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USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 894 crew members registered for the USS Samuel Gompers (AD 37).

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Schnorr, DavidMMFN1975 – 1977R-2
Wascher, TomMR 21975 – 1976R2Had a great time on the '75 Westpac.
Barber, Charles "Mongo"HM31975 – 1976MedicalI joined the ship in Sasebo and completed the WestPac. Still remember the football game in Hong Kong.
Russell, MichaelSeaman 3rd class1975 – 1976Boatson MateMy Nickname Is SCOOBYDOO
Johnston, JerryBm31975 – 1977S-1Best time in my life, west pack 75-77 Had some good times in Hk , olongapo, Subic bay, and Japan etc. Never will forget.
Witt, JimTm31975 –Weapons
Myers, MichaelIM3Jan 1975 – Jun 1976R-5I worked in the MIRCS shop.Gauges and all that.
David, WesleyemfnJan 17, 1975 – Apr 21, 1978E-div Looking for E-Div members from 1974-1978
Lightner, StanMR2Feb 1975 – Aug 16, 1977R-2Made one WESTPAC on the Gompers. Much better duty than the Coarl Sea. Remember good times with Tom Cunningham and Travis Beller. Currently teaching manufacturing at the University of Nebraska at Kearney
Tartaro, FrankIC-2Mar 1975 – Oct 1978IC ShopLooking for any of the old IC and Electrician crew. found some, Fred casey, where are you????
Goan, MikeEM2Mar 1975 – Sep 1978EMany memories.
Locurcio, Victor (Fedel)SeamanMar 15, 1975 – Mar 15, 1977Deck Division
Rodriguez, Oscar ( Chico) RodriguezUSS SAMUEL GOMPERSMar 18, 1975 – May 17, 19781ST / SIDE CLEANER / 2NDBest time of my life, lots of good people, i'll never forget the good old times.
Dallair, JohnQM3Apr 1975 – Apr 1977Navigationhope to hear from anyone who remembers happy daze.
Landry, JoePM 3Apr 13, 1975 – May 18, 1978R 1
Dallair, JohnQM3May 1975 – May 1977NavigationJust learned Sammy G. sunk by friendly fire. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!!! Anyone who remembers QMC Kirk, Larry Bowen, Larry Brantley, the Rider Bros., ETC Tom Sawyer, CWO Nace and other colourful characters feel free to email. God Bless all.
Robinson, BobEN3May 1975 – May 1976AI got out of the Navy in 1976, and haven't seen anybody from the Navy since then, so just thought I'd check in and see what everybody is up to. Anybody been in touch with Greg Bergeron?
Sherry, Charles Z-muggMay 16, 1975 – Sep 10, 1978B
Butryn Jr, Stanley T.EN-3Jun 1, 1975 – Jan 31, 1978R-2hey this is buckshot butryn icc-shop dan maquistion were r u. hoy remember fhilapines if anyone remembers me plz try and contact me thanks
Heine, Jeff profile iconE3Jun 11, 1975 –Hull TechLooking for anyone that remembers me.
Dean, AndrewMM2Sep 1975 – Jun 1980A -DivisionWanting to make contacts with old ship mates.
Dean, AndrewMMCSep 1, 1975 – Jun 28, 1980A-DivRetired MMC. Living in Oregon City, Oregon. Married 39 years with two grown boys, 36 and 33 years old. I work in Property Management. Would like to hear from everyone who took part in the great days of Fat Sam.
Brush, GeorgeIC3Sep 30, 1975 – Jun 15, 1978E-Division
McCumber, JackMm3Oct 10, 1975 – Mar 14, 1979MLongest time of my life, but it will be forever on my mind.
Yeager, BryonemelectrianNov 6, 1975 – Nov 6, 1976engineeringi was trying to find anyone
Plemmons, Jim/ SpankySK3Dec 7, 1975 – Jul 21, 1979S-1Hey to Schnorr, Spies, Ross, Panetta, Bliss,yes I remember all of you. I was always on the roam around the Fat Sammy. Did a pair of Westpacs, what memories for a young lad to remember.
