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USS Coontz (DDG 40) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coontz (DDG 40). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 346 crew members registered for the USS Coontz (DDG 40).

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Borst, RoyHT21981 – 1985RGood memories
Dolan, KenBT31981 – Nov 1985B (EB02)Best bunch of BT's to ever steam with. Forward & Aft Firerooms. Best of luck and I hope all my fellow shipmate are doing well.
McLees, HarryFN1981 – 1983A GANGA GANGERS AND HT'S THE BEST BUNCH OF GUYS I HAVE EVER MET . whats everybody up to.
Newton, James M "neutron"MM31981 – 1981A-GangI was waiting for Nuke School, Met the boat the day she pulled into Philly for overhaul. Did a 5 month tour w/ A-Gang, Probably the best and hardest partying 5 months of my Navy Career - Rock on Packer-A-go-go!!
Lomheim, SteveRM31981 – 1984OCI was on for Ocean Venture 82, Golden Shellback, Med Cruise, Virgin Islands. We accidently fired a Harpoon missile and it woke me up! Nearly hit St Thomas! oops! Site --
Mullin, StevenSM 21981 – 1982Communications
Mitchell, SteveGM31981 – 1984GMAhh the good old days...between Granada and the Philly Ship yards, it doesn't get any better than that ;)
Foley, MarkOS2Jan 1981 – Jun 1985OIThe older you get the more I miss those days and people
Burgess, JoeFTGCJan 1981 – 1984FOXGreat ship; she was a steamer. CO most of this period Joseph Reason. Adm Borda rode as his flagship. Completed WATC/MED IN 1981.
Clayton, JamesOS2Feb 1981 – Jul 1984OI
Hunt, DavidBT3Mar 1981 – Mar 1983Banyone remember chief lipps #2 fireroom,was a blast serving on #4.0
Casselman, TroyE-4/BM3Apr 1981 – Feb 15, 19841st divisionrazor blades
Letchworth, SheldonE5 / YN2Apr 1981 – Oct 1984AdminCame onboard in '81 and made our famous Caribbean cruise with Harpoon missile launch. Oops! Med cruise in 81-82. Philly shipyard 82-83. Bid farewell to the Coontz and the Navy '84. Stoffa & Carroll were great LTs
O'Grady, DanMM E3May 14, 1981 – Jun 5, 1984EngineeringI'm looking Eddie chapman, sam torrence, Charlie gray, William bailey, Greg tillman, CAPT Joseph p reason,Greg Knight.
Clayton, Don (Ducky)FNJun 1981 – Feb 1983B
Ragle, Jonathan profile iconE5/OS2Jul 5, 1981 – Dec 19, 1984OIMade two Med. cruises, along with two trips to the Black Sea . Spent time in the Philly ship yard, and lots of time in Norfolk Va. Made a lot of great friends YN2 Letchworth is at the top of that list.
Huston, TomHT3Aug 5, 1981 – Jan 14, 1984RBest Ship I served on during my 20 years, where are all the HT's we had 17 of them at once During the 81-82 med cruise. McQuin,Trowbridge,Gallagher,Robbins,Slack,Booth,Helms,McMahon,Where are you guys...
Uber, Wayne D. profile iconDS2(SW)Sep 2, 1981 – Oct 5, 1984ODI was a UYA-4 Display Tech Sailor of the Quarter Dec. 1982 I re-enlisted Feb. 1984--new "C" school NIPS--Key West, Fl Shore Duty at NIPS Command after school--Nov. 1984 - Nov 1986 Entire Command was moved up to NMITC -
Beer, MartyFTM2Oct 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1985FOXTwo Meds,Black Sea, Dry Dock in Philly and several Caribbean cruises. Many days at sea. Can't forget Garnada. Anyone else on during that time?
Barrall, Jim (J.r.) profile iconE5-EM2Oct 1, 1981 – Nov 1, 1984ElectricalMemories... some of the best!
Adams, Chester/ "c.b."BM1 E6Oct 14, 1981 – Oct 3, 1983This was my dad. My name is Rachael. One of his friends names was Mike. Nickname was Doc.
Jones, ThomasBM3Dec 15, 1981 – Jul 27, 19851st DeckI served onboard from Dec.81 to Jul85. Went on two meds. Served during Granada. I wish all of my former shipmates the best and Coontz was the best ship I ever sailed on.
