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USS Dewey (DDG 45) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dewey (DDG 45). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 409 crew members registered for the USS Dewey (DDG 45).

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Johnson, Brent Aka ChickenE3 OS0000 – Aug 30, 1990operationsmy first ship got the nick name chicen because i got the chicken poxs when we were on our last 6 mounth deployment.
Rickey, WestermanE4/BT3Jun 10, 1079 – Apr 6, 1981Unitas cruse was one of the best times I ever had. I made many good friends. If anyone remembers me, E-mail me at.
Welch, FrankBT21959 – Apr 1961EngineeringEnjoyed my tour of duty,best ship and Captain in the Navy
Schneider, Wayne profile iconFTG2Oct 22, 1959 – Jun 12, 1962Fire Control Tech and SonarCame on board as commissioning crew as 3rd Class FT. In January 1961 was sent to ASROC school at Sonar School in Key West, FL. Returned to the ship in Jun 1961. Billeted with Sonar Team as FTG.
Davis, JackSFP2Nov 1959 – Aug 14, 1962"R"
Vestal, BillCS 3Nov 1, 1959 – May 15, 1961SupplyMy brother Darrel Vestal also served on the Dewey, coming aboard right after I put her in commission on Dec.7,1959. I still have my Plank Owner Certificate hanging on the wall in my office.
Strogen, PaulET21960 – 1962OEI went aboard Dewey after graduating from ET'A' School and left Dewey to go to ET 'B' School after re-enlisting nfor 6 years to qualify for the school.
Nunn, Donald (Zero)FTM2Jan 1960 – Sep 1963WeaponsCame aboard as guided missile man converted to FTM. First skipper was Elmo Zumwalt best Captain I server under. Worked on both director 4 & 5 at different times.
Fifield, BruceFTM2Feb 10, 1960 – Dec 2, 19624th - FT'sWent aboard the Dewey (DLG-14) as a GSSN converted to FTSN. Was on board for all the early shake-down stuff (Boston, Gitmo, etc.), '60-'61 Caribbean Cruises and the '62 Cuban Missile crisis. Would like to hear from old shipmates.
Kuick, MikeET2Apr 9, 1960 – Aug 10, 1962OILTcmdr Zumalt, Caribbean cruises, Northern Europe cruise. was great until the change of command. Replacement could have come from the USS Cain
Lucot, JackFTM2Jun 10, 1960 – Dec 20, 19624thI thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Dewey. Especially the Northern European and numerous Carribean cruises. I would like to hear from any shipmate that remembers me
Strogen, PaulETR2Aug 1960 – May 1963OEI still remember those cruises to the Carribbean and the 27 knot runs into port with Cmdr. Zumwalt in command. The warm nights on deck, watching the wake and the stars...liberty on the Riviera, La Spezia and naples. What a life that was!
Jarrell, TomETN2Aug 1960 – Aug 1962Like to find the other members of the ET crew. I see Paul listed.
Larson, CharlesRM21961 – Mar 5, 1964OCMany trips to the Caribbean. Remember the Cuban missile crisis and the 63-64 Med cruise. Lots of great memories of a fantastic crew and ship.
Hanes, RobertRD31962 – 1963OIWas aboard DLG 14 Dewey during the Cuban crisis and blockcade in 62' and made a few cruises
Rubin, LawrenceGMM 21962 – 19632NDGREAT FRIENDS AND MEMORIES
Curry, James A.RMSAApr 1962 – May 1963OC1st ship..reporte on board right out or RM "A" school at Bainbridge, Md. (CLASS 9-61)..on board for 1 year and then transferred to the U.S.S. Long Beach (CG(N)-9..major memory was the Cuban Missle Crisis....
Leonard, JimSNApr 1963 – Sep 12, 1966com
Kovach, GeorgeMM3Aug 30, 1963 – Dec 9, 1966MaintenanceI was on the DLG_14 for 4 years and am looking to see if any of my crew mates are still around. If so contact me to say hi.
Alaimo, JoeRMSNSep 20, 1963 – Aug 19, 1965ocHad a life experience aboard this ship. Just 18 yrs old and met many good people.
Meyette, FredFT/E5Oct 1963 – Aug 1965Fourth DivisionGreat times. Med cruise, North Atlantic, Carribean. We earned an E for the Mk 68 Director. I remember Chief Starcher, my good buddy Bob Ballard, my replacement John Record. Loved those 45 degree rolls in rough weather.
