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USS Dahlgren (DDG 43) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dahlgren (DDG 43). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 226 crew members registered for the USS Dahlgren (DDG 43).

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Blogg, Bob profile iconRD2Jun 28, 1960 – Mar 1962RI was a plank owner
Lewis, RichardCS31961 – 1962cooks & baker
Thomes, HowardEM31961 – 1963EngineeringI am trying to locate Scott Wauben. His last known address was in Californai
James, TommyIC2Jan 1961 – Jun 1961EWas on the Commissioning Crew, but never got to ride her! I have good memories of the days on Dahlgren and wish I could have stayed longer to get to know the folks I am meeting now in the USS Dahlgren Association.
Mannix, JohnRM3Mar 1961 – Jul 14, 1963operations Had the best time in my life and didn't know it. To all that were at the commissioning I say hello and hope you are all well. I remember all the good time we had as shipmates.
Smith, Lawrence (Larry)MM21962 –ENGINEERING
Atkinson, CliffordFTM2/FTM1Mar 1962 – Aug 1966FOXActually 2 periods - gone from ship from Dec 13, '63 til around Aug, '65 due to car accident.
David, JohnFTM3Nov 6, 1962 – Oct 29, 1964FoxI worked in Missile Plot on the Mk-119 Fire Control Computer. While I was aboard, Dahlgren got upgraded from SPG-55 to SPG-55A Radars and we first instituted DSOT.
David, JohnFTM3Nov 10, 1962 – Oct 29, 1964FoxI worked in Missile Plot on the Mk-119 Fire Control Computer.
Alan, BartosMR2Dec 20, 1962 – Dec 3, 1964Repair
Grasley, ChuckSHSNOct 15, 1963 – Aug 25, 1965First/SupplyPrimary duty was in the laundry
Downie, Davidsn1964 – 19661st
Coventree, JoeBM-3Nov 1964 – Oct 19661stThe Very Best Time and had a great time with shipmates. Check out our own web site
Perri, ThomasCS2Apr 29, 1965 – Apr 10, 1969SUPPLY
Dunaway, AlMM1Nov 1965 – Oct 1969MAll over the world. About 18 years ago I met one of the pilots we pulled out of N Vietnam, at the Grand Canyon. He was flying tours from Las Vegas to GC.
Drapac, ThomasMMFN/MM3Dec 1965 – Jan 1967M
Rog, PhillipJan 1966 –
Burt, RayBM3Jan 1966 – Nov 19671stGreat Ship... Great Crew : Med Cruise 1966 WestPac Feb66 to Nov67 : NSAR Station Tonkin Gulf : Lot of good guys on the ship... I miss them all
Deeming, GeorgeFTG-3Jun 21, 1966 – Sep 27, 19673rdMed Cruise and WestPac Cruise to VietNamn. Great experience...
Adams, Lonnie (Jack)SH31967 – 1971Supplykeep the ship store records
Hoehler, Gregory (Boats)RM3Oct 1967 – Feb 1971OCStarted my tour in the 1st Division as a SN. Transferred to the Communications Dept and worked in Radio Central after our GITMO cruise.
Russell, BruceBT3Mar 1968 – Oct 1969EngineeringVietnam was going on at the time I was on board, went to a lot of ports, left in 1969, started working for a Plumber, getting ready to retire this year. looking forward to the reunion in Delaware, & Jim Herod
Petrie, RobertE-5Mar 31, 1968 – Oct 1, 1969R DivisionGreat time and good shipmates
Herod, JimmyBT-3Jun 10, 1968 – Mar 5, 1970BCame aboard in Portsmouth.
Burger, RobertSTG21969 – 19714thCaribbean Cruise, Med Cruise, North Atlantic Cruise. Bermuda Triangle !!
Burger, BobSTG2Jul 1969 – 1971ASW - Fourth
Stokes, TomSK1Jul 20, 1969 – Dec 1, 1972
Brady, PatrickLTJG / LTSep 1, 1969 – Jul 1, 1971OCOnboard for the North Atlantic ASW exercises out of Bermuda and the Med cruise in 70-71. Great ship and greater crew. Terrific memories.
Knowles, DouglasOct 1969 – Jul 1970aswI was on the Dahlgren, DLG-12 for only one year 69-70. We went to Gitmo then into Carabean for missle firing, and we were called off that to shadow the USSR fleet - rather exciting.
