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USS Coontz (DDG 40) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coontz (DDG 40). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 343 crew members registered for the USS Coontz (DDG 40).

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Stoker, JoeDS21983 – 1987OD1NTDS computer/periph. tech
Spangenburg, Robert (Spange)FCC1983 – 1987FoxBest ship/command of my career. So many friends, ports, events and accomplishments. Unfortunately, that included the men on the USS Stark. May 17, 1987...what a day that was. God bless those men and their families.
McElvain, Terryos21983 – 1986OI
Wooten, Willard BruceGMG21983 – 1988WG01My first ship and by far the best crew I sailed with in my entire career. Still in Norfolk working for the warfighters
Walker, RobertFTG2Feb 1983 – Mar 19862nd
Cushing, BillMM3Feb 1, 1983 – Jun 1, 1983M EWas awaiting Nuc School. Coontz was my 1st seagoing command in Philly. I stayed Navy for almost 21 years. Must have done something right.
Flanagan, Don (Flan The Man) profile iconOS2Feb 10, 1983 – Jun 26, 1987OI DivisionI have some really wild memories of OI division in those days, and stories of it you just can't make up. But I also remember the Stark, and the surreal night that was. It was an honor to searve with my shipmates!
Key, JamesIC2Mar 31, 1983 – Jan 26, 1986Electrical-IC ShopGood times, with my E Div Compadres Gertz, Jossy, Longsine, Fox, Pannici, Stoffa, Spoerre, Owen, Johnson, Grant!!
Peterman, MarkGMM1Apr 1, 1983 – Oct 1987GMGreat crew, lifetime of memories. Hardest working and best job I ever had!
Allmon, ChrisLCDRApr 1, 1983 – May 31, 1987Fox
Allmon, Robert "chris"FTM/FC1Apr 23, 1983 – Mar 30, 1987FOXFirst ship and best.
Stevens, JohnBT2May 1983 – 1985Bmy last ship i was on before i got out,great cruises,long hours,philly shipyard and one of the best crews i work cruises,and shellback times.had a great time on board. looking for old shipmates give me a chat at
Anderson, TerryFCCMay 1983 – Aug 1986FoxArrived on Board as FC1 in the Philly ship yard. Highlights were making CPO on board and Granada, Several deployments and Caribbean ops as well
Meloche, DavidET1Jun 23, 1983 – Jun 28, 1984OEI spent a year on the Coontz before leaving the Navy for college. We went to Grenada and got to stop all the reporters trying to get to the place by boat - that was fun. Somewhere over the years I lost all my pictures of that time.
Creedon, JoeOS2Aug 1983 – Dec 8, 1986OI
Labonte, MikeET2Aug 19, 1983 – Aug 19, 1987Worked for Lt Cordell worked with Glenn Labranche, Frank Dykman, Joel Littenberg, Jerry Fowler. Dan Navarro, Art Petty
Davis, JohnTM-2Sep 28, 1983 – Sep 28, 1985WeaponsDudes? What's up? Anyone hear from the ole gang, Fido, Knarly. I used to hang out with Joel Lombra and the Gunnie Chief's son Glen. I remember the Med Cruise and Getmo.
Boucher, BobbyIC2Oct 1983 – Jul 1989E
Donner, LynnOS2Oct 13, 1983 – Jan 15, 1988OPSDid the Med in 84-85 and MEF 87 (USS Stark Honor guard)
Hart, GregoryE-21984 – Jul 1987M
Crane, Alfred (Fred)BT21984 – 1986BAny hole snipes still out there?
Kelley, PatSM2 (SW)1984 – 1986comm
Roddy, EugeneCWO 2Jan 1984 – Sep 1986EngineeringWas steam maintenance officer and repair 5 leader.
Beckner, RandyBT2Feb 1984 – Jul 1986Engineering
Peters, WayneCDRFeb 1984 – Jun 1986Weapons OfficerBest ship I served in. Great crew. Won Battle E and all Dept awards.
Krob, JeffEW2Mar 1984 – Sep 1987OW
Spangenburg, BobE7/FTCMar 1, 1984 – Jun 1, 1987Fox
Cordingley, Terry (Tc)JOApr 1, 1984 – Apr 15, 1988X/NA ship's reunion is being planned for Summer 2005. All former crewmembers please email me for the details.
Barry, Howardgmm1Jul 1984 – Nov 19844th
Johnson, BighandsFC2/1Jul 5, 1984 – Dec 15, 1988FoxThis great ship and crew influenced me to be able to complete 23 years of active duty. USS Stark never forget.
Cleary, EdwardQM1 (SW)Sep 10, 1984 – Aug 15, 1988XN
Steve Miciak, SteveYN2/YN1Oct 31, 1984 – Oct 15, 1986X/N (Great bunch of guys - most of 'em)Some good times (St. Marten, Key West), some bad times (stuck between an AF Bird and a BIG XO! - NTPI). Overall, a good learning experience which helped me later in life. Still made YNC in spite of or because of the shenanigans (we) pulled onboard
Leahy, TomRM2Oct 31, 1984 – Feb 5, 1988OC
Owen, RussellIC2Nov 25, 1984 – Nov 25, 1988engineering
Higgins, MattBM2Dec 1984 – Apr 19881stReported on board in Haifa Isreal 1984,Will never forget The Stark 1987
Reese, MattMM2Dec 23, 1984 – Dec 6, 1986M
Hasse, JeffPNC(SW)1985 – 1987X
Willcox, WayneBM31985 – 1989Firsthave found memories and would love to find where the ships bell is located at now.
Copley, SteveOS 31985 – Dec 1988OPSWill never forget the Stark and the great crew of the Coontz.
Ross, RonaldSK21985 – 1988supplyso many good memories. was a pleasure to sail on her.
Evans, GeorgeBM31985 – Oct 19891STEnjoyed my time on the 4.0, and met alot of great people while onboard. Wished I would have stayed in touch with you all.
Evans, George RussellBM31985 – 19891stReally enjoyed the time on HER. I met a lot of great people while onboard.
Coats, DarrinOS21985 – 1989OPS1985-1989
Walin, Lawrence profile iconDSC1985 – Oct 2, 1989ODLooking to connect with some of my old shipmates in the OPS department. 1985-1989. DS's, ET's, OS's.
Kolb, MikeIC3Jan 7, 1985 – Feb 1, 1988EReported in Gaeta, Italy during Med Cruise. Served aboard during the 87' "Persian Excursion". Remember the Stark?
Gobble, BarryDS 3Feb 1985 – Jun 1989OPSGreat Ship! Great Crew! Drop me line.
Krupansky, David (Ski)SKCApr 5, 1985 – Sep 26, 1989SupplyBAHRAIN BAHRAIN BAHRAIN seemed like the only port visits we had.
Hardiman, RalphSTG2Jul 1985 – Aug 1989ASCoontz was my 1st ship and my favorite. I have a lot of good memories of the ship and crew.
Fox, KevinRM2Aug 1985 – Oct 1989OCOf all the ships I was on this was the best.
Bushdorf, RobertFC3Aug 1985 – Aug 1989FoxOnly ship I served on. I was in the 48c radar room and part of Fox division.
Comer, MichaelFC2Sep 1985 – 1989FOXMemeber of the "Be No Band" There will Be No Water, Be No Mail, Be No Liberty! Remeber The USS Stark.
Hunt, SidMm3Oct 1985 – Oct 1989MWow, sure had some great times, along with some bad, but we All pulled together when it ment the most. Damn good to see u guys, hope every ones doing well, my email is, sportsnut13736@gmail. Want to here from u guys
Cousins, Ed (Aka: Cuz)MM3Dec 22, 1985 – Apr 23, 1989"M"Assigned #2 Engine Room ("2nd To None"). I have very Fond memories of this Great Ship & Great Crew. I will always remember the Camaraderie, and unity amongst the crew.

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