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USS James Madison (SSBN 627) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS James Madison (SSBN 627). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 274 crew members registered for the USS James Madison (SSBN 627).

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Starbuck, Steve3RD CLASS MM (SS)1968 – 1974"A"Served 1 patrol Blue, went through refit, Gold took boat to Scotland made 3 more patrols.
Miller, Stan "doc"HM1Jan 1968 – Jun 1971H - Medical2 patrols as "Bluie" before refit, then "Goldie". Still remember sea trials A & B at EB. Commissioned in '72. Retired in OR in '91.
Smith, Donald "smokey"QM2(SS)Jan 1968 – May 1971QM/NAVOn board for Poseidon conversion,sea-trials,1st launch and patrols. On in Charleston, New London,& Holy Loch. Drove George Mcdermott's Pontiac several times.
Steward, JerryCTT1Apr 14, 1968 – Apr 19, 1968CICTAD for deep dive test.
Thompson, BobLtMay 6, 1968 – Aug 31, 1971E&IC, MGreat Time and made lifelong friends
Thompson, Joseph R. (Bob)LTMay 15, 1968 – Aug 31, 1971Engineering - MPAone patrol before 70-71 overhaul, refueling at EB and one after - after active duty joined Reserve retired in 91 - missed decommisioning reunion while on active duty with NATO in London - look forward to reunion andd seeing some very old shipmates
Haislip, LarryMM3/SSJun 1, 1968 – Nov 15, 1971AJust looking for news of some old friends
Narowski, BillMT1Mar 1969 – Sep 1971MissileCame for C3 Conversion, Fired PEM 1, PEM 3, got out
Ringwalt, WilliamMM1SSMay 15, 1969 – Jan 2, 1970ENG
Kotan, RichMM2-SSAug 1969 – May 1971MArrived while in EB and left after first patrol. Went to John Adams SSBN 620 in Pearl.
Bonello, Bob "bones"YN3(SS)Aug 12, 1969 – May 18, 1973Deck, SonarWent through the yards at EB straight out of Sub School. Qualified in Submarines in one patrol. TAD to YN "A" School (Nov70-Feb71). On board for first Poseidon shot at the Cape. Made total of four patrols. Will attend Reunion 07 in June
Reneau, Leonard A.FTCS1970 – 1971COB
Peters, QuentinCS31970 – 1971supplyI first saw the Madison in the dry dock at EB she was full of huge gaping holes, I thought I'd gone through sub school just to be assigned to the 1st SSBN to be decommissioned. I was on board for the 1st Poseidon launch.
Bryant, James R.QM!/SS --QMC/SSJan 1970 – 1975OpsBlue Crew 1970 to 1973 Gold Crew 1975 to 1978
Cammer, Barry / TinyE5 / QuartermasterFeb 1970 – Oct 1972Navigationright out of New London Sub School picked up the Madison in New London ship yard was aboard for the first missile firing off coast of Florida and ran several winter patrols out of Holy loch Scotland.
Humphries, AlanMM1(SS) LELTMar 1970 – Jun 1973MI came aboard right after sub school while the "Jolly Dolly was at EB. On the first Poseidon Missile launch - in the ELT lab next to the missile tube. Charleston/Holy Loch. Good ship, good crew, good times. Proud to be a "nuke" and &quo
Leety, MurrayRM2(SS)Apr 1970 – Jun 1973CommunicationJoined Blue Crew with boat at EB, on board for first Poseidon launch, took boat to Holy Loch and made 4 additional patrols. Would love to hear from Therrien, Charlton, Woodman, Fisher, Howard, Ilgenfritz, or any other crewmates.
Newman, CharlieSK3(SS)Apr 1, 1970 – Dec 1, 1971SupplyJust looking for people I haven't seen or heard from in years.
Lewis, RichardET2/SSApr 4, 1970 – Nov 15, 1972engineeringGot on at EB first sea trial had air system failure right before diving.,thank god. anyone else remember. 3 patrols then out. Have worked at Nuclear plant last 40 yrs.