Copenhaver, ErnestRD31970 – 1972OIDid a Med cruise in 70 to 71, and North Atlantic cruise in 71. Was part of the Presidential Review out of Naples in 1970. Great ship, and proud to be part of the Tin Can Navy.
Matthess, RobertGMM 3Mar 1970 – Mar 1972WEPSWent aboard and prepared for MED cruise...Decomissioned in 1972 @ Philly and recomissioned Coontz DLG 9 weeks later.
Whitmore, GreggBT3Aug 1970 – Dec 1971B
Stewart, Walt (Was)EM3Jan 1972 – 1976Repair DivisionPlank owner,collision survivor,Panama canal,flank speed,34* roll English Channel.Great time. Bergen, Columbia, great crew! Wally, Hanger, Lund, Hoagy, Schriner, Barty, Evans, (thanks for the bottleneck slider,still play guitar),great guys,memories.
Turner, AndyRM2Oct 1972 – Apr 1974CommunicationsMember of re-commissioning det at Philadelphia. On the commissioning day I remember thinking that the Dahlgren looked like it was doing 30 knots when it was tied up at the pier.
Buckley, TimETR-3Nov 1972 – Oct 1975EPrecomm in Philly, Collisions in Hampton Rds (go Thirty Knot), Panama Canal. I remember Duck Dorsey, Reber Skiles, Mel Gene Nelson, Mike Smokeface O'Leary, and a really great flag football team in '74.
Barton, Richard ?bartyMM2Dec 1972 –REPAIRLOVED IT.
Evans, DanMR31973 – 1975RRe-Comm. Plank Owner. Marquez, Reid, Hanger, Coffey, Anyone out there from Re-Comm crew ?
Ehrich, TimothyMMFN1973 – 1975Engineering, A-GangThirty-Knot, painting submarines in San Juan, rum and bug juice, clearing the Captains Gig in Naples, glorious Bergen, losing the starboard rudder somewhere in the Atlantic, Pudge, Pino, Wally,
Clinedinst, DonBT31973 – 1975BPlank owner for the recommissioning in 1973 at Philidelpha Pa.
Lund, Tom/hetchEM31973 – 1976RWe went to some great ports, Bergen,Palma,Barcelona. The foggy collision in Hampton channel and early morning inPanama. Buck,Freddie,Richie,Olaya,JB,Walt made things interesting. I am a Plank Owner
Bialor, Scott / (Kc- Kiddie Cruiser)OS 31973 – 1974OperationsRe-commissioning crew plank owner; collision in the fog at Hampton Roads, VA doing 20 knots in zero visibility. I was on the Radar Navigation team. The Ops officer had recommended all stop many times.
Weems, BruceOS21973 – 1976Operations1973 Plank Owner
McCreight, James/macRM2Jan 1973 – Dec 1975CommunicationsPlank Owner, pre-com Norva/Phili. 2 Collisions, Hampt. Rds./Panama. What a crew. My recruiter ended up aboard, same div. Great time. Med,1/10 of a Unitas. Jef, Boots,Jake,Spats, Kampe,Wilber,John Boy,Abe, heyman.Who shot Sup.Of desk? Mike?
King, JohnBM-3Jan 1973 – Sep 1976
Duncan, DennisFTM2Jan 3, 1973 – Mar 15, 1978FoxLots of interesting times, and lots of fun times too. Two collisions, and a lot of time at sea. Kept Radar #2 up and running most of the time. Worked with a lot of great folks who made it all bearable.
Benjamin, MichaelGMG2Mar 1973 – Aug 1976Gunner
Dorsey, Donald Aka DuckE4/STG3Mar 3, 1973 – Nov 15, 1977U-Glad to know the "Dirty D" is remembered. Had a great time at sea with a the greatest crew ever. Member of the recommissioning crew in 1973 under Cmdr. Thorpe (Thirty Knot)
Genz, GaryHTFNJul 1973 – 1975Engineering
Johnston, FrankMM1Sep 1973 – Jan 1976M division & A gangRecommission crew and plank holder. 30 knot Thorpe and the Hampton Rds collision in the fog and the collision in Panama. Oh how I was looking forward to the Unitas cruise. Naples, Rome, Nice, all great ports & Bergen
Atchison, NateGMT2Oct 15, 1973 – May 8, 1977U-Divisionnickname: Big "A", ASROC Gunner's Mate

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