Porter, PhilMM21965 – 1967Made one Med cruise and many trips to Carribean. Worked in forward engine room. Downey MMC and Blackell MM1 Engineering officer was Brookshire, Ltcd We had a great bowling team.
Odonohue, TroySM31965 – 19673rdAfter Discharge became A Police Officer in New York City and retired fm that job as a Lieutenant in 1988. Went onto an acting career and played Eddie Gibson on NYPD Blue for a number of years .
Belden, DennyFT31965 – 19663" gunPicked up the ship in San Remo during Med cruise, Italy. Great ship. Looking for Pete Peterson. Chief Starcher, Captain Bradley, Ralph Diamond, Bill Bolden, Bob Dawson, Don Olwig were some of the names I remember.
Spires, James profile iconSTG31965 – Jul 20, 19683rdWhat a grand lady she was.
O'Connor, GarryFTJan 15, 1965 – Jul 12, 19684th
Anzalone, EdwardSTG3Mar 1965 – Oct 19683RDLive and learn!
Hardy, Bill "Hatch"GMM2Aug 4, 1965 – Aug 6, 1966GM Div Terrier Guided MissileLast year of 4yr hitch, in the Real Navy! lol Life on a Destroyer, diff from the CLG-7. Rec'd an 89 day "Cut" to attend Fla State Univ. Enjoyed my year in Norfolk. Luv'd the Ace-Duce Club & the TopHat Club on beach!
Harper, FredFTM 3Sep 1, 1965 – Jan 27, 1967FoxDid one cruse in the Carribean then to drydock in Portsmouth, VA
Smith, Richard "smitty"SNSep 4, 1965 – May 9, 1966FT (4th?)Came to the ship right out of boot camp waiting FT A school. 3 months in 1st Div. under BM1 Douglas, awful experience. Last 4 months in 4th Division, some of the best guys I ever met: Weckerle, Record, Mcilwane. Am now an attny for NLRB.
Wallace, Dan..."Gomer"MM3Feb 6, 1966 – Jun 6, 1968MBIG FUN WITH #2 engineroom pals in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, St. Thomas, Ft. Lauderdale, Norfunk, Gitmo"the pier brawl", Subic, attempting to rescue the Pueblo, Sasebo, Nagasaki and Beppu. Fond memories of the steamin demon.
Gavelek, JohnETN2Sep 14, 1966 – Oct 31, 1969OEThe Dewey took me to see a lot of the world and brought me home safely. I am on Facebook. There are also several USS DEWEY groups. Email me at:
Johnson, DaveFTM 3Apr 1967 – Aug 1968Fox [missle house]wespac 67-68
Bohannon, Joseph Bogmm3Jun 14, 1967 – Nov 17, 1970gm
Cobb, TonyPC3Oct 1967 – Oct 1968OCLooking for Daniel Smith (Smitty)
Finnerty, Jim profile iconSNOct 18, 1967 – Dec 3, 19681st Division
Cohen, Rob(Bob)SM3Nov 11, 1967 – Mar 29, 1969OCAfter 50 years I’m sending a big hi to my Dewey shipmates.
Mueller, Walter (Ted)RD31968 – 1970Radar
Smith, Dennis (Smitty)GMMSN-GMM2Jan 5, 1968 – Jul 19692ndI was helmsman when we hit the anchor buoy and went in Toulon dry dock.
Munn, VicFTM3Jul 1968 – Jun 1969FoxWas aboard during the boiler explosion while anchored in Toulon, France.
Steward, GarySH-3Jul 10, 1968 – Jul 30, 1969Ship Serviceman I was on the U.S.S. Dewey DLG-14 in Toulon ,France when the captain blew up the forward fire room after the boilers had only been on cold iron for less than 8 hours . Three sailors lost there lives needlessly .
Clemens, Clark (Clem)IC1Aug 1968 – Nov 1969E Div
Steward, GaryE-4Sep 15, 1968 – Sep 5, 1969Supply Looking for all crew members that was on board the day of Boiler Exsplosion\Fire ( 9-04-1969) I have a problem VERIFYING I was on board that day ; I was ; they say I wasn't ??? HELP Please reply I need help on this . Gary A. Steward S
Fritz Jr., Harry "rick"SNOct 1968 – Nov 1969

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