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USS John Adams (SSBN 620) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John Adams (SSBN 620). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 179 crew members registered for the USS John Adams (SSBN 620).

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Russell, PhillipFTBC/SS1981 – 1985missile fire control
Wright, MichaelMT2Jan 2, 1981 – Oct 31, 1984MissileIt is so cool to see names of those I served with on the USS John Adams. Those were some very good memories. Remember the half-way nights, stores loads, drills, inspections and the parties... :-)
Cowee, BobETCS (SS)Jan 11, 1981 – Oct 25, 1987Reactor Controls
Werstler, DonMS2(SS)Mar 1981 – Aug 18, 1986MS / SupplyRetired in 2001 as MSC(SS). I sure do miss the times we had. It's great to see all the names of the great sailors I served with.
Vandyne, MelindaELTApr 1981 – Sep 1985Was just a landlocked navy wife during these years.
Monteith, JamesET-2 ssApr 1981 – Feb 1985Navigation Electronics
Marmaro, RudyIC2Apr 13, 1981 – Jun 7, 1983IC
Haag, Richard profile iconET1(SS)Jun 2, 1981 – Jun 2, 1985Reactor ControlsEWS, SRO, RO, EO and such
Crabtree, JackYNCJul 1981 – Jul 1984admin
Drury, DonaldMM2 SSJul 1981 – Apr 1985Auxillary Division
Hardesty, DuaneETAug 1981 – Dec 1985Reactor Controlsoh the good times of a double MG replacement, freeze seal watch and taking temps on the wrong side of the BF curve, but hey Lisbon was fun! Miss ya Mike, Joe, Blueberry & the rest!!
Cook, AllenFTB 21982 –Weapons
Feador, WilliamMT 21982 – 1984missilewas on the woodrow wilson first. got out of the navy after the adams and joined the national guard for 11 years. retired in 98 live in cleveland ohio
Jackson, DanielMT11982 – 1985Missile
Burke, Thomas (Mike)STS2 (ss)Feb 2, 1982 – Jun 26, 1986Sonar
Nuckols, HowardET1Mar 1982 – Jul 1986NAVWatch, Tech, Sup Quals, QMOW, BCP Oper (COW). Made 6 patrols, 1 port visit (Lisbon) Smitty, Collins, Boussier, Monteith, Wayne Paul, Mr Knight, GAK-Man, and the rest of the guys... Great Memories!! My only Boat!!
Brentt, JohnMSSRAug 22, 1982 – Feb 1, 1983SupplyMy first Submarine and the one person who I will never forget is the larger than life "COB" Master Chief Bright, many good memories about that man!
West, DustinMT21983 – 1984Missile / WepsMy second and last boat. SALT I and II did away with all of us old Polaris and Poseidon techs to make way for the new Trident fleet. Now even they are being converted to SSGM. I hope all my old shipmates are doing well.
Conlin, LeeE-41983 – 1986AuxiliaryLongest person to ever mess crank !Ha Ha
Brunell, JeffSTS1/SS1983 – 1988WeaponsRemember "the day of the dooky", tactical launch of two topside watch standers, and the all those Dunoon cankles. Good times.
Grondin, PeteEM1Jan 1983 – Jan 1986E-mail from old friends welcome
Dan, DegregorioSTS2Jan 1983 – Oct 1986SONAR
Bowen, CharlesMS 3Mar 1983 – Nov 1986supplyRealy do miss the navy.
O'Brien, John "O.b."MS3/SSJul 1983 – Oct 1983SupplyI made my last patrol on the James Madison becore I got out, and was ordered to make a short patrol on the John Adams. Does anyone remember the Portugal stop? And partying with the Portugese Marines that were guarding our ship? Drank all their win
Henderson, JohnMM-1(SS)Sep 1983 – Jul 1985Auxiliary Gold crew.
Franz, KarlTMCOct 12, 1983 – Oct 31, 1987TM/FTG
Brown, JohnnyTM1 - TMCJan 1984 – Mar 1987Torpedo
Marshall, ThomasE-4/ MM3Feb 16, 1984 – Feb 25, 1988A -GANGER
Robinson, ChuckFTG1Jun 1984 – Jun 1988WeaponsMade some good friends but have lost touch with all but one. Bummer.
James, TonyIC2(SS)Sep 1984 – Mar 1989ICSure wished We were all still sailing together. Those were the days. Retired ICC(SS) 24 years. Working shop 67 PSNS were I sent her to rest in 1989.
Jorfi, LouMT1Sep 1984 – May 1986Missile
Gustafson, Wade (Gus)EM11985 – Feb 1988E-DIV
Tonn, David profile iconLT1985 – 1988ElecticalWas the Electrical Officer when I first came aboard and the became the Assistant Weapons Officer and Nuclear Security Officer
Rathbone, DavidE6Jun 14, 1985 – Sep 29, 1987IC
Walker, LoYNSep 1985 – Aug 1988Executive
McGough, RichardET-11986 – 1987Inertial NavigationOnly on board for a short time due to EAOS. Fine crew. Interesting missions. Narcoleptic Navigator.
Fulton, CharlesMT1Jul 16, 1986 – Nov 1, 1987LauncherCaptain kicked ass! Training, Drills, no sleep, miserable. However, left that submarine with a serious quantity of knowledge.
Young, RobertIC3/SSNov 1986 – Mar 1989ICAm working as an IC electrician at Umatilla Weapons Depot Oregon
Young, RobertIC3/SSNov 1986 – Mar 1989IC
Irby, KennethMT2SS1987 – 1988Weapons
Manning, DiggerIC2/SSApr 24, 1987 – Sep 20, 1989EngineeringI Would enjoy hearing from old shipmates. Put John Adams in subjectline.
Campbell, RickLT(JG)May 1987 – Mar 1989TM / RL
Roddey, ThomasMM2/ELTMay 1987 – Apr 1989RL
Anderson, ToddEM1SSJul 1987 – Mar 1989E DivisionWas on ther decomissioning crew in Bremerton Washingtonm\
Koza, John  NEWE-5/MM21988 – 1989MachineryMy first patrol and the boats last. Helped prep for the move for decommissioning. Off to SSBN 633 after this.
New, Troy profile iconET3Mar 29, 1988 – Jul 1, 1988RCI turned 21 on the flight over to Holy Loch Scotland. Qualified as a Reactor Operator, Electrical Operator, Electical Auxiliary Rover, AMR2 Watchstander, and Submarine Service Quals, Shutdown Reactor Operator, etc..
Bollinger, Tim(Doc)HM1(SU/SS)Apr 1, 1988 – Aug 13, 1988Medical DepartmentMy first and the boat's last patrol. Had 2 Weapons Inspections, CDR George Jurand CO, said God sneezed and caused him to f--- up, left his safe open when we had finished the patrol. The MT's taped the CO, XO & ENG

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