Horner, John "JT"STS2(SS)Apr 20, 1970 – Jun 1, 1974SonarCame onboard at EB for Poseidon conversion and refuelling,Gold crew. Made missile shot and calibration and shake-down run in Carribean. Made 6 patrols out of Holy Lock, Scotland. Very fond memories.
Chay, JoeMM1 (SS)Apr 28, 1970 – Aug 10, 1973MShipyard for Poseidon refit, Poseidon missile shots, Assigned to Gold Crew and made 5 patrols out of Holy Loch. Wonder what happened to my friend Eddie Jones from Chicago.
Hall, Alan (Al)MM1 (SS)Nov 1970 – Sep 1972MPSA to NLON; Shkdwn @ Rosie Roads; 3 patrols from Holy Loch; Great Ship, Great Crew, proud to have served.
MacKey, BillLTDec 1, 1970 – Jun 1, 1972MPA,
Branum, TomMM1(SS)1971 – Dec 1973M
Lloyd, DennisET1 (SS)1971 – 1976NAVIGATIONProud member of the Jolly Dolly Fat Pack weight reduction GDU Weight Excersize Belt Team! Neil, you never were heavy enough to wear one. Where are Donnie Simmons, Paul Brown, Scruggs, and Shuff these days?
McDonald, Benjamin / Maccs1ss1971 – 1973supply
Gamber, JohnSN, YNSN(SS), YN3(SS)1971 – 1974AdminServed on both Blue and Gold crews. Lots of good and interesting memories.
Chandler, Chandlere3Feb 1, 1971 – Jul 10, 1974Engineeringnone
Seamon, ThomasMM2Feb 10, 1971 – Jul 8, 1974M
McMillin, Randall/ Mac2nd Class QUARTERMASTERMay 15, 1971 – Nov 11, 1975QuartermasterI was in from 1970 to 1975, looking to talk to old shipmates on the USS James Madison.
Hayes, MacMt2 SSJun 1971 – Jul 1975Missile8 consecutive runs out of the Loch. Looking for any gold crew shipmates onboard during 6/71-7/75. Transferred to GMS Dam Neck, made MT1, bailed out in Sept 1978, Retired with Postal Service , 34 years of service.
Zuzich, NickETR-2 (SS)Jul 1971 – Jun 1974Engineering / Reactor Control
Walton, JamesMM3/SS1972 – Jan 1975AuxilliaryMade 5 patrols and was involved with the first extended refit.
Creel, Charles / ChuckE31972 – 1975deck/ Interior CommunicationsGreat fond memories of 6 patrols and not so fond memories. Sailed with great bunch of huys . Wonder what ever happened to others and recently found this site.
Tilton, MichaelMM2(SS)1972 – 1974Engineering
Capone, MikeRm3 (ss)1972 – Nov 1974RadioI made a lot of friends over the years on board. A lot of great memories.Never forget a week before I was getting out, and we had a mishap with the Russian sub . Scared the he'll out of me.
Young, RichardMM2 SSJan 1, 1972 – Nov 7, 1975A Gang. Auxiliary DivisionGreat ship great crew 7 patrols would like to talk with sheman or leonard
Scribner, Vance (Scrib)MM1Feb 22, 1972 – Dec 15, 1975eng. nuclear was on seahorse then transferd to madison
Sherman, JamesRM2(SS)Mar 1972 – Oct 1975Radio7 in a row, SA to RM2(SS)
Bianchi, TomEM1(SS)Aug 1972 – Sep 1978E-DivisionStart of the best times of my life--great crew through out. will always remember Master Chief Mace, and QMC(SS) Billy Dowd.
Lounsberry, Doug (Leroy)MM1Dec 1972 – Feb 1977Nuc Machinist Mate
French, J.FTG1Dec 1, 1972 – Aug 28, 1979weaponsMade 14 or 15 patrols.Fond memories.Served with chief Dowd,Roy Werley,Mike Chavis,Sticky Buns Whitmyer,Chief Rushin, and many other I can picture but not name.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1967 | 1968 – 1972 | 1973 – 1977 | 1978 – 1982 | 1983 – 1986 | 1987 – now

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