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USS James Madison (SSBN 627) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS James Madison (SSBN 627). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 285 crew members registered for the USS James Madison (SSBN 627).

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Pickett, Bruce1987 – 1989EHi, it's been a long time since we have heard from anyone. Give a call.
Atchley, Thom (Scratchly)MM1/SS1987 – 1990mwhat leak?
Weis, ChrisMT2/SS1987 – 1989MissileI really enjoyed my time aboard but haven't thought about it much until my son enlisted. It is funny how much you start to remember.
Werstler, DonMS1(SS)1987 – 1991MS / SupplyRetired in 2001 as MSC(SS). I sure do miss the times we had. It's great to see all the names of the great sailors I served with.
Smith, Marc (Bandit)QM3/SSMar 1987 – Aug 1988NavigationHave a bandit day!
Edwards, Andy profile iconMM2Apr 1987 – Feb 1991M
Lively, RockICFN - IC3May 1987 – Jun 1990Interior CommunicationsRecently reitired, as a ET - NOT!!. IC-man true and true. I see come names that are familiar. Just thought I'd log on and share in the Madison Majic!!! Those were the days. Great first boat , , , AWESOME crew.
Jackson, DonLTMay 1, 1987 – Apr 1, 1990Electrical, Aux, MissileRankin, Slackin, Weekend Duty Lackin, Steamboat, Sanitary Tank Fillin, Air Breathin,Non Qual Dink Puke Mo Fo
Dobry, JosephLTJun 1987 – Dec 1991Weapons OfficerDon Jackson forgot "pistol-packin".
Broach, William S.EMI (SS)(EWS)Jun 1987 – Jun 1990ElectricalJust looking for some of the old crew. Hey Bruce!
Sorg, JoeMM2 SSJun 29, 1987 – Feb 15, 1990M/RLBest part of serving on the Madison was serving under Captain Rish.
Cosby, JimEM2Aug 1987 – Sep 1990ElectricalTo See Scott Moore's name is a shock,, and a old buddy who i reunited with at MTS-635 Joe Sorg
Maschan, BenMM1 (SS)Aug 1987 – Jan 1990RL/MGood to see the old names. Hope all is well
Duke, RobQM3Oct 1987 – Apr 1990
Campbell, RichOct 7, 1987 – Feb 8, 1991SupplyMiss those great days on the MAD DOG!!!!!
Hixson, Jeffrey (Spock)MSSN1988 – 1991MS
Moore, ScottEm21988 – 1993Electrician
Dubose, ChrisEM2Jun 1, 1988 – Aug 1, 1992EFunny that I never got out of Nuclear. Splitting atoms at Catawba Nuclear Station. Looking to find all of Engineering lol
Carpenter, MikeTM StrikerJul 1988 – Jul 1990TMThis is totally amazing. I really enjoyed the guys on the Mad Dog.
McNeely, DavidET1(SS)Aug 1988 – Aug 1990NavETLast boat got to serve on. Some unique times were experenced here.
Speight, DonaldEM2Aug 15, 1988 – Nov 15, 1991ElectricalI agree with ray staley, when is the reunion? And, it was great serving with Capt. Rish
Jordan, ClarkLTSep 1988 – Aug 1992E&IC, MPA, and Commo
Weller, JerryMT2/SSOct 1988 – Dec 1991MissileIt was a privilege to serve with some of the finest patriots of our day and time. I learned some hard lessons on that ship and they have helped me to become a better man. I am thankful to have served there.
Meneses, BongEM21989 – 1992Wow...I just ran into this by showing my son what a submarine looks like...then I started to recognize some names, which invoked me to log in. Met up with Cody Cruse in California a couple of years ago. We both have kids at similar ages..
Little, JerryRMCM (SS)1989 – 1992Chief of the Boat (COB)Retired in Beaumont, Texas. Really enjoyed my tour onboard. Great boat!
Moore, ScottEM2Jan 1989 – Jun 1991EWow--never thought I'd see the day--Don Jackson, Clark Jordan, Joe Sorg, Ray Staley--If I see Zack Haff, Butch Fustos, Dave Weeks or Mark Berger here, I'll be amazed.
Weeks, DaveFTN2(SS)Jan 1989 – Nov 20, 1992RL/MIt's been 14 years... and I can still smell the fresh Bain.
Britton, DonMM2/SSFeb 1989 – Mar 1991RL/MI guess I missed the Navy Life. I came back in after being out for over three years. Commissioned and taught at NNPTC - AUG99-MAY03.
Wicker, MilesSNFeb 1989 – 1991IC
Ziemer, ChuckRM2/SSMar 1, 1989 – Dec 1, 1991RadioChief Burke: "Ziemer!? Grease the bouy!"
Bradley, KelvinETCS(SS)Mar 12, 1989 – Sep 18, 1991NAViGATIONBlue Crew
Morton, DavidSTS2Apr 1, 1989 – Apr 1, 1992SonarMy 1st boat, and the best crew!
Cotten, GregLTMay 1989 – Nov 1992TM/FTG/E/IC/DCA/AWEPS/WEPSLast SDO ever!
McGraw, DonaldRM3 (SS)Jun 1989 – Oct 1991Operations
Lorei, MarkMM1 (SS)Jul 1989 – Apr 1991
Kyles, WillETC(SS)Sep 1989 – Dec 1991NAVET
Flores, MichaelMM2Sep 1989 – Sep 1992AGang
Patterson, JohnnyMM3Nov 1989 – Sep 1991A-gang
White, Jon1990 – 1991
Gannoe, PaulEM21990 – 1992I saw Bong and Scott and Dave on here and had to log on. Hard to believe it's been 16 years.
Fortier, PaulLT1990 – 1992Supply Officer
Nielsen, ScottCWO4(ret.)Apr 1990 – Apr 1992MissileI was a FTCS on board Madison Gold /Blue. It was sad watching your boat get torn apart after making patrols on her. I was the last COB to make a patrol and the diving officer on her last surface prior to decommsioning
Perren, ChrisMT3Jun 1990 – Jun 1992Gold
Somervell, ScottMM3/SSAug 1990 – 1992AThe Madison was my first boat and i have very fond memories of her. Right up until they towed her out of Mare Island
Tuey, DannyMT2Oct 15, 1990 – May 1, 1992WeaponsMan, what can you say about the Madisson? Great ship, great crew. Sure do miss the old days!
Melius, BartFT2(SS)Dec 12, 1990 – Oct 9, 1991FTFT Division for Blue Crew for this period consisted FT1(SS) Tomas Atoigue, FT2(SS) Ken Simms, and myself.
Dondley, SteveET@1991 – 1992RCI can't say I had a lot of great memories about the Navy, but had the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life and living and interesting places. Good experience.
Beaston, MichaelTM3 (SS)Mar 1991 – Dec 1992TorpedoCame on board as a striker, and decided to go Torpedoman. This was my first assignment, and will always carry fond memories of the Madison and her crew.
Clark, John (Spaz)EM1Apr 1991 – May 1992ElectricalWow, 18 years....tick tock. Hey Bong, remember when I ran all the red lights in San Fran when we went to get your car out of impound?

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1967 | 1968 – 1972 | 1973 – 1977 | 1978 – 1982 | 1983 – 1986 | 1987 – now

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