Bliss, DonaldSK3/E-4Dec 18, 1975 – Dec 18, 1979S-1 ANDWould like anyone that remembers me & those that I served with to E-Mail me. Here are a few names of people I worked with:SKCM "SMITTY' SMITH, SKCS IVEY, SKC DOWNS, SK1 WHITNEY, SK2 BEATTY, SK3 ELLIS, VAN DYKE, SASSAMAN, CHIEF TICHACEK.
Martinez, Gilbertsk3Dec 27, 1975 – Mar 23, 1979s1
Anderson, Annaunknown1976 – 1977unknownLooking for someone that knew Lt. Donald Moore or Wayne Haynes(?) Or anyone that was at Olongapo 1977 friends with Rosie, Leti and Baby...Please email me. TY
Huntting, DonSN/BM1976 – 1977Deck 2nd DivI made a WestPac in ’76 on SG. It was a time in my life that still makes smile and sometimes shudder at the same time. Chico, I still have photos with you, I and a couple of others in HK and Olongapo.
Sloan, Billmm31976 – 1979R2Made 2 west pacs. Made good friends and had great times on the Sammy G.
Hall, PaulBT1976 – 1977B
Fanning, ScottE21976 –RS
Jordan, DanielE1 Bosnians mate1976 – 1976Deck Division Roger Wiley ,I sent that email ur bride erased
Jeter Jr, RudolphE11976 – 1976SupplyI left before 1976 west pack I was only a 18 year old kid then
Bowen, FrankEN-5Jan 1, 1976 – Aug 25, 1979R-2 I.C.E. ShopWhat a great experience! 2 West Pacs and met some of my best friends ever! Frenchy (Paul Beaulieu), Skull (Shawn Cox), Googles (Jim Collette), Richard Woodke, Arty Knowles,Tim Sweat, and SO many others.
West, DwightE-4Mar 15, 1976 – May 26, 1978HullJust a shout out to the many who served aboard the Gompers. Anyone that remembers me, please feel free to e-mail me.
Batting, BillApr 1976 – Sep 1979RTNDT Shop 93A I had couple of wespacs on Fat Sam and extended service to go to NDT School as an instructor. I have some Fat Sam Cruise books still from when I was aboard.
Wiley, RogerSN - BM2Apr 1976 – May 1978Deck Dept.Got an e-mail in mid July. I saw it on the list, but my beautiful and blushing bride deleted it before I could read it. If you are the guilty party, please tryu again.
Spies, TimHM2Apr 28, 1976 – Apr 27, 1979Medical
Adams, GaryMR2Jun 1976 – Jan 2, 1981R-22 Wespacs. Lots of memories.
Smith, Carl SmittyTM2 IC1Jun 1, 1976 – Jun 15, 1981W-1 EThe Sammy G was the place I grew up finally. I am greatful for the time I spent on her.
Maurer, Roy MaurerTM3Jun 28, 1976 – Jun 27, 1980WeaponsRandy are you still out their? I just found this site I haven't heard from anyone since the cookie monster was best man at my wedding in 80. Do whatever you have to do to get ahold of me And I'll do the same I'm at
Scoggin, BenSEAMAN RJul 6, 1976 – Jun 11, 1977operationswe had a great westpac. I still miss the P.I. Hope all the guys in the radio shack are all well.
Whitman, BruceBTFAAug 1976 – Jun 25, 1980B
Kelley, RickBM3Aug 1, 1976 – Aug 1, 19791STI met some great shipmates on the Fat Sam. I made 2 west pac tours. Looking for anyone who was with me in the deck department during those years.
Keeney, Roy / FlagsSMSR - SM3Oct 1976 – Mar 1982signal gang
Vince, MatthewE-4Nov 15, 1976 – Jul 15, 1980A-GangI was in A division I work on boats and crains, A/C west pac 1976-1977 & 1978
Paramore, James (Jim)DT3Nov 25, 1976 – 1978DentalReported on Board Thanksgiving Day 1976.I shared a cab from Manila with the base commanders daughter, and we both thought we were going to die before we made it to the base. Talk about an E ticket ride.
Graves, TimothyBMSNDec 1976 – Aug 1980Deck Dept. 2nd DivisionI would like to find crew members that was stationed on the USS Samuel Gompers AD 37 between the yrs of 1976 to 1980.
Adams, Steven BBM3Dec 23, 1976 – Oct 7, 19801STgood ship alot of good people made 2 west pacs 76 77 and 78

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