me.
Curtis, StevenET2/SS1979 – 1982NavigationI was on the boat for the Long Ship yard period, Sea trials, and several patrols. I would like to get in touch with Tim Ross and Richard Bliss. Both were NavET's
Lloyd, (bubblehead, 1or2) Kyle D.STS-3 {SS}Jan 1979 – Aug 1979Sonar - OpsMade cruise to Puerto Rico & midshipmen training cruise & delivery of Dolly to Norfolk VA for trident refit - All Hands Crew Reunion 7/31/04 - details at
Parker, Russel (Kevin)MT2 (SS)Aug 1979 – Oct 1983Missile
Harrison, JerryFTB1 (SS)Aug 10, 1979 – Sep 20, 1983FTBIt was a privilege to serve and go to sea with each and all of my shipmates from all departments/divisions. I have many fond memories of my time aboard the Madison.
King III, RodneyFTB1/SSSep 1979 – Dec 1983Fire ControlOne very long yard period, Tad to the 630 in 1980 and to the 629 in 1981. DASO and 3 patrols after the yards.
Butler, Harold (Bud)MT2 (SS)1980 – 1982Missilethe 1st and Best Missile Division in the fleet.
Hart, StephenET11980 – 1982Nav ETWould like to hear from others who were on board in the shipyard
Sloan, JeffMM1Jan 1980 – Jan 1985Auxiliary
Holman, KeithMM1Jan 1980 – May 1984Looking for others. Reunion association is at After you're through here, come visit.
Archibald, Relston/archET1Jan 20, 1980 – Oct 29, 1984Navigation Electronics TechnicianEnjoyed the time I spent on this Boat. Only made 4 patrols but it was an experience I will never forget. Matt It was good seeing your name in here.
Proffitt, Jeff "Big Dick"ET2/SSMar 1980 – Apr 1983NAVETThey left out an entry in the accident section; I remember having an accident in my pants after patrol 51 when I was walking down the street. It started raining and I thought I was back in the shower. :)
Cooke, MarkSTS3/SSApr 1980 – Mar 27, 1983Weapons (Sonar)married with 3 kids living in Pittsburgh, PA
Deblois, GlennMM@Jun 1980 – Jun 1985Was KNOwwn as the Toad looking to reach old shipmates
Chase Jr, LloydIC1/SSJun 1980 – Aug 1985ICGot on board 1 month after it went into the yard. made 5 patrols, then sent to the Stonewall jackson (Stony J). I was out-board her on the Seahorse whin she was decomed. what a sad day.
Register, Allen (Reggie)STS3 to STS1/SSSep 1980 – Sep 1985SonarGot to the Madison in the shipyard combined crew then rode her for 5 patrols on the Blue Crew. Jim Morrison LPO, Cmd. C.D. Ward was CO when I left the boat for EEAP. Then off to the Shark SSN 591. Loved it all.
Hart, Jr., SamLT (SS)Nov 15, 1980 – Nov 30, 1983WeaponsBlue,Weps Dept (ST,TM,FTG,FTB Div Off),Trident I Backfit/Overhaul NNSY,sea trials,3 waterspouts,C-4/MK48 loadout,patrol Kings Bay,grounded in river(CPT Mallen),Waterwings Dive,OOD Halifax fog,CDR Ward CO, LCDR Mero XO
Baker, DouglasSTS2/SSNov 16, 1980 – May 1, 1986Sonarlet me know where you guys are....and sonarmen take up the slack and get registered
Crate, AllanMM21981 – 1981NukeShort Timer
Hager, DavidFTB21981 – 1986Served twice on Madison, one coming out of shipyards then back later.after A/C schools in damneck.. great crew, great sub. hope to see more FTB's on the list.. kept intouch with FTB Brumm, he passed after battling brain tumors..
Carson, RonFTB1/SS1981 – 1985WeaponsWhat can I say, unbelievable. I just found this site and see a couple of names that I recognize. Sorry to hear about Brumm dieing.
Willis, JamesEM1(SS)1981 –Electrical
Ogrady, TomFTB3Jan 1981 – Jun 1982WeaponsNewport News Shipyard, Trident refit... Major hull penetrations, shore cables, shipyard workers, endless topside mid-watches. Seeing her chopped up during recycling, kick in the gut.
Maryea, HaroldTM3/SSMar 1981 – Feb 1984WEPSI was combined crew at NNSY and blue crew after that...
O'Brien, John "O.b."MS3/SSApr 1981 – Oct 1983SupplyDoes anyone remember all the cinnamon rolls I burnt every morning? Hey Mr. Gross, you better get ahold of me if you see this. Best time of my life!
Maryea, HaroldTM3SSApr 1981 – Mar 1984TorpedoWow it's been over 20 years and I still remember over the 1MC "T H is in the green band" and the pointy end of the boat up, with the pressure guage rising. Talk about a character builder. I took her out of Newport news for the post refit
Essel, JohnFTB1(SS)May 1981 – May 1986Missle Fire Control
Hommel, ScottEM1Aug 1981 – Aug 1986EngineeringFive long years, but looking back there are lots of great memories.
Fenter, JohnLTOct 31, 1981 – Oct 31, 1984WardroomE DivO, MPA, and XO for one off crew when our new XO went nuts and got stuck on the 5th floor at Charleston Naval Hospital. And I got the parking space, too. Served under CDR Miller, CDR Weed, and CDR Krupnick. The crew made the tour good.
Tisdale, ChuckMM1/SS (ELT)Nov 1, 1981 – Sep 26, 1985M/RLBlue Crew - Family Gram-Snide Order Book-MS-1/2 Steam Leak-Grounded in River-
Blackburn, Jeff (8 Ball)FTB1(SS)1982 – 1990FTBAfter two tours on the Mad Dog, I can say that I would do it again.
Biedenbach, Steve \ET-11982 – 1985RC/EngineeringWorked with some fantastic guys in Engineering. Have wondered where some of them wound up.
Hoyer, KendellQM2(SS)Jan 1982 – May 1984QuartermasterBlue Crew with Lafferty, Brown, Smith, and Ford. 3 patrols and a trip to Halifax.
Ellis, JimmyLCDRJun 1982 – Feb 1984XO
Baux, DanielSTS3-STS1/ssJul 1982 – Sep 1989WeaponsMy First sea command, last C.O. was Capt. Hamburg
Altman, JohnMM2(SS)Oct 1982 – Jun 1986AuxiliaryQual boat, 7 patrols
Worrall, TerrySN (SS)Dec 1982 – Nov 1983STRIKER/HMMet some great people, one the hardest things I ever did was to qualify in 1 patrol and mess crank, remember water spouts, was great to sit and watch movies on 2nd patrol
Bryant, Charles "Chuck"IC2Dec 1982 – Jul 1986Interior CommunicationsI still remember eating pancakes the last week of my first patrol (for every meal). I got highly trained in cleaning stainless steel toilets. Busing back to Charleston is a good memory.

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