Gilbert, GeraldET2/1(SW)1982 – 1985OEThe Coontz was my first ship and will always be special. I am now retired from the Navy and work at the firm of Booz Allen Hamilton
Hauxwell, Brad DonEM31982 – 1984
Fowler, JerryET 31982 – 1985 Grenada was fun but the Black Sea that was crazy. Lebanon, Libya gosh. After my 4 years in I have spent 17 year plus as a Peace Officer among other things. God Bless the Stark crew. I am glad I missed that, to damn sad.
Adams, BazDSSN1982 – 1985Computer RoomHey all..I remember you all like yesterday. Philly, Med cruise, cutting the Cptn's hair before Ft. Lauterdale, jumping off the cliff at Gitmo w/ 2 big dudes on my tail. Back in Dover,N.H. working for Goss International.
Gerres, Lawrence / LarryEM1Jan 1982 – Apr 1984E
Combs, WattEN2Jan 2, 1982 – Aug 25, 1985A Ganghi
Cencek, TonyE-3Jan 15, 1982 – Dec 15, 1984OWThe movie theatre in GITMO, Rosie Roads, Mama's in the Naples Gut, the Sunshine Club in Haifa, Gaeta at Christmas, shooting at the bannana boat in Greneda. That was a great crew! Im a ship superintendent in San Diego.
Henning, William (Ronnie)OS 3Feb 13, 1982 – May 28, 1985OIThis was the only ship I was on while in the navy, I will allways carry alot of memories of shipmates,and the ports we went to and the things we did while in the philly ship yards, I have back to Philadelphia since 1983 and will never foget blind ma
Jossy, ChuckEM2Mar 1982 – Dec 12, 1986EServed from '82 to '86 Kept the lights on at least most of the time.
Hall, Ken (K.c )PO3 BM3Mar 3, 1982 – Jun 4, 19851 stIM surprised that some of you old salts are still alive
Koreck, Ronnie--vinoE3 msMar 12, 1982 – Jan 16, 1985SupplyYo it's vino from philly who were the guys rocking the boat up on the bridge and spilled my cake in the ovens. Brooks I miss you man .Glenn Collier as well the missile launch,Grenada,st Thomas,was all good
Gray, Charles (Chuck)MM/ E-3Apr 2, 1982 – Aug 3, 1986M #2mmrStill steaming boilers!! Great times.
Nooney, DanBm3Apr 4, 1982 – Aug 4, 1985First divisionReally believe those years on the Coontz were the worst years for 1st division. Captain brooks who crash the ship into a refueling tender and chief Bain. Chief Howard was the best. Ship hardly ever had fresh water.
Hill, SteveFTMCApr 28, 1982 – Aug 1, 1984Fox
Callahan, DennisLTJun 1982 – Nov 1984WEAPONS (MISSILE OFFICER)Thoroughly enjoyed my tour of duty on the USS COONTZ (DDG40)...Still keep in touch with some shipmates that I met during my tour...Remember...Lt Dave Labarbera, CHENG, WEPO (LCDR Randy Brown), PO1 Harrington, CDR BARBERO
Tilghman, CraigE/3Jun 18, 1982 – Jun 17, 1986M
Fox, Tony profile iconIC2Aug 17, 1982 – Aug 16, 1985electricalUSS Coontz, when I was there never thought I would miss that tin can but a part of me does for sure. Great Ship, Great friends, hope you all are doing well. In Colorado look me up anytime.
Goden, RonBT 3Sep 1, 1982 – Jan 1, 1985BHey to #2 B div...Madan(drinkin buddy),Mattews(Mr. smooth),Dano(remember the "Hulk" painting on fire escape)Dolan(Hanging from aft stack in harness)Gillette(smiley). Madan, remember the "fires out" during full steam at Gitmo. battl
Locke, BrianOS-3Sep 28, 1982 – Sep 28, 1987OpsNever forget the men who died on the USS Stark!!
Walker, Robert - BobFTG2Oct 1982 – Mar 19862NDIt was good to serve in the Ronald Reagan Navy! - anyone heard from Rick White? God Bless
Kessen, EdBT3Nov 1982 – Oct 12, 1985aft fireroom thr best times i had in 20 yrs
Gillette, RichardBT2Nov 1, 1982 – Nov 3, 1986B-Div 2 fireE Mail me at
Gillette, RichardBT2Nov 30, 1982 – Nov 3, 1986B-divLooking to share pictures of our times aboard /and on shore and contact/email.This is my new E-mail as of 12=16=2